World of Warships – Fuso Fun

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Fuso on Strait spawns in range of detection, with that in mind we try to move to a position to take on enemies that show too much of their sides. Unfortunately a island jumps out at us and prevents too much destruction on our part. A couple enemy ships get dispatched as we move to capture B. A enemy battleship gets into a engagement at B with us. A couple enemy cruisers try to threaten our carriers, I do everything I can to take them out. We make our final push on the enemy stronghold in the Northwest corner of the map. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VI Japanese Battleship Fuso Replay


  1. This is off topic but I have noticed in version 5.2.3 my replay function no
    longer seems to work. When I go into the preferences.XML file the two lines
    required (shown below) to activate replays are missing


    Worse than that when I make the changes to preferences.xml, run WOWS, and
    then recheck the preferences.xml file the changes are gone. I’ve repeated
    this a number of times with the same result. Obviously WOWS support wont
    help because officially replays are not supported so I’m turning to you.
    TY. I will post this on the WOWS NA forum.

  2. Epic BB, the Yuki Nagato is also good although more of a brawler.

  3. Nici ore again mate :). Maybe, like all the other guys are saying, you
    should do something like “you’re doing it wrong” series. Cheers buddy and
    have a good one

  4. Notser, do ye have a replay of the furutaka? I’d love a review

  5. I liked the Nagato more, with my good aiming I just hit citadels so easy, I
    did better on the Nagato than on the Fuso.
    You know what would be nice? A Desvastating strike compilation, man it
    would be awesome!

  6. I always feel cheated when I get a citadel on a very low health target
    after a few salvos of underwhelming damage!

  7. This is awesome, Notser! Haven’t seen you in a Fuso in a while. Have you
    considered Aircraft Carrier gameplay uploads?

  8. God I miss Fuso, I must re-buy her soon

  9. Yea, I knew you could do it. You love rock. great game, keep them coming.

  10. I’ve found out that the gun accuracy upgrade is a real must with the Kongo
    and Fuso instead of Turret traverse speed, but is that true for all the IJN
    BBs ?

  11. warspite armor is crap and useless.its a citadel magnet…but its guns are
    very accurate

  12. Working on my Fuso to get up to the Nagato. Just got the Colorado and soon
    will be getting the Fubuki and Benson.

  13. Brian Lock (神通)

    Noster, did you know the Umikaze demolished Montana video by i-chase

  14. Jose Mercado (OIF1VET19K)

    How do you zoom in when you switch to the round fired or torps? I always
    wanted to know how to track the round

  15. great vid,
    keep it up

  16. great Video Notser:
    I guess I just have to be different,, I love the New Mexico ( it is so
    accurate ) .
    I sold my Fuso when I bought my Nagato,, which dosen”t seem to be as
    accurate as the New Mexico either.
    I will probably sell the Nagato to buy the Amagi. I just think so much of
    the New Mexico

  17. It wouldnt be a Notser game if you didnt run into a Island!lol

  18. Nice game Notser, keep em coming

  19. Too bad the fuso has to fight on such small maps most of the time. I think
    it would do much better with some sailing room.

  20. I am about 12k shy of being able to unlock the Fuso myself and I can’t wait
    to get my hands on her. I love my New Mexico, and really enjoy the Warspite
    so I’m looking forward to adding the Fuso to my arsenal as well. Especially
    with Wargaming teasing us about Fleet Battles coming with the next patch.

  21. Fuso is Fun!

  22. how do you change which shot you’re looking at?

  23. Fuso vs Nagato, what do you think?

  24. man at least someone had a good night if it wasent a bad team it was my
    rounds doing just 1000 damage and there doing 6000 every time lol good
    battle brother

  25. notser did you see the new patch changes?

  26. Your way of saying Nürnberg makes me giggle. It sounds as if you truly
    despites that ship, i mean in the tone you say it ;)

  27. just sold my fuso even though I loved it but, after getting enough research
    for nagato, I sold it. I would also like to see some critique of team play
    losses. keep up the great work, soooo look fwd to your vids!

  28. “why would he fire AP?”
    HE Gets a 2k salvo :P

  29. Still like the New Mexico over the Fuso…..

  30. I need to get back in my Fuso. Not being a BB player I have
    Fuso/NMex/Warspite/Nikolai /Ishizuchi sitting in port all the time. These
    are all keepers but I need to learn to use them properly like you showed.

    Show some Warspite one of these days. I need to learn as my lone UK captain
    needs training.

  31. A request. Please post a series of losses (in one LOOOOOONNNGGG Vid) Having
    asked that of you I hope the following will make it clear why I asked. So
    many players know how to win, (thanks to you and Flamu, yes Flamu does much
    the same as you do but for the EU servers..I really would love you 2 to
    sail together) but many many more have no idea why the TEAM lost. Take care
    my friend.

  32. Watch that AP-shooting Nürnberg again. He/she did 1k, 0,8k and 2k dmg
    salvos. AP was effective in that situation.

  33. WOOOO! He pulled a Notser!!! :)

  34. Ah~ the fuso my waifu
    Hey i guess i’m 1st to comment do i get something notser?

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