World of Warships: Fuso vs Submarines – ASW (Cachalot)

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Battleship Fuso being hunted by a submarine. I’m avoiding torpedoes left and right and using my ASW planes with depth charges.

0:00 Intro
0:30 Game
13:06 End Screen
14:08 Clip
14:59 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 6 Japanese battleship Fuso in the submarine test.


  1. They always pick on her in the “how it works” videos because she is OP.

  2. i kinda like that the depth charge planes can hit surface ships, so long as it doesn’t do too much damage.

  3. Thing is in the real world submarines wouldn’t really be targeting battleships unless they were in a really advantageous position.

    Only three battleships were sunk by submarines, ever. The list of cruisers sunk by submarines is actually a lot higher but predominantly submarines were used to target merchant ships.

    What I dont understand with the submarines being added to the game is that they seem to hinder game play. The whole community has been asking for battleships to push more, but battleships simply can’t stand punishment – they have a lot of health so are able to take damage for longer, but their ability to resist damage is minimal. They are already met with walls of torpedoes and HE if they push, now it seems like they can be singled out and pushed to the back if the map by a submarine? Isn’t this the opposite of what most players want?

    • @General_Alexus why are you saying stuff I havent even mentioned?

      I never said buff BBs. I play Yamato and frequently deal 160k + damage per game, I can manage fires comfortably and I enjoy deleting ships. I have not once said that BBs are under powered.

      Of course BBs can push – your point about BBs just being able to “Faceroll” is obviously wrong though. There is no BB in the game which can push an enemy team with a numerical advantage and survive.

      That being said, you’re not even addressing my actual point which is solely focused on Aerrons game above (about *submarines* and not the current meta). I feel you are simply looking for a BB comment in the comment section which you can then argue randomly with.

      I am also quite unclear on what you think the purpose of a BB is in the game. It is well documented and agreed upon that BBs should be supporting their team by leading appropriately timed pushes, however, you seemingly would prefer them to sit at the 18km mark and give you damage.

    • Yeah subs are opportunistic hunters and commerce raiders for a primary mission. It’s one thing to ambush enemy warships traveling at cruising speed not at general quarters but it’s another for a sub to deal with warships at flank speed pushing 30+ knots since subs aren’t the fastest things afloat.

    • @Dio Brando personally I think a far cooler way of implementing submarines into the game would be to have a game mode where one team (made up of just warships) would have to escort an AI convoy between checkmarks whilst the enemy team (made up of warships and submarines) tries to sink the convoy.

      If the convoy make it all the way, the escorting team wins. If a certain % of the convoy is sunk (say 80%), the hunting team win.

      It could literally be called “Search and Destroy” or “Wolfpack”.

    • @Zachary Jones Subs would be great for historical (or not) Operations or PvE modes that could be amazing fun. Forcing them into random battles is something i 100% disagree with, even with slapped on bandages like those planes heavier ships can call in now.

      It will also heavily depend on MM. Your team got a german CV ? Well i guess he cant deal with the sub at all.

      Your team got, say a US CV ? Lets dive bomb a sub near the surface and delete it.

    • @[BFs]Karaya 1 yeah 100% agree with you.

      It actually says a lot about the balance of game that MM is such a big factor to winning and losing. The other day I did a standard 200k damage in in my Yamato, but the enemy team bad a petro, smolensk and mino, so we lost anyway.

  4. Subs: No! You can’t just dodge my postwar guided torps!

    Battleships: Haha, steering gear goes whrrrr!

  5. I think the guy chasing you was looking for your autograph

  6. 13:02 can confirm ive had the same bug on live game

  7. Even the live server has the same post game results screen bug. As usual WoWS is poorly optimised garbage.

  8. Too many things going on. Horrible dynamics.

  9. I remember some of your early YT vids where you introduced the Fuso as the MIGHTY Fuso (emphasis on the ‘mighty’). I guess power creep means she’s not so mighty these days, although maybe she can be a mighty anti-sub specialist BB 🙂

    • Make no mistake! At t6, the fuso is still very much “mighty”! Sure, a bit of power-creep, but 12 guns and great range still makes her powerful.(as with any ship, gotta play her right, but still)

  10. North Carolinian Mapping

    The aerial view of the planes looks awesome

  11. reminder that depth charge planes deal a third of the damage as normal charges

  12. I like the look/speed of the depth charge planes. And i already typically have HE loaded for first salvo on my BBs as is, once subs in game, that looks to be of re-enforced value. 🙂

  13. honestly, depth charges should do MORE damage against deep-diving subs, considering how they work in the first place

  14. That sub shouldn’t be spotted though. Him being spotted whole game is stupid. Also, wtf are those depth charges?

  15. Firing costs nothing eh?
    Sure you can afford it on the Test server,
    but on the normal servers you have to pay for your ammo! lol

    Thanks for keeping the Fuso alive and safe from those scary Subs. o7

  16. So, you can survive stupid sub players, but not kill them? Basically.

  17. 5:20 you can see the sub icon because it uses its ping under water before it had no icon and only showed for DD’s because they where the only ships with ASW equipment now bb can see it too and they added icon for clear info since you are normally further away 🙂

  18. RIGHT ITS ABOUT SOMEONE SAID IT – stop hurting fuso, hes done nothing wrong

  19. i like this, showing Subs are not OP.. you just cant sit anymore and camp/snipe then u will get torped by subs.. it would actuly maybe freshing up the game.. instead of all these sniper ships great vid man, and nice dodges

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