World of Warships – Future Developments

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Gremyashchy on Big Race moves around all the map in a attempt to take out as many enemy ships as we can before the game ends. The Future Developments are related to premium ships, live commentary, streaming, and suggestions from the viewers. Thanks for watching and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier V Soviet Destroyer Gremyashchy Replay


  1. Notser which nation does the ships come from?

  2. Thx for the videos Notser! And if we wind up in a match against each other
    – I’ll do my best to sink you! haha. o7

  3. Enjoying the vids – thanks for the work!!

  4. I’d like to see more videos with lower class ships with less modules and
    abilities. Although it’s cool to see high level & high ability battles, I
    don’t have that level of skills and Tiers. (I’m a little guy…. 🙂 )

  5. I have a suggestion,maybe you can make a step by step video on how to save
    replays. I am sure more people would love to send you a replay but don’t
    know how.

  6. I saw someone with a saipan today

  7. Hey Notser, really enjoy your videos and the new schedule sounds good to
    me. I imagine getting noticed on the enemy team may lose its appeal once
    you reach100k+ subscribers, which I hope you do. I agree though and I guess
    it comes with being successful on YouTube and accepting you may never get a
    fair game once everybody knows your name lol! Keep up the good work.

  8. Andreas Petersson

    5 min in, BATTLESHIPS!! :D

  9. I think u doing a great job with ur channel,i have a few more im
    watching,jingles,quickybaby,sirCircon to mention a few. But im always
    watching ur videos last. They are nice watching and u always have hints.
    Just keep em coming bro. I’ll give u 5 ships of 5 for ur vids. :)

  10. Can’t agree with you regarding the Warspite as it’s one of my favourite
    ships. It’s a brawler. On the other hand can’t seem to do well in the North
    Carolina. Down to style of play I suppose. Keep up the good work and look
    forward to whatever you do. Take care.

  11. I think what you want it do is great brother we love watching your videos
    down here in Arizona lol

  12. Lol I know of which you tuber you speak of , he who shall not be named ,
    Voldemort style.

    Great video dude. I look forward to what your channel brings in the future.

  13. Trond Erik Brekke

    Great play as usual, and I like the direction your channel is going. By far
    the best channel for World of Warships content! I’m not on the NA-server,
    so I’ll very likely never face you in battle, and I think that’s probably
    for the best, your accuracy is dangerously good.

  14. Really like the vision that you laid out. Really like that I can watch your
    vids with my 11 yr old. The fail Montage mentioned below sounds fun, and
    simply critique of yours or user submissions is a good idea (I would send
    mine in). Personally have no interest in CV play except how best to counter
    from all other lines. Short term I have 200K ahead of me on the Udaloi, I
    think you only have 2 vids up on it. BTW, Tashkent was one of my favorite
    ships so far – how dare you disparage. Thanks as always.

  15. Hello Notes
    I see all your videos, it’s awesome.
    You have a cool spirit and makes it super well with your comment

  16. can i kiss u notser..haa..haa

  17. Besides good and entertaining content, dont underestimate the power of
    yourself Notser.
    You just seem to be a really friendly, open and honest guy who also happens
    to be an awesome player. Also you hardly judge other players, at least not
    like some other YTers do. Never arrogant and always ready to show your own
    mistakes. I think the closest YTer would be ichasegaming, though I think
    your plays are just more exiting.
    Keep up the strong work.

    Taff (early subscriber :-)

  18. Hey Notser, I usually dont comment on anything and such, but I really
    appreciate your vision about the community. Besides all that, your vids are
    absolutely amazing and most of them are like even guides to be a better
    wows player. I just wanted to write to appreciate your efforts and would
    love to see more of your videos. Keep it up buddy!

  19. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    Loved your comments in the video…..can’t wait to find you on seas. woots.
    keep up.the great work that you do. Salute.

  20. Notser, do you have new news about future British cruiser line

  21. i love it, when you talk about “random” WoWs stuff unrelated to some great
    battle unfolding in the background. Keep em coming!

  22. LeonaTimberCompany

    Campbeltown was originally a US Wickes-Class destroyer, so I assume it
    would be fairly low tier and stats comparable to the current Wickes. Will
    be nice to have a lower tier premium.

  23. You are correct. There are some cocky streamer who are very famous, and
    reply harsh comments in youtube and in game chats too. No wonder they are
    losing subscribers slowly.

  24. BakingPowder Liew

    keep it up notser !!!! we will always support your content :D

  25. I want gremy so badly. I absolutely love the gnevny.

  26. Hi Notser, i love u vids and your entertainment, tips and gaming. thanks
    for your time!

  27. Keep it up Notser, i probably wont be able to watch live streams as I’m in
    AU. Some YouTubers post up there livestreams afterwards, maybe you can do
    that too?

  28. I work 8-13 hour shifts at my hospital job. But, I love that when I get
    home I can throw on a new Notser vid while laying in bed. It just makes my
    day. Sometimes I fall asleep before the video finishes, but most of the
    time I’m engrossed in these things. Your channel is kind of like a cold
    beer at the end of the day. Thank you.

  29. being on the Asian server I’ll never get the chance to meet you in game and
    enjoy the opportunity to try and get you. I will have to use the advice you
    have given me to get someone else…

  30. lol notser i just rewatched some of your first videos – you have come a
    long way ! yourr more informative than other funny or sarcastic
    warshippers. you actually tell me what modules and captain skills you have.

    your skills and flags videos got me to subscribe and i watch each vid you
    post everyday at 6:30am when your vid hits my sub box. keep up the good

  31. love the vids so im gonna subscribe :D

  32. Notser you must be like the best friend in the universe. you are
    unfailingly nice and unfailingly happy! LOVE your work, #fanforever

  33. I’ve watched your vids for a while now, so it’s time to subscribe.
    Watching and learning from content creators like yourself has hauled my
    W/R up, at least until I started grinding the Kirov :). You have a
    fantastic, over the top commentary style and critique other players without
    pouring scorn on them. There are others out there in youtube/stream-land
    that also fly the jolly roger, but few are as positive and polite.I know
    exactly which content creator you were talking about in your vid, I saw the
    same incident and was really disappointed as well. In his defence, I think
    he gets frustrated nowadays dealing with the side-effects of his channel
    getting so big – (there’s probably a bit of a cautionary tale in that for
    you) – even so, it wasn’t classy of him.

  34. Bout time someone slammed jingles for that crappy behavior, keep up the
    good work Notser :)

  35. Haruna and Kirishima

  36. Just a quick comment. I’m new to your sub list & enjoy your play. Keep it
    up so I can learn something :)

  37. Your videos are really refreshing and informative! Keep up the good work.

  38. So notser did you receive my replay?

  39. Notser I think I know who you were talking about but i dont know if so, so
    I’m not going to say this name :)

  40. don’t usually comment, too are my favorite. if anyone plays better than
    you, they don’t enjoy as much! Fujitsu to watch.

  41. Love your channel Noster!

  42. Your videos are far above the other jabber jawed ‘gamer culture’ crowd. Top
    5 in my opinion, very professional.

  43. Notser.. Seriously you’re such a humble person.. You’re videos crack me
    up.. It’s crazy that you actually respond to msgs in game when I know you
    probably get a TON of msgs.. Appreciate you keeping the conversation going!
    Still hoping we’re on the same side someday lol!

  44. Notser,no matter what your plains are with your channel,as long as it is
    world of warships I will continue watching. I love your channel,I wish you
    had time to produce more videos. It you do something like twitch live
    stream please record it and put it on youtube. Most of the time your online
    I am at work,so I can’t wait to get home and see new content on your
    channel. Keep up the great work,and I hope to run into you sometime in
    game. IBP_ArchAngel.

  45. Don’t you hate when that happens? Love the game Keep them coming.

  46. Guillermo Fischer

    Could be Jingles the streamer? Lol. Your channel is by far the better in
    wows aspects, just because you play the game regulary and not just to
    review a ship. Keep the good work!

  47. I am so going to watch that first video now >:-}

  48. I’ll love to see you streaming

  49. Love the vids and commentary. I would like to see a segment that deals with
    fails and how to improve. I dont want to ONLY see your best games, as
    awesome as they are.

  50. Stay nice, stay clean and you will go far. Keep in mind a lot of folks who
    go deep into one game or genre as you’re talking about eventually find
    themselves burnt out. How many times can you kill a ship and keep it all
    fresh they ask… so keep your future options open. And yes, I too enjoy
    those ARP missions… missions for free ships are great fun.

  51. Notser’s voice sounds like Hiccup in How to train your dragon HAHAHA LOL

  52. That was a nice heartfelt video. You seem to be such a nice guy. One day
    can we division up? On the NA server Valkyrie417

  53. Very nice video and commentary Notser.
    I encountered Campbeltown twice already in game (SuperTesters).
    As a DD guy I can’t wait to get it. My Warspite captain is lonely.

  54. Even though i have been in the game and enjoyed the game since CBT
    launched.. and currently have every tech tree maxxed out to 10’s i enjoy
    watching your videos and do feel like i learn just alittle something
    something each time.. Great job keep up the good work.. Lunatic_RKW..

  55. Notser is to nice to sink that is if I could sink him

  56. Federico Homeniuk

    you deserve everything whats happening man, you seem like a really nice
    person and show a lot of dedication in every single video. keep it up!!

  57. Do a long dark play thru

  58. I enjoy your clips as they are, it’s great to always look to future and
    improve, just don’t improve to much 🙂 I’m in a different time zone so most
    streaming isn’t of much interest to me, unless you post the replay or
    highlights of course, that I’d enjoy.

  59. love your vids mate, this definitely became the best channel covering wows
    both from a didactical and sympathetic point of view. keep up the good

  60. WHERE IS THE IJN TONE?????????? T_______T

  61. Notser – I remember when my comments were one of those 2, 3, 4, or 5
    comments a day! You’ve come a LONG way, brother – and I’m happy to have
    been along for the ride!!

  62. live commentary would be awsome

  63. Thanks for the info notser

  64. If you are going to create some kind of training videos, there is a
    specific subject that would help a lot of new people and also avoid a lot
    of angry forum-posts.
    Try to cover the camouflage-system with detection, smoke, hydroacustic and
    maybe even spotting planes. i know there are guides in written form, but i
    think it would help people if you could make a video about it.
    So far I like most of your content, keep it up 🙂 (although we might never
    meet on EU servers^^)

  65. If you get into streaming, I’ll watch you all the time! I’ve learned so
    much from you, and its educational to watch your videos! Not to mention we
    need more good wows-streamers who actualy speaks english… And please, let
    your hours be EU-friendly 😛 I dont mind dogs barking though ;)

  66. jingles, flamu and a number of other streamers are playing team battles.
    perhaps you could set a team up on the american side in readiness for
    esports time. Jingles was convinced that world of warships as esports was a
    joke. He has since changed his mind on this and is now all for it.

  67. Congratz and keep it up :)

  68. good job nice video :)

  69. Notser streaming? More chance to kill him… Only joking but I’d be there!

  70. JapanesePotatoSlicer

    8:35 Jingles!

  71. I actually saw a Saipan in my team while playing on the EU servers about 2
    days ago. Here’s a screenshot:
    And as far as Soviet cruisers go, I’ve unlocked the Chapayev and i actually
    quite like it, Soviet cruisers have really good dispersion and rate of fire
    but they lack in armour. You don’t get second chances if you were to be
    broadsided by even another cruiser, Soviet cruisers are unforgiving, you
    screw up and you’re dead. I really didn’t enjoy the Shchors, it was really
    weak. The Chapayev however can stand quite a beating. Nothing like the
    American or German cruisers but it gets the job done.

  72. Hi Notser!

    Love your informative videos where you explain what you do and why you’re
    doing it.

    However, i know which person you speak of who reported players on the enemy
    team for wanting to hunt said person, (shall remain namelass as far as i
    care) and i don’t condone that specific behaviour myself, but i can
    understand the persons constant frustrations when trying to play a game and
    gets recognized, then everyone yoloes in just to try and kill said person.
    I mean it have to become tiresome after the 1000th time of constantly
    getting killed just because someone recognizes the person, and all that
    person wants is to have a normal game, like the average person in any game.

    I’m sure you would feel the same thing as well if you were in said person’s
    shoes, Notser. One day you probably will be 🙂

    Please keep up the good work.

  73. JapanesePotatoSlicer

    8:35 Jingles!

  74. You really have excellent content. You really show that you know the game.
    Looking forward to new content too. Are u still planning on venturing into
    Armored warfare? Enjoyed the first one u did.

  75. Love the video Notser ,happy that your channel is expanding & that you
    regularly put out video’s which is not easy.I know that you like to put up
    carry video’s of the ships you play but I think that a kind of epic fail
    complilation video would be cool assuming you could make one.Also I would
    like to hear more on your thoughts on your tactics during the game like I
    know you like to play aggresive but without team support how do you modify
    your playstyle?
    Keep up the great work you’re doing & may you have joy & prosperity in the

  76. Love it Noster!!! I am very happy that your channel has took off into the
    direction you wanted it to go. Always will be your number 1 Supporter! :D

  77. what breed are your dogs?

  78. You have a great attitude – keep it up. There is going to come a day when
    you simply will not be able to respond to all comments. That will be a sad
    day but I think we will all understand. I watch your channel because I’m
    not very good but want to get better. So anything you do to help a scrub
    will be greatly appreciated.

    The Campellton (formerly USS Buchanan) was just a Wickes class destroyer
    that was lend-leased to GB in WWII. Other than being British I’m not
    sure if we are going to see anything new. I’m looking forward to your
    review. I hope I’m wrong

  79. Love the videos man. That’s great how close to your community you are.
    Subscribed a week ago and watched all your videos. I would love to play
    with you because your playstyle is very dynamic, like mine but
    unfortunatelly I’m on the EU server x). Well anyway, greetings from France
    and keep the videos coming ;)

  80. So close for number six but so far away.

  81. You are to World of Warships , what the Mighty Jingles is to World of Tanks
    , I stopped watching Jingles because WOT is boring to me
    …………….but take that as a compliment , keep up the good work .

  82. Great vids Notser, and ship development has helped alot. Thanks Sent you a
    Replay of Budyonny. you will like:) After watching this I might give DD’s a

  83. I’m glad the growth of your channel, seeing your content plus entertain, I
    learned a lot.
    I had a chance to shoot at you but there were more important targets at the
    time jaja, but I think there was some impact of torpedoes at your sneaky
    Iowa with my Udaloi.
    I hope a gameplay with the Campbeltown soon, see you in the sea.

  84. Notser, could you maybe create an EU account as well? Some of us would like
    to division up with you.

  85. you should get even more subs!!!! You`re such a nice person and explain
    every detail that why i like you`re channel for helping me through the day
    and through the game 🙂 and i love the idea with twitch i would be there :D

  86. Who is the douchebag reporting players like that!?

  87. There’s also been rumblings about the USS Arizona being added.

  88. How about a fail day? show clips of you getting killed and dissect it what
    you did to get into that event

  89. Brian Lock (神通)

    how about those ship with one main gun and sail on dirtroad?
    Also, any plan of playing SO, da Chinese one?

  90. Great video and great channel. As someone else mentioned i would as well
    really wanna know how you capture, edit, comment and pretty much make youre
    videos because they are great! What kind off hardware and software do you
    use and which program do you edit and comment in?

  91. Jingles is like: “meh, someone noticed me, i will just do nothing for this
    Notser is like: “come at me, bro!”

  92. And btw, if you were on “that persons place” *wink wink*, if this was
    happening every single battle in every single game you play, I guess you
    wouls be pretty pissed off too…buuut that is just my idea. I get your
    point. :)

  93. Notser all flags are for you,you are a fine quality youtuber,you can do
    some reviews on some rare premium ships via your supported account i’m
    speaking about the lima variants and the kitakami for example..also a team
    up with falmu or other great youtubers AKA”jingles” in ranked battles will
    be epic series trust me

  94. I’d watch you on Twitch if my schedule aligns with yours.
    As far as additional content, one area I am constantly struggling with is
    balancing aggressive play with not over extending and dying. I’ve gotten
    better but I’m not where I’d like to be. (I primarily play DDs followed by
    CAs if that is helpful to know.)
    Thanks again for your hard work Notser. I appreciate it!

  95. you’re a real good player and deserve to have your channel grow
    your commentary is great
    I always look forward to watching your games

  96. ur teaching, entertaining playstyle, thinking way esentially gives us
    strenght on our battles… we are with u notser on aggresive path of the

  97. Your videos make me smile every time. TKS!

  98. God dammit you give me so much to comment on Notser xD At 12:14 you said
    about German Battleships and Royal Navy cruisers…what, when!?! Is it just
    me or was that comment random as hell?! I need to know more ;P

  99. 2:50 pulled a tactical Notser 🙂
    Have you been playing also japanese CVs or just american?

  100. I dont think people would mind the dogs. It can only get annoying if the
    bark all the time and you should know best it they do that.

  101. I just recently discovered you, a friend of mine recommended you. I can say
    he’s damn right! You are the best WoWs youtuber I’ve seen. I really hope
    you can keep it up, and keep doing what you are doing, because it’s really
    (I know I just said the same thing twice, I can’t help it 🙂 )

  102. I’m not being funny but why would people who are really excited for RN
    ships be buzzing for the Campbeltown? It’s a US ship given to the RN in
    exchange for naval bases, which the Brits then packed with explosives and
    blew up haha. It’s a nice bit of history but it’s not really a British ship
    and they haven’t even brought it out today xD

    8:40 Awww you can say it’s Jingles you know 😉 I think you’ve got to give
    him a break; he gets focused in games all the time from what he says and
    his patience has gone. I’m pretty sure you’ll reach that stage in a few
    years if you’re still playing these games

  103. streams would be good. You will likely need some consistent division mates.
    Streaming solo match’s really doesn’t view that well at all.

  104. Still hard to believe only 8,230 subs. Your content is better, and higher
    quality than most youtubers i watch. Now if i may ask, i don’t know if
    you’ve stated this somewhere but what is the origin of the name Notser?
    Been really curious lately and would love to find out XD

  105. I’d still be playing this game if players like you were the norm. Of
    course, then the game would be insanely harder if everyone was so good, but
    oh what a different experience it would be. Keep up the great vids and
    congrats on your continued success!

  106. Notser, you content and presentation is great. You are a nice guy and never
    promote an arrogant attitude. You have a channel were new players and
    veterans of WOWs alike can come watch entertaining and educational videos.
    Keep up the good work!

  107. Notser, your enthusiasm is refreshing and always makes me smile. Many

  108. Everything is awesome what you do notser

  109. Keep up with the great work Notser. Your positive attitude and willingness
    to learn and teach is what makes you a great person.

  110. +Notser you deserve it mah man! One of the best content makers in youtube
    for sure. Keep it.

  111. Thanks again for the video. Any chance you could do something on the Soviet
    Cruisers commander skills?

  112. So that video about HMAS Vampire the other day on WoWS channel was a hint
    about the upcoming British premium?

  113. I hope April 1st is TOG 2 in wows

  114. If you do do live streams, would also do fan games as well. I really want
    to try and play with you.

  115. Play more lower level games

  116. CynicallyObnoxious

    Notser I stumbled across your channel when I started playing WoWS even tho
    I took about 7 months away from the game I always watched your videos one
    day I hope to meet you in a match.

  117. Had to go back and watch your first video just to see the progression: Love watching your videos, you
    do a great job at it and congrats on your success.

    Please remember we’re not all at Tier 10, so always appreciate the lower
    tier videos from time to time. Thanks!

  118. Would the dry dock raid in question be the same as depicted by Jeremy
    Clarkson: War Stories: “The Greatest Raid of All” documentary by any
    chance? If yes, all of you reading this need to watch it. If not, then
    watch it anyway. It’s an 11/10 story and I’m not creaming it. Im just

  119. Good luck for you in the future and ceep doing these awesome videos.

  120. Autit Rahman Khan

    only for the comment “i know someone loved it…for those 5-10
    minutes…they were happy…only for me!!!” u deserve LIKE…I m may b one
    of the 1st thousand subscriber…keep up the good work…the detailed
    module n skills r great…and I really like a video each day
    concept….DONT MISS A DAY…

  121. 9:04 Oh boyyyyy I think every World of Warships player knows who that is (
    ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  122. U should do more German cruiser video?

  123. Notser, what are full benefits of a press acount – beyond early ship access
    and such?

  124. have a sub team. You could live stream it and all that or just do them
    quietly and send out invites the the people on your WoW account

  125. Henrik Lind Hansen

    hey notser. you put out some really good contend. i have a good feeling
    after watching your stuff.
    with you not calling everyone a Noob, or a scrub. and i learn a thing or
    two. so keep it up:)

  126. I started to watch your videos around half year ago? I really enjoy your
    contents and how detailed about your ships’ commentary :D

  127. I too agree heartily. I have loved your videos and commentary from the
    start. Great fights always. I hope that you continue your success and
    become so big you have to have a helper to sift thru the comments. Good
    luck and keep em coming.

  128. Saw a USN DD Campbell a few days ago in battle, I was wondering if it was
    one of the premiums they sold I didn’t win or buy, or if it was a new
    premium in testing. I wasn’t able to form much of an impression in one
    battle. That battle was very confusing due to a multi-DD brawl, but unless
    she’s a dog, I would love a premium USN DD. Premiums are often very odd
    ships, with their strengths offset by some defect, the favorite being very
    weak AA, so it will be interesting to see the stats.

    I got a questionnaire from WG re a new premium CV, but I think playing CV’s
    is as exciting as doing an Excel spreadsheet and I sold all mine ages ago.
    I gave very negative answers about the premium CV and won’t be buying it
    when it comes out. As far as I am concerned, the CV’s bots do all the
    gaming. The CV “player” is nothing, his bots have all the skill, do all the
    damage, and take all the risks.

    With the latest buffs, the bot’s skills have been honed to a fine edge. I
    don’t like playing DD’s anymore because the CV’s bots torpedo, bomb, and
    spot your DD all the time, because their bot’s can now reliably bomb DD’s.
    DD’s have no point in the game anymore and even when they did it was
    primarily capping, which is boring.

    So you can’t scout, you can’t cap, you can’t sink ships, you can’t shoot
    down the CV’s bots, you can’t dodge the bombs, you can dodge one CV
    bot-torpedo salvo if it isn’t dropped practically on top of your DD, you
    cannot dodge several torpedo squadrons, you can’t outrun the bots, and you
    can’t hide from the bots. So you spend the entire game getting shot up
    trying to get to a cap circle so you can be shot up even more in the cap
    circle while waiting for a loading bar to finish loading. Then you get sunk
    after doing nothing enjoyable. Getting sunk by skilled bots or staying next
    to a CA with good AA bots are the choices. With the CV’s bots playing such
    a critical role, why do they need humans at all?

  129. usukatlifegodiekthx

    I subscribed because you aren’t an obnoxious “high energy”

  130. love your personality Notser. we all love you so much as the real you for
    who you are , we’d loved to see an actuall video of you ! great content
    been an early 100 subscriber and I can’t believe my eyes on how far the
    channel has gone . we love you and your channel soo much that there is
    absolutely no body out here like you and would be great to see the legends
    face himself o7

  131. They should make you WOWS Admiral.You are Sir,not “NotSir.”Keep it up,You
    are loved and admired worldwide.

  132. Jesse WhoEvrIwant2b

    Your videos have been great and you have definitely improved as the year
    has gone by so I hope your success continues to grow. While the salt mine
    sending youtuber reporting someone was a bit of an over reach as even he
    said but when every game you play has you as the main target to the
    detriment of the enemies success I can understand the frustration.
    Hopefully someday I will come across you in battle though I think I would
    prefer to have you on my team than against as despite all the help your
    videos have been I may still need a bit of a carry.

    As someone who has dogs and a toddler I can understand the issues with a
    live mic and personally having that set of a schedule can be difficult to
    join in on. That said I think there can be a financial benefit to it beyond
    the few bucks youtube kicks your way. So far I have been really enjoying
    the mix of videos you put out from guides to, great games from others and
    just basic tactics. One thing I did not know if you would be interested in
    would be setting up donations to either run in a division with you on
    occasion or perhaps accept less than stellar replays which you give some
    guidance on so fans can improve.

  133. I don’t like that you have a press account. That means you WILL soften
    criticism of the game as you don’t want to rock the boat. So if you do want
    a press account, start a new channel.

    Much more interested in watching you grind out ships like the rest of us.
    So many other WoWS channels have press accounts that they can fill that

  134. Gareth Fairclough

    Notser, have you ever considered doing a vid series where you take some of
    peoples epic fails from replays, stitching them together kind of like a
    clip show like “You’ve been framed!”? Every single youtuber I can think of
    shows great gameplay, but I can’t think of any who will regularly show
    moments where players derped.
    Think of it as the reverse of the player sending you that photo of you
    taking torps to the face. Revenge, if you will :P

  135. Notser, you are best guy on youtube for WoWs, trust me, I’m subscribed on
    all of them 🙂
    Interesting voice, good jokes, great games, good analysis.
    About live commenting, I would love to see/hear that, to know your exact
    state of mind in middle of game muahahaha 🙂
    Keep up good work m8

    P.S. you talking about Mighty Jingles. That was dick move from him, and he
    got unsub from me. I mean, dude, if you don’t want anyone to recognize you,
    why are you on youtube and why you play game with same nick. And in last
    few month quality of his work dropped down significantly

  136. Notser, you are such a nice person, its ridiculous :D

  137. Brother, just keep up the great work on all of your videos. You’re an
    inspiration on so many levels and I have the utmost respect for you. You
    continue to make me want to keep playing WoWs even when the game beats me
    down and tears my pride from my heart. Cheers mate, keep sailing!

  138. Yeah I’m pretty sure your talking about a big Youtuber. He surprised me as
    well when I saw that, more surprised he posted the video with it left in
    there. Disappointed to say the least. But Notser you keep doing what your
    doing! Your on track to success! I love your content buddy!

  139. Gareth Fairclough

    Oh notser… you have to bring your viewers up? @5:12 xD

  140. Best Wows channel. Always a joy to watch this. Factful with funny little
    things. So keep up your good work, Mr. Notser! :)

  141. Gareth Fairclough

    12th of april? The day gagarin went up as I recall. It’s also my birthday 😛
    Oh, it’s also the date the Union jack was first used (as I recall).

  142. yeah Notser you have the best WOWS channel on youtube by far! Keep at it
    mang o>

  143. Your channel has come a long way in the past year and I have enjoyed it
    since I started watching about a year ago. I find it ironic that they would
    make you somehow prove yourself for the Saipan when any potato with a
    credit card can get a tier 8 premium though.

  144. I am sure there are lots of people who enjoy streamed content, but I doubt
    I will be one. I just hope it doesn’t diminish the amount of youtube
    content. I am fortunate that I can access youtube during my lunch hour and
    I usually watch a Notser video or other youtuber during that time. Keep up
    the great content.

  145. ACiD_ “Th3xRaVeNx” ReinX

    Keep up the great work Noster wish you the best ?

  146. Hey Notser love all your work! My suggestion for the future is like a sick
    kill montage kr a big salvo montage, but you get the idea! ;)

  147. Wait… Did you say something about RN cruisers and German battleships? :O
    Or was that just me…

  148. Ugh, tier 3 british destroyer. Correction, tier 3 USN destroyer (Wickes)
    with a british skin (although may be slightly different). Is there really
    any point to having a tier 3 premium ship? Of a nation with no ship trees?

    Right now, USN baaaaadly need some new premium ships for captain training.
    For those who didn’t play in the betas and who had access to the SIMS and
    Arkansas, it’s really painful to rely only on the Atlanta, a very niche
    ship. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a lot of fun to play … but you really
    depend on having either carrier heavy or destroyer heavy games to make her

    And then you have the british … a nation renowned for having the most
    powerful navy in the world prior to WW2, and she has zero ship lines. I
    have a Warspite, I love my Warspite. She has a weaker citadel than the New
    Mexico for sure, but she also has by far the best heal of any BB anywhere
    close to her tier, and with premium Repair Party, she can weather a TON of
    light and medium damage. Just got to angle her. But if she’s ever caught
    alone, you’re hosed. But her Captain reeeeeally would love to fight in
    other british battleships.

    And then you have the russians. I understand Wargaming putting emphasis on
    russians now given they are a russian company with many russian customers,
    but seriously … half the russian cruiser line are paper ships that were
    never actually built (openly admitted by WG in their russian cruiser
    trailer). Both british and germans had MUCH bigger fleets in the first half
    of the 20th century. Yet, russians now have … four premium ships? Five?
    British and germans have one each.

    So yeah … love the game, but the ship line and premium ship balance is
    pretty caca right now.

  149. Jinglesgate noticed lol …. you are very pleasant to listen to Nots and
    play a heck of a game so …. keep it up :)

  150. Your approach and positive attitude to the channel is first class. Have you
    any plans to play team battles? I’m sure you could put together a good team
    and we’d all love to follow the action live on Twitch?

  151. MeKanism Lastname

    A few things…
    2. Space Yamato hype
    3. YOU ARE LEGIT MY FAVORITE WOWS YOUTUBER. I watch 5 or 6 other people,
    but you are the best due to your personality and the great connection with
    the community. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  152. +notser yeah “that content creater” is kinda a dick, i watched that vid and
    saw that i was like 😮 wth are you doing? Keep it up of all the full time
    yt’s that do wows you are quickly becoming my fav. :D

  153. Brittish! excited? … it’s a WICKS … the Yanks ‘loaned’ it to us.

    … forgot the smiley face. :p

  154. That youtuber, you referring to someone whose name begins with a J or?

  155. you should do a “kraken in every ship” series! :D

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    like the ideas about the things u like to do so just bring it!

  157. two best wargaming youtubers:
    quickybaby and notser

  158. Just suggesting, but the Cambletown should have +100% ramming damage. >:D

  159. Daan Suddaby (Pagan)

    Keep it up, man!

  160. I think one of the things that sets you apart from other skilled players is
    your down to earth, easy going approach. You don’t show any arrogance or
    contempt for other players like certain other content providers “cough
    flamu cough”. Your commentary is entertaining and insightful which means
    it’s a nice place to come and learn about ships or tech trees you have yet
    to play. Keep up the good work mate, I see only greater success for you!

  161. You bring much joy! Love the channel and I bet everyone else does to! 😀
    You are doing great work Notser :)

  162. love your personality Notser. we all love you so much as the real you for
    who you are , we’d loved to see an actuall video of you ! great content
    been an early 100 subscriber and I can’t believe my eyes on how far the
    channel has gone . we love you and your channel soo much that there is
    absolutely no body out here like you and would be great to see the legends
    face himself o7

  163. Andhika nur Aulia

    Great job so far Notser. I can be considered a late subscriber but, It’s
    nice to see that you’re actually improving. Just watched your old vid and
    wow you sound as unmotivating as me lol. Also you’ve actually read my
    comments about them pronounciation thingy, so thanks a lot for that. Didn’t
    expect that to happen at first but well, I’m that it worked out. I
    understand that it is a bit annoying so you can tell me to stop that if you
    want to.
    Sad tho I can’t watch livestreams because crappy dial-up modem and well,
    time zone. NA and Asia have like 12hr of difference lol.

    My only advice is just…. don’t lose motivation, like pretty much everyone
    did after deciding something that they wanted to do.

    Also I just wrote a comment on your Zao vid, you know what it is about :>

  164. love your personality Notser. we all love you so much as the real you for
    who you are , we’d loved to see an actuall video of you ! great content
    been an early 100 subscriber and I can’t believe my eyes on how far the
    channel has gone . we love you and your channel soo much that there is
    absolutely no body out here like you and would be great to see the legends
    face himself o7

  165. love your personality Notser. we all love you so much as the real you for
    who you are , we’d loved to see an actuall video of you ! great content
    been an early 100 subscriber and I can’t believe my eyes on how far the
    channel has gone . we love you and your channel soo much that there is
    absolutely no body out here like you and would be great to see the legends
    face himself o7

  166. love your personality Notser. we all love you so much as the real you for
    who you are , we’d loved to see an actuall video of you ! great content
    been an early 100 subscriber and I can’t believe my eyes on how far the
    channel has gone . we love you and your channel soo much that there is
    absolutely no body out here like you and would be great to see the legends
    face himself o7

  167. noster man youre such a genuine kind guy, keep making videos and spreading

  168. I like your attitude, thums up.

  169. stream on weekends maby? also 10:20 KILL SECURED!

  170. Harrison Frede (slai47)

    Let me know when you start streaming, I will add you to WoWs Community
    Assistant for Android. I have an awesome section that shows off great
    content creators and streamers like you. I love your content and keep up
    the great work.

  171. I really enjoy your videos Notser, I’m glad I found your channel. As always
    keep up the great work,

  172. Look forward to seeing you on the game sir!!! and best of luck with the

  173. Great stuff Notser, your progression/growth is richly deserved/earn.
    Streaming can be a good way to grow your profile on the net either on your
    own or as a “stream buddy” to someone else. Although there are plenty of
    YouTube personallities that don’t stream such as Jingles. Personally I
    really like your informative and tutorial presentation style, I have learn
    a lot. I would watch you stream but sadly being in GMT London I doubt your
    schedule would allow it.

    You may find sooner or later you will need to play other games to attract
    more people to the channel. I know of a few that play 1 or 2 key games then
    will play what ever is hot that week/month, has helped them grow quickly.
    And have commented their growth got to the 8k mark then really took off
    month on month in a more exponential fashion than linear. Best of luck for
    the future Mr!

  174. Classy, informative, and funny. We need more of your content in our lives
    Notser. Also, I have 2 dachshunds so I know barking, and let me tell you, I
    don’t mind if they are defending you from the UPS man live on stream.

  175. POLISH DD LINE! 1 million new players :)

  176. Nots with what programs you are recording your videos ? thx
    and btw pls stream at twitch i will be there ! :-)

  177. John “SCHINDIESL” Schindler

    You are head and shoulders above other YouTubers who post WoW replays. You
    make the replays enjoyable with your commentary, really, really game!
    But, your game play tactics you discuss is where the real value of your
    channel is at. I learn a great deal about how to play the classes and the
    different ships within those classes because they all don’t play the same.I
    play aggressive like you and it frustrates me to no end that the rest of my
    team, DDs included, will hang back and try and snipe and not push to
    capture points or press an advantage of superior numbers or superior
    ships. It doesn’t happen every game but it happens about 75% of the
    time.Keep up the great work, and some live game play would be cool.
    Honestly I would like more than one video a day but I know it takes a lot
    of time to get one made the you like it. Thanks for bringing a smile to my
    face once a day!

  178. I watch your videos because of you showcase your personality into the
    videos as a fun, carefree fella, just having a good time. Continue doing
    what you’re doing, bud (Y) looking forward to seeing great content from you.

    And now, to watch your oldest videos for comparison :P

  179. Great to hear your future plans, Noster. Congratulations on your success
    over the last year. Would you please explain to the WG staff that we would
    like them to sell us flags in the store, and that the initial uproar in the
    US was only because of the way WG initially released the flags in the store
    only. WG introduced “pay to win”, which is almost always viewed negatively,
    especially in a FTP game. Now that people can earn flags through normal
    gameplay it is time to re-introduce them into the store, just as they are
    available on the EU server. Thank you.

  180. slawomeer loadedloco

    Keep going Notser. Poland say hello :).

  181. One salty bro disliked this video. Don’t be salty, bros.

    I look forward to knowing when you’ll be playing. Maybe I’ll actually be
    able to get into a match with you someday. I’d really enjoy either killing
    you or helping you kill the enemy team.

  182. Juan Andrés Méndez

    Hell yeah with the streaming Notser 🙂 your channel is great, youre so fun
    and your content is so entertaining.. Pls do a compilation of funny moments
    and #PullANotser moments haha

  183. Joseph Abraham Dunne

    any idea when the German battle ships are actually coming into the game?

  184. Hey noster, I think phly has done this before but usually youtubers only
    post their great battles (makes sense). But how about you posting a
    compilation of everything going wrong for you, ie teams failing,
    detonations, randomly being killed by a full salvo, etc. That would be
    really funny and I think we’d all enjoy to see it! Keep up the great work

  185. Enjoying your videos? Hell yeah I do. It’s fun to watch and you make it
    even more exciting and enoyable by really being part of the action. Even
    when you haven’t played the game yourself.
    About online commentary or streaming, it would be more informative
    sometimes and sometimes less as you are too caught up to speak at all, but
    that’s ok and that way it shall be.
    Especially for the streaming part. Barking dogs is a problem? I’ve seen
    many streams by now and you here dogs, children, wifes, girlfriends or
    parents in the background talking or even addressing the streamer. That’s
    LIFE! That’s the way it should be not a cold and clean stream out of a
    studio. Have you ever seen Mejash? He has a dog too. Ok I admit I heard him
    never ever bark on any stream, but you can hear him snooring from time to
    time in the background.:D So don’t feel be ashamed, its ok. That’s life.
    You need to go to the toilette, get something to drink, eat, answer the
    phone, answer your wife, open the door, whatever. That is part of a stream.
    Ok, your mom comming in saying to you you should empty the rubbish bin and
    you need to do it now! can be a harassing moment, but be sure the streamers
    would make you laugh too with their comments. As long as you see the joy in
    I would like to see streams of you, if they are at a time a can watch them.
    So have a nice day and stop thinking of being perfect. You are perfect the
    way just you are. You are Notser and no one else. 😉
    So I end with your words: “I hope you have a fantastic day and I’ll catch
    you next time.”

  186. James Mottershead

    I cant wait for your first review, so glad your enjoying making your vids
    as i enjoy watching them :)

  187. Hey TURN ON Notifications!! :)

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    biggest Youtuber who plays with World of Warships!

  193. Gday from Australia Notser.
    You do great work mate, keep it up.

  194. Thanks to you too Notser – you’re videos are the main reason why I have a
    58% WR and k/d of 2.75 – coming from a 47%/1.0 scrub level. There are other
    youtubers I watch too (Flamu, Voulezvous) – but you explain everything,
    even the simple things, which the other “pro’s” tend to forget sometimes.

    Wish you were on the EU server so I could meet you in battle :)

  195. Keep up the great work, I know some of the suggestions you’ve given has
    helped my play. Another idea is to do collaborations with others YouTubers
    (don’t think you mentioned that). But either to do them with YouTubers that
    are growing and show potential or to do them with some YouTubers who have a
    successful channel. Have a good one dude.

  196. the Langley….lol

  197. My hats off to you Notser I know you guys haft to go through a lot of
    matches to bring us good content and that in itself is something I could
    not do I wouldn’t have the patience for it. Love the dog part I have a
    little dog that thinks everyone is going to kill her family when they come
    to the door to lol, I’m looking forward to seeing more of this channel keep
    up the good work and good luck to you.

  198. Do you think Gremyashchy may be available in the store one day?

  199. ENABLE THE NOTIFICATIONS WHELP……… hahahahahahah. IMO, something that
    I dont see on your channel are Epic moments montages. could be yours,
    various viewers… or a top 5 viewer clutch plays at the end of the week.
    guess I am going for something more tangibly interactive with your fan

  200. I unsubbed that scumbag after more that 3 years of following him as a huge
    fan, just because of that dick move. There is just no escuse for what he

  201. Notser, I watch loads of replays, you are one of the best, I would
    recommend contacting the mighty jingles and teaming up for a match or two.

  202. So far I am enjoying the Russian Cruisers and so far I think I am doing
    fairly well with them. Especially the tier 3, for me that ship has just
    been insanely good, avg almost 50k dmg in it by the time I was done with
    it. I am only up to tier 5 so far, the tier 5 does a lot of damage but man
    does it die fast.

    So far I have only meet 2 youtubers in game so far. CodyMenz who I torped
    but didn’t kill and iChase who I did get to kill. 🙂

    As for content, I am personally less interested in youtube video’s with
    live commentary and far far more interested in you live streaming. You
    could talk to us as you play and then after each battle maybe have a quick
    Q&A so we could ask you why you did this or that in the battle and your
    thought process. I think for me personally that would be better and help me
    get better.

    I am looking forward to your video on the Common Wealth DD, as I am very
    interested in picking it up to start training up a captain for the line
    coming later this year.

  203. Love you and your replays, Notser. So much so, when I was playing last
    night, I saw a Mikhail about to run aground and I said “He’s gonna pull a
    Notser!” LOL Keep the videos coming.

  204. Oh Notser, it was with great regret that I sent those torpedoes not joy :-p

    If it is any consolation you were only targeted because you were in red not
    because I watch the channel!

    Keep up the good work.

  205. Oh I know how you fell Notser! I do not understand why Jingles reported
    that guy who mentionted him! I would have told him that I will kill him or
    just greet him because its so rare to see a celebrity in a match! I would
    love to kill you but I am on the EU server 🙁 . Anyway I love your channel
    and your content! The idea of making tutorials is great and a suggestion
    from me-if you can seldom make a shuffle of great moments from your
    subscriber replays- it would be great! And also a question-are going to
    make a special when you reach 10 000 subs?

  206. Notser, speaking about Jingles. LOL.
    Hope you’ve got a list of your early supporters for when your channel gets
    large (no, I don’t really care, but hope your channel gets larger). The sad
    part is you’ll get to the point where you can’t answer comments; as you
    know, I’m fond of commenting, and the fact you answer is one thing that
    makes your channel stand out.
    Hope you continue to succeed as you wish.
    If I were on NA, I’d be tempted to come play again. Sadly I’m on a weeaboo
    infested shithole called ‘Asia’ and they won’t let us transfer back to NA
    even though that’s where I started with WoT (well technically I started in
    Europe because that’s where the beta server was for a while before NA
    started) which would mean losing all premium stuff in WoWS and WoT. So I
    don’t play either, and they don’t get money from me (which they used to).
    Such a great business plan, lol.

  207. I rather enjoy that you are a bit low energy compared to other YouTubers
    playing World of Warships. You also touched on something I beginning to
    notice more and more with lots of good players: they can be kind of dicks
    towards new or inexperienced players. Like our British grandfather of
    gaming,from time to time really trashes other players.
    Keep it up Notser, I wish you lots of success.

  208. Is your phone dead yet? XD
    For me, you’re the best WoWs youtuber ever! Great content, interesting
    gameplay and awesome commentary(that lucky Langley! Haha). Keep up the
    great work and videos! ;D

  209. Branden Cody Necula

    Hey Notser, thanks for all the great videos. The content and the way you
    deliver it is fantastic. Keep up the great work! I hope we can cross paths
    in game one day.

  210. MrTheGameNarrator

    I really don’t mind dog barking. I’ve been surrounded by dogs my entire
    life. Please do streaming

  211. Pranjal Shrivastava

    dude as long as you enjoy creating the content, we will be enjoying
    watching them… So just have fun doing what you are doing and dont worry
    about the rest o7

  212. I would try the Twitch just like you said. 3 Days 3 – 5 hours. For a lot of
    reasons this can be a good thing for you. The more doors you create the
    more that can be opened :)

  213. great to hear your hopes for future at you tube / twitch. posted a comment
    yesterday hoping for a longer video of a gaming session, was i influential?
    i think not, i know the videos are recorded ahead. you’ve been thinking of
    this for a while. i’m looking forward to these shows! wonder if stupid U.S.
    time will mean i miss them. i live in kangaroo land. why don’t you set your
    clocks to sensible oz time? what’s wrong with starting the day at
    11pm….don’t get sunburn this way LOL all the best. don’t burn yourself
    out. vincent

  214. Always enjoy your content! I watch it all. Keep on doing what you do!
    Thumbs up!

  215. YouTube success couldn’t have come for a nicer person.

  216. Hey notser :)!!!!Its great to hear such great news!!!!I have one suggestion
    and i dont know if you are going to like it or not…dont know if anyone
    mention it before…but i would absolutely love to see you play and some
    other games!!!You know like creating a series of videos with you playing
    some games!!!!Like tomb raider or battlefield (just giving an example 🙂 )
    And don’t be afraid my friend we are going to support you with everything
    you try!!!!Keep up the great work!!!!

  217. Johannes “Jojo” Siemers

    I like your plans to go forward. Wish you a lot of success with it. Hope
    the live streaming times are somewhat compatible with GermanEuropean time
    zones. Something to keep in mind. :-)

  218. hhm jiingles hhmm ree hmm port

  219. Big thumbs up Notser, love your vids! Whenever I play the game I try to
    keep your commentary in mind and I legit think it makes me a better player.

    Keep it coming man, thanks a lot !

  220. WooHoo yippee about time geor err notser lol..2 small points if I may. 1.
    The Cambelltown started life as the USS Buchanan (part of the destroyers
    for bases deal) and 2. That was a dick move by the Gnome hehe.

  221. Imminentferretgaming

    I think you are doing a great job and keep on doing you. I started to watch
    you as recommended but been enjoying you more than the youtuber I was
    watching. I lack the time to make content due to having a newborn, but you
    give me enjoyment in my little to no downtime

  222. we love u Notser no need live,just upload daily video

  223. saipan in its current state is broken xd, hops it doesnt get nerfed in case
    its released for anyone.

  224. 1000 gold for first who reply me with his name game(only EU)

  225. TheHardstyleMusicz

    I know who you were talking about when the Youtuber reported somebody from
    saying that they will kill them (talking in the game, not real life)

  226. A dog is no excuse for not streaming Notser 😉 They may bark but they are
    not cats. Then you would experience CK (Cat on Keybord) CMM(Cat Meowing in
    Microphone), CPM (Cat Purring in Microphone) CKMF (Cat Knocking Microphone
    on Floor because why the hell not) and lastly CAH ( Cat Attack on Hooman).
    Now then would be in a pickle. Great Game Notser!

  227. Keep sharing Noster! u great !

  228. Best channel I’ve seen for WoW! Your similar to another youtuber
    Tychochelchuuu who played Men of War games.

  229. Hi Notser their is a tech channel (TechSource) whear you can promote you
    channel. The name of the episode is Setup Wars – Youtuder Edition.

  230. Notser, you sound like some catholic priest or saint. Bless me almighty !
    Also its not that people hate their fan base but its the frustration that
    they would always be focused down knowing that that person maybe their key
    to victory. Its hard to have an enjoyable game being famous but you on the
    other hand … Jesus i mean literally

  231. Can you do a video on a stealth Tirpitz build? I’ve always wondered what a
    Tirpitz can be like when its concealment is 12km.

  232. Ihaveyourusername

    I’d be all for live streaming. That would cover the live commentary as
    well, so you can keep using Youtube for the post-game insights =)

  233. Regarding the other Youtuber and the incident you mentioned, I must confess
    I cringed even though I’m a huge fan of the guy.

    However, I CAN still understand his frustration as he simply cannot play
    games that he loves anymore due to his presence inspiring utter lunacy from
    both teams. It’s a sorry state of affairs, really.

    On a brighter note, your content is the best WoW coverage out there IMO,
    Notser. Keep up the good work and don’t ever change.

  234. great idea to do a stream, i hope that I will be able to watch it in europe
    (becuase of the timeshift). I really enjoy your work, thx for everything!:)

  235. Hey Notser! I heard that they are going to nerf you in the next patch. Is
    that true?

  236. implying i will buy any prem ships in this shitty game :P

  237. lmao NOSTER .bring us joy damnit ..just bring it ?
    ur vids r enjoyable

  238. We love you notser, we got your back at whatever you will do in this

  239. congrats on how your channel has grown Notser, your content is very good
    and the commentary is entertaining. Thanks for your effort and keep it up.
    That end of the match was so funny lol

  240. Oh and btw….I know I’ve said this to you a million times but thanks again
    for entertaining me every single morning without fail. congrats on your
    channels continued success. been around a long time, and have been a big
    fan of your skills since you started. keep the content coming notser. like
    I’ve said, you’re the best captain I’ve run across.

  241. Hey Notser, im from germany and i love ur videos mate. Keep up the good
    work! 😀 <3
    And by the way, my favourite ship is the Warspite. :3

  242. hay Notser, i’ve been watching your channel for the last 9-10 months now
    and i never get tired of seeing your game play. Its fascinating to see how
    you’ve progressed and how easily you explain your thoughts, your
    reasonings, tactics etc.

    Great stuff.

    ps i hope they do the hms Achilles. The New Zealand light cruiser which
    forced the Graf Spee to scuttle in an Argentinan port….

  243. Is it confirmed that the RN cruisers will come first? I feel like the
    famous BBs would be a grander entrance.

  244. streaming?!? Hell to the yeah!

  245. i dont mind no ARP ships, we got soviet cruisers before everyone

  246. we love you Notser, wish you more success

  247. If you’re channel was a german one, you would have 10 subs now. And around
    5 views per video. Welcome to german YT, where people only care about boobs
    and minecraft.

  248. You did great mate. When I joined the channel it was less then 500, but
    since then you did a fantastic job. Keep it up buddy and, in my opinion,
    you are one of the best out there. Cheers

  249. Perfect!
    Waiting for your first stream!
    See you in game !
    And keep good work.

  250. Yavuz Selim Han Osmanoglu

    I would describe the soviets as “ok to learn, hard to master”

  251. Great update mate, you are my favourite WoW channel for sure, keep up the
    great work man, i look forward to your videos to see how i can improve my
    game play , although to be fair i am pretty bad at it but that doesnt stop
    me from having fun :)

  252. ARP Haruna, Kirishima, Maya, and Takao – IF they are going to be using the
    main character ships from the show anyway.

  253. Just.. pure LOVE! <3

  254. I dont have the British line I only had the game a month if u want to add
    me on wows my name is h2meredith

  255. I looked up the *EDIT* HMS Cambeltown, it is literally just a Wickes class
    DD! And Saipan, well, I don’t play CVs.

    So, yeahhhh….. Really looking forward, no I’m not…

  256. First!!!!

    Anyway Noster, what are your thoughts on having the Tone class IJN cruiser
    in game at Tier 7? Mainly interested in your thoughts on how it’ll play.

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