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  1. one hell of a title, thumbnail, and description combination

  2. 1945: CVs kill the concept of surface ships
    2019: CVs literally kill the fun of an arcade game

    What WG failed to realize is that CVs IRL were extremely powerful to the point of needing other ships for protection because of they’re inability to defend themselves in close combat. In WoWS as it is right now CVs are extremely powerful both at the beginning of the game and at the end. Being able to one handedly kill a pursuing BB by just spamming planes at it and running away.

    • Aardvack Aardvack

      @deathlegionair So since they existed either in paper or as parts, why not to introduce the “death rat”? It also existed in paper and in parts… the fact it never worked is minor given that the soviet BB’s never also sailed or fired… isn’t it?

    • +deathlegionair you do realize that MOST of the ships in Wows existed in one of the form you mentioned. If you want to go there then I will say that there are only few PARTIALLY imagined ships (i.e. Zao which was based on Type A 1941 cruiser design or B-65 design battlecruisers – Azuma and Yoshino)

    • Jakub W. I do. Trust me, I bloody know. I’m just saying don’t say imaginary as they were real. What they weren’t was fully realized. A concept written on paper is still real as it exists, it is just not realized..

    • To be fair, in Navyfield, an 2006 MMO arcade WW2 naval battle game, the CVs are relatively balanced against surface ships there *despite seeing 6 CVs in a single match is considered normal* ! The first iteration of WoWS CVs – the RTS CVs – took a lot of cues from that game. But for some reasons, maybe because Wargaming didn’t want to make it a copy pasta of Navyfield’s CV, they changed a lot of core mechanics which make Navyfield’s CVs balanced, and then, well, you know the result.

    • +Captain Quark well said!

  3. Remember when playing CV’s meant being aware of strong-AA ships, managing your limited planes, learning how to strafe, how to cross-drop while also multi-tasking to spot enemy dd’s for your team? I do. Skilled players did great in RTS CVs, and though a good CV could make or break a game, thankfully they were rare.
    Now? CV’s every second match. AA does nothing and even when it does their planes are unlimited so you’re only delaying the inevitable, while your Damage Repair is limited and on cool-down they can strike you repeatedly with DoTs.
    The CV re-work has been a complete fuckshow that has sapped the enthusiasm from so many players yet WGing are saying it’s been so successful, people want skycancer in their Ranked battles too.

    • +Arnon Lokitsataporn CV player numbers did increase drastically, but in general player numbers sunk to a real low

    • The problem is both accessibility and the fact that there is no longer a cap on skill. CVs can attack too often, and there is almost no penalty for throwing planes at something until it’s dead. The old RTS mechanics didn’t matter, the fact was that squadrons didn’t regenerate unless the one in the air died completely or returned, and the CV player had to babysit the aircraft all the way back to the CV or risk them getting shot down or revealing the bearing of the CV. Also an entire flight attacked at once, not this rinse and repeat bullshit. You either get the attack setup right or you miss out. Current CVs should be that way as well, one strike per flight and the whole flight has to return or be destroyed for the flight to start regeneration. And FFS they need to make DD AA overlap or something because DDs are an extinct species now.

    • +Akshay Anand Agree! I dont have too many issues playing vs Cvs as DD. Its probably mainly the fact that i play a lot further back now aswell and use AA ships for cover or ask the CV to throw a fighter squad over the Cap while im in it 🙂

    • +FluidLoneknight Welp, i dont own a console or play one, but i highly doubt the way carriers where implemented before the rework would be playable on console without heavy adjusting. The current version you could just throw on console without changing anything.

    • exactly . i left the game 10-15 days after cv patch cause i had no fun ( mostly played cv before for over 600 hours. )

  4. i quit wows about 2 months ago my blood pressure has gone down dramatically it feels good

    • Same here. The CV rework was a complete fail.
      Balance wise it was worth a try but gameplay wise it is utter cancer.

    • Tamren Starshadow

      I saw the writing on the wall when the CV update dropped, the upcoming russian BB-ias ships were the final straw.

    • I dropped my weekly play from 10+ hrs to 2 at about the same time. I stopped spending my money when I could no longer get AP pens on Destroyers, and uninstalled from my desktop about 2 weeks into the CV Rework. It’s a shame the developers took this direction. The hilarious thing is it appears the Soviet BBs, with their high velocity shells and consistent dispersion, were literally made to keep BB players like me who were sick of doing everything right only to get screwed by RNG upon pressing the trigger.

    • It feels so nice doesn’t it?

    • its so good, did the same. best thing i ever done. WG really screwed up

  5. Some random guy from the beyond

    Holy shit it happen…the game broke Ichase

  6. CV fix patch. The day when WG killed their own game

    • +Arjan i really dont have to, thats the best thing, cv’s are actually pretty balanced and WG agrees. its just the shitty potatoes who cry all the time

    • yeah may as well remove DD because we dont need that useless piece of shit anymore. We’ve got CV to do spotting now boys

    • +bladeclanhalo3 I have seen you in other post’s rambling your bs as posted above. You’re just a sad troll. Please do go on and make a fool out of yourself.

    • In this thread we find a guy who thinks everything is just fine. Adapt and move on. DDs did it with radar. Let me say this so everyone can understand. There is no player control counter measures to the CVs now. If this apologist for WG was a DD main he would know it. Sure, you can hide and be combat ineffective. How many DDs have we seen hanging around islands or at spawn? Smoke up and hope a radar CA is not around or that your consumable doesn’t run out. Sit in the middle of a lemming train. The point is what made the game engaging and enjoyable went out the window with this rework. I don’t think its much of a challenge for the CV players either.

    • +Randy Maatta “Adapt and move on.” Yep… everyone I played with, and now me, have adapted by moving on. No reason to play an unfun *game*. The easiest/best adaptation is to find a(nother) fun game to play.

  7. RRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Feels tho man. My average amount desk punching has increased tenfold since rework.

  8. Murderous Kitten

    skycancer is the bane of this game , yes.

  9. I’ve played this game from CBT and.. hit R1 most of time.. enjoyed Clan War…

    Nowadays, I frustrated this stupid CV game… simply no fun.. and whenever I play it makes me so pissed.

    • The worse part of this is that on the NA official forums, you’ll find PLENTY of ppl in full support of this new meta.
      So much so that everytime there’s a good discussion going, some jack comes in being less “correct”, giving the mods what they need to “LOCK” the thread. even tho the other 95% participants are all mild and just voicing their opinions.

      It’s not that carriers don’t pull good numbers or are not balanced… It’s just that it makes the game NOT FUN. And since fun isn’t a metric, WG can stick fingers in their ears and keep singing kumbaya, stating everything’s fine.

    • Guillermo Lahera

      Best World of Warships Video ever posted in the history of Youtube. I always thought iChase was the best CC but this just confirms it 1000%. This game has become unplayable rage inducing hot garbage and the greatest failure of a rework in gaming history.

    • +Kamil942 I play all classes as well and yeah I have to admit if you play CV, it is fun. But if I play ships other than CV, it is NO FUN AT ALL. Especially, there are two CVs? and I`m in DD?
      Everyone has to stick together. No more flanking strategy. No more Crossfire shit. Now they are including CV again in the Rank game and let’s see how much fun it will be.
      It is just absurd. And hope WG knows how many Rank game players are ready to press ESC key when they see CV is waiting in the queue

    • +Curtis Kim Flanking strategy? You mean apes 30km away from any ship? Or cuttle sailing next to the map border? XD

    • +Kamil942 lol. no wonder why u r R10. and wondering even playing CW.. well.. GL

  10. MidnightPhoenix07

    Well you know the salt’s coming if iChase starts out the replay swearing (something I don’t think I’ve seen him do since the whole GZ debacle a while back)

    And before anyone says, ‘well, the CV was focusing you so the rest of your team was protected because the CV couldn’t attack them,’ 1) that’s not fun for you, and 2) it doesn’t always make a difference. I had a battle a few weeks ago in Alaska (not a full AA build, but testing out a half AA build with priority sectors and DFAA), I shot down more than 60 planes from a stock Implacable, most of my time that battle was spend dodging planes instead of engaging the enemy fleet, more than 2/3 of my damage received was still from planes (because of course the AA can only consistently shoot down planes after they drop when the CV player can’t control the returning planes or see the incoming flak bursts), and the rest of my team still managed to shoot down almost 30 planes from the other side of the map, so the carrier was definitely still able to attack other ships.

    You have all these videos and forum posts saying just treat it like any other ship to ship interaction and dodge, there’s no way to reliably do that unless the enemy CV messes up. BB against DD, you can dodge some of the torps or potentially avoid them all if you’re actively maneuvering instead of sailing in a straight line. CA against BB, depending on the ship you can either angle and tank or angle and dodge. CA against DD, you can chase them down with radar or hydro and gun them down, while they keep you spotted and can launch torps at your advancing ship. Bottom line, there’s some level of skill based counterplay that you can have with any class of surface ship against any other. Against carriers, you’re relying on RNG with your AA or hoping the enemy CV is going to mess up. Little to no active, skill based counterplay.

  11. Yep ….. Thats world of warships today.
    For that sole reason I stopped playing the game, it might sound pathetic, but when you que up for a battle and you see more CV’s in que than ALL other ship classes together, you know that no matter which ship (class) you pick, you are just going to be a XP pinata

    • Ok..but how many cv’s do you actually see in battle..2 @ most…another CV complainer…GIT GUD.

    • They should just remove the limit on how many CVs you can have per battle. It would be made clear, very quickly, that the class just does not improve the gameplay at all.
      At least this way, they’d have to taste their own medicine game after games. (Imagine a 6 CV per side game, maybe more… urgh !)

    • +Verands sdnarev Yes ….. on each side, more than enough to hold caps clear and render the DD’s role obsolete
      Another CV complainer, yeah…. ever wondered why there is so many of us?????

  12. Histoire des Archives

    Stopped playing a few days ago, it felt great not dealing with stress daily

    • Histoire des Archives I stop stressing, when I just only did what I needed to do, my mission my task, noting more. And my stress got better even my game play got better.. it works for me.

    • Been almost a year for me now, never been happier, I’m just sad that all the great model and theme of the game is wasted on shitty gameplay

  13. Ichase rages about cv

    World war Two captains look over at I chase “first time as well”

    But I’m same world of warships has just lost its fun factor

  14. Hahahaha try being a tirpitz in a tier 10 game when you’re spawned in at the furthest flank with only 1 ship with you thats a stock dm donskoi while you’re trying to get to the other flank where most of your team mates are and you get focused down by a midway. If thats not the definition of fun and engaging, i dont know what is.

    • Every goddamn time I hit play on Tirpitz or Bismarck, it’s a tier 10 match now.

    • Destroyerman Fernandez

      Meanwhile WG : hAHAH Blyet!, CV gaemplay good for game da, constant attack, constant DoT, constant focus plane swarm good for game blyet!. We good developer. You fully spec AA?, we fully fuck you blyet!

  15. The CV rework has taken everything that was bad about the game and made it worse i.e., passive camping, lemming trains, DDs not playing objective or spotting. There are ships other than DDs that aren’t meant to stay with a group. Some are meant to scoot around the the map and cause trouble where they can, then conceal up and repeat. I’ve been playing a lot less lately. After three years of playing I finally decided to put some effort into learning DDs since I got a T-61 in a crate and everyone says it’s a good ship. I was getting pretty good and having a lot of fun. The rework dropped and I haven’t touched it for a couple months.

  16. Just adapt said WG… well my solution was uninstalling the game 😀

  17. This game is the ESSENCE of what is happening in WoWs recenlty. Take care!

  18. And think about same treatment in a damn DD who is forced to play with half hp after 1 min and beeing permaspotted all the time…

  19. you could be in a DD tho
    you would have never survived in a DD against that player even half a long.

  20. “A strange game…the only winning move is not to play”.

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