World of Warships – Fuzzy Lollipop

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I’m not going to lie, this players’ name was definitely a factor in my choosing to check out his replay!

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  1. A great late night video of some world of warships from jingles is always the best

  2. 1.26 sec. in and Ole Jingle fumbles the ball on the Oland tier.

  3. Jingles, it’s a Tier 8 destroyer – just sayin’… But it wouldn’t be a Jingles video without Jingles being Jingles. xD

  4. “Oland has the lowest hitpoint pool of any of the tier VII destroyers” Professional WoWs youtuber right there 🙂! Don’t ever change Jingles ! Excellent dd play by fuzzylollipop but completely agree that all that skill would have been irrelevant if the cv had come and spotted him…

    • I was just about to comment that it didn’t even take Papa Jingles 90 seconds to show his true self 😉

    • Oh I got you beat. Within 10 seconds. He forgot Orkan has radar on enemy team lol. Typical jingles lol.

    • He forgot to take his frog pills again.

    • Not exactly excellent DD play. he only dodged the DD’s torp by sheer luck and not skill, even worse, he beached himself while fighting. 0 situation awereness. Next he spent the MAJORITY of the battle trying to sink a german cruiser of all things and kept launching torps in the most stupid ways possible. Just look at the aim indicator when he is torping and pay attention where he is actually launching his torps. NONE of his torp launches were actually good predictions or were on point. He even managed to miss STATIONARY targets TWICE… excellent play my ass.

  5. “Calm, methodical, and precise defense of that flank” while he’s screaming and cursing his team in chat, lmao. Very calm! Certainly methodical and precise, though

  6. Pretty safe to say Fuzzylolpops success was indeed due to the STUPID play by the enemy Carrier. And possibly the enemy team as well for not requesting support from him.

    • We don’t know whether they requested support from him or not and why would that stop him from farming damage?

    • Anyone who says this was the CVs mistake has never played the Serov or any Russian CV not named Naughtimov.

      The whole point of Russian CV play is to farm large ships. You don’t give your team an advantage with a Serov by spotting DDs…you give your team the advantage by killing or pushing around the enemy big ships.

  7. I would like to see a match between the agents dog and his tennis partner 🙂

  8. “Calm, methodical and precise”.
    Calm: “Defend the base you dipshits”
    Methodical: “Get back you assholes”
    Precise: Tried torping the Hipper, misses by a good kilometer and nicks the Atlantico, knocking out his engine in the process.

    Oh, btw, those quotes are also meant to be in full caps.

    • @Kal Taron like he does the last 3 to 4 times…
      but dare one fire torps at a friend, 20 m away, and do no damage to him!
      straight to jail

    • The Grand Admiral

      I was going to say the same thing… I actually really disliked this video. Sure, he did achieve a victory, but not only did he make several mistakes (not turning his AA guns off, not turning them back on when the CV attacked him, not switching ammunition given the angle and armor of the target, shifting from binocular to standard view in his gunfight with the Gaede and taking waaaay too long between salvos, not using the aiming reticle properly [use the X-key to switch targets], not repairing his broken engine to get into cover quicker, poor target selection, etc.), he deliberately and maliciously launched verbal attacks on his teammates for not playing appropriately, in his mind. I don’t mind seeing people make mistakes (I do all the time), but it’s a whole different game when you call out your teammates in unflattering language for not playing how you think they should be. I hope Jingles sees these comments and retracts his view of this jerk being “calm, methodical, and precise.”

    • I noticed that.

      If Jingles saw chat. We be watching a different video today

    • Wait. He wrote in chat? lol never paid attention. I was too busy watching that horror of a DD play. It was so trash I just couldn’t believe my own eyes…

  9. If you listen carefully, you can hear one of the cats purring in the microphone at the start of the video.
    Seal of approval right there.

  10. Molten Bramley Apple

    Jingles, even by our standards I’m laughing at how many mistakes you made. I won’t list them all but for starters the Oland was using the longer reload torps.

  11. “Being accused of cheating by someone you’ve just outplayed is the biggest compliment they can pay you!”

    Counterpoint – it proves that you just outplayed an idiot, which somewhat devalues the achievement.

    • People who favor German ships seem to be more self-centered than others in general. I don’t know why.

    • I think having a player on the loosing team saying GG is another good example of a compliment.

    • @TrueCanad1an Sure, but the best compliments are always the direct ones though, like “nice shot” or “well played” when you beat them.

  12. Jeroen van den Hark

    Some EPIC cat snoring throughout, starting at 0:30 😂

  13. The most important criterium for getting your game narrated by Jingles: Good name!

  14. I have 67% winratio in this thing. It’s great. The whole line is great and I’m always happy about carriers. 😮

  15. 2 second reload, but he zooms out for a second after each salvo 🙈

    • The Grand Admiral

      Ah, thank you. I knew I’d missed yet another mistake when I was writing the list… that drove me nuts. It’s like, do you want to gun the Gaede down, or not?

  16. I’ve been watching for maybe three years now still great content and hope to stay with the channel for a very long time Moving forward

  17. Gotta love the New Orleans at the start of the match saying, capture the enemy base, then abandoning his flank and staying in his own team’s base most of the game. Do as I say, not as I do

  18. matthew stringer

    Just wanted to give a shout-out to the Cherbourg who actually carried this battle….interesting gameplay by fuzzy if that gaede has just shot he probly would have lost there.

  19. Love the cat purring in the background at the start – apparently Jingles’ voice can put cats to sleep, among its other qualities!

  20. Last night I played again where I ended up dueling another DD. In the end I came out of it with 10hp and we both said at the same time, “That’s 9 hp more than I needed.” Jingles really has made his mark on the community.

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