World of Warships – gachiBASS

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It was one of those games where everything was going crazy, tight moments and funny screams.

It is recommended to watch with headset and not on speakers xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Two, I haven’t played the game in a year. Simply can’t be bothered to subsidize the Russians.

    • @Preston Lawrence idk about OP, but I for one was not talking about russian bias in ships, although I should say simply because there’s something worse, that doesn’t mean the second worst thing is not bad…Just because you also got shot in the stomach doesn’t mean you should ignore the stab wound in your leg. If you think russian ships are fina and balanced, have a look at the clan battle meta…it’s like 80% petros

    • @ainumahtar I enjoy chinking down Petros with Hindenburg. Actually we have just one dedicated Stalingrad-player in our clan, the rest are non-RU ships. We still pulled 80%wr in the last days. But we are a eeerm, “mid-to average” clan, not tayfun.

    • @Preston Lawrence, I’d say Sinop and Nevsky are still very much OP as well.

    • Рангел Кочаров

      @flyingphoenix113 I got 180K game in an almost stock sinop two days ago… It’s perfectly balanced

    • @Glupi Medo Yeah and I appreciate that, but they are still massively overabundant, and most teams use at least 3 of them. I thoroughly enjoy devstriking them with torps because a lot of the midrange people don’t even take (non-halland) dds into account xD

  2. Never played it but really enjoy watching you play it

  3. Two, haven’t played in ages just due to how long it takes to update and that I’m at uni all year. plus i play on SEA anyways

  4. Never played, don’t have a good enough computer. I enjoy watching you play.

  5. Sounds like you have a good relationship with your girl lol

    • I physically cringed through this too much. Banter is one thing but damn, run, girl.

    • @Sad Witch you’re joking right? They are just joking

    • @luuk341 I get that he is just joking but it seems like when ever they’re interacting in a video it is just this mean spirited banter and he kinda pushes it a bit far in this one, I personally wouldn’t stand for this lol.

      Idk, that being said i have no idea what their personal relationship is like off stream etc etc so i guess i probably shouldn’t speculate.

  6. ye i had no “It is recommended to watch with headset and not on speakers” warning on stream xP

  7. Flambass: – Now she blames me for the sun.. I’m so done


  8. I really don’t know Flambass landed Mrs. Citadel when he talks constantly like that lol but all I can say is he’s very lucky.

  9. Waiting for a Devastating Strike from Mrs Citadel.

  10. 6:29 Close your eyes and listen for 10 seconds.

  11. Mrs. Citadel is absolutely adorable, both of you guys are! Buy for her a nice merino wool sweater! That would take care of colds.

  12. I kept waiting for the shoe to come flying, and hitting you in the head! but it never happened!

  13. plz dont close the door in the new appartment! I love the interactions you two have every now and then, always leads to funny situations 🙂

  14. Im with Ms. Citadel on this one. I love the seasons too. Living in Texas is MAD DEPRESSING. Nothing beats snow and rain. Heat and sun can die.

  15. “We only have sun, sun, sun. All the bloody time. I can’t take it anymore”.
    I almost fell off the chair laughing 😀

    • Really….. Greetings from AZ. Let her spend July here.

    • Mike Grant as a fellow Arizona dweller I was thinking the exact same thing

    • @Mike Grant Sounds like she would actually hate the AZ November….

    • @Mike Grant Everything depends on the personal perspective, I suppose. The weather we have in Poland this time of the year is like this: cloudy, rainy, windy. It’s not that it is cold (it isn’t actually) but you got 100% clouded sky practically day after day for most of the autumn and entire winter. The lack of the sun (or, actually, the light in general) is killing me: it’s still dark when you get up in the morning and it’s already dark when you pick up your kid from kindergarten. I could literally kill for the weather Mrs. Citadel complains about.

      But, of course, I feel your pain. Still, Arizona is rather an extreme case. Poland and Croatia are supposed to have a much more similar climate and yet – I personally would pick Croatia when it comes to weather every time. But, hey, it’s just me.

      Besides, I was probably more amused by the way she said it than by what she said precisely 🙂

    • @Mike Grant Hello from Southern California.

  16. Poll: I dont play the game anymore, Dont watch the stream, only watch replays on YT

  17. What ever you change your nickname into. When somebody goes down the middle on two brothers and gets away with it. Everybody thinks its Flambass . 😀

  18. Other players be like
    “Oh look, premium-noob without clan. Gonna be an easy kill…”

  19. French memes and he’s speaking Spanish..
    *Turn the goddamn guns Jean-Pierre!*

    Anyway, I’m with the wife. I want it cold. For the simple reason that it’s easy to get warmer than to get cooler.

  20. When Mrs Citadel turns into a Babushka…

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