World of Warships – Gadjah Mada First Impression

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Checking out the Gadjah Mada with a gun build, I was curious to try and feel comfortable without torpedoes to depend on. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

VII Pan-Asian Gadjah Mada Replay


  1. Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere

    i believe the French will also get a premium tier 6 destroyer called Agile or something.

    • Is Aigle out already?

      BTW If I’m not mistaken, Aigle means “Eagle”. So yeah, agile. Make sense XD

    • Waiting for “Le Fantasque” 45 knots 5x 138mm M1929 guns firing a 90lb shell. Should be a hard hitter. Doubtless that will be high tier, possibly even a premium. I mean 45 knots out of the box? Zoom.

    • Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere

      lol yeah it’s Aigle.
      nope, she is not out but i’m using a mod that allowing me to see all the WIP ships in port. She look kinda interesting, having 5 139mm guns at tier 6 that can load faster and turn faster than my Anshan. It’s also as large as an light crusier Yubari.

    • The gun sounds like a beast (the fact that KM DDs could equip 15 cm guns aside)

      Aigle isn’t really the only DD close to Yubari in size; if I’m not mistaken, Akizuki as well. Then there’s the Germans and the Russians’ which are plain Big for DDs

  2. gotcha mother? give her back!

  3. I suspect the British DDs will have a smoke screen like the Perth’s

  4. So this is just a weaker renamed “Soviet” line. Just with weaker guns, and one trick torps. I don’t know how i feel about that. I will say though, that WG will need to balance the IJN dd line because this is one more that will shit on it.

    • for the ranked i decided to take a fubuki( had only a t6,the german cruiser)
      i love that ship,but is quite impossibile to use it now
      and even the kamikaze is starting to struggle!

    • I played only a little bit of last season. What was wrong with the Fubuki? Kamikaze I’ve been seeing a lot of 4-CV games which annoy the hell out of me.

    • outgunned
      slower than the counterparts
      as to rely only on torpedo,basically
      the torps have a good range,but are slow,really slow

      Basically u cannot Fight other dd and have to rely on the “dumb” side of your opponent to land hit

    • Thanks. Haven’t played Fubuki post-stealth fire/Tier 8->6 castration. Didn’t realize it was that bad though.

    • The tier 6 DDs suffer from their torps being *painfully* slow. If the target maneuvers at all you will miss. Heck the travel time is so long I’ll shoot at a full or half health BB or cruiser only for them to get nuked by a battleship or carrier before they get close.

  5. yay muh country is in warbotes (‘-‘)/

  6. i want Yuro to make a video about this ship. he is from Indonesia

  7. To the extent that 4.7″ guns are cruiser armament (which they were sometime in the late 19th Century), your play-style here is appropriate to that of a light scout cruiser.

  8. I was in that battle and I kind of freaked out. 🙂

  9. World OF Entertainment

    greatest tank battle experience guys

  10. I did the impossible last night Notser, had a 7 kill Pensacola game, was my last battle in her too. I have ss.

  11. Isnt it just funny how an entire team will change its playstyle just because they see someone famous from YouTube…

  12. Can we talk about how great the firing arc on that rear turret is? you can practically fire that thing directly forward

  13. Jesus 9.3km and those rounds hang for 6-7 seconds….

  14. Am I the only one that feels like this a basically a Blyskiwica with better smoke?

  15. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    So we can assume Gadjah Mada gives us a hint of what British Destroyers might be…

  16. Finandi Amartyadeva

    INDONESIA!!!! im waiting for mikhails sister ship from indonesia

  17. Hi Notser, did u check already the nice advantage of deep-water torps, the high concealement and low warning time?

  18. I got curious as to the significance of this ship’s name and came up with this: Given that in her day she would probably have been the most powerful ship in the Indonesian Fleet, the name is fitting.

  19. The Mada of all Ganjah!

  20. Here we have a Polish version of Gadjah gun-dueling the Bismarck at close range, so gunboat style is historically accurate 😉

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