World of Warships – Gadjah Mada Knocking Rust Off

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Trying to get back into the swing of Warships with my , game has some good moments. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII Pan-Asian Gadjah Mada Replay


  1. Notser, please give us your opinion about WG releasing the submarine tech line in the future:
    1. to add realism, as no game mimicking WWII realistically would be ever complete without submarines!
    2. it would give us tierX players who have nothing more to grind anymore a new chance to get excited again!
    3. just like the CVs have their own unique playstyle, how about also a unique play style for submarines (underwater precise sonar + periscope)?
    4. what would it mean for the gameplay variety if submarines would be added to the tech tree?
    I have been promoting the submarine line for ages and want to know your opinion in future video, as well as other realistic/simulator WOII game fans here, thanks!

    • Ugh… this guy is obviously not happy with the answer he got on the forums. So I’ll reiterate on YouTube. I hope he understands written English:

      WG has said this probably a 1000 times: *”There will never be subs in WoWs. It is near impossible to balance them and the game engine was not designed for it. Get over it. Make sure you check out our reasonably priced super expensive bundles in the store. Love you.”*


    • Actually, Steel Ocean came out before World of warships. Its just that it was only available in Asia.

    • Samurai Samos Depth charges would be a hell of a sight..

  2. of course its an amazing ship, its Dutch!

    • ElasticSniper But made by the British 😉

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Tis British built… This ship might give us an insight on how British destroyers may be…

    • General Cartman Lee

      In the 0.7 test client there’s the HMS Cossack in the game files, a Tribal class DD.
      Sadly it’s the final refit with two of her eight 120mm guns replaced by two 102mm dual purpose guns. But the 120mm guns are the same as on the Gadjah Mada.
      Would have been hilarious to have a tier 7 DD with 8 of these guns.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer Nah, I think if u want to get an insight of how RN DD behave, look for Galant or the upcoming Cossack. 😉

      And this ship is imo is too powerful. ( Which it have to be, otherwise noone will bother grinding the line)

  3. “I don’t care about capturing the base – we have a better chance at winning if we kill.”
    With all respect, aren’t XP/Credit rewards superior with a Cap Assist for a DD? As well as having 4-5 ships in their base for a quick, assured win? Curious on your viewpoint, Notser. Thank you.

    • First time is risky but understandable because there’s so many ships (xp) left. Second time… I would cap for xp instead of hunt for small amouth of damage

    • From what I remember, exp for capping was nerfed about a year ago. 60 cap points will give you the same exp as dealing 50% HP damage on a ship.

      In this case, with the cap points divided between 5 players, it wouldn’t have given very much.

  4. whats wrong with the audio??

  5. wkwkwkwkland boat power

  6. Hmm. Interesting ship indeed, so interested, I honestly don’t know if she, or the entire Pan Asian DD is OP or not. On one hand, their torp is so potent against BB ( Well Cruiser count too, but life in Cruiser player like me is always rough), I already see the OBT meta is coming back ( BB sit at the edge of the map and fire from max range. On the other hand if any DD caught them these Asian DD are screwed, since their torp can’t hit any DD at all. So….. abit of conflict feeling here. 😉

    • Mammoth Mk3 This boat is fun for sure. Amazing firing angles, great torpedo damage, awesome guns, solid smoke. Worth checking out next test patch.

    • Quin USS Requin You should. Afterall, stealth torping BB is really fun, at the exchange of…. well, every cruiser player, since now BB now just sit back and snipe, and worse, they now have a solid reason for that. XD

  7. For anyone who said this ship is good, why i feel otherwise ? Most of my experience is like when you shoot at Alabama. No damage no damage no damage.
    Since it is no damage, fire chance is also low. I even considering to use IFHE but i can’t see it would be a game changer either. The other problem is at Asian server, it is rare to see someone pushing. So usually i relied on baiting where the ship is also lacking since it must give up a good deal of firepower when kiting. Also the speed isn’t that great either, it just 36 knot. Id say 38 knot is good.

    • Akizuki is slow and has low calibre guns, yet kicks ass at killing other DDs, even gearing will struggle.

      This ship is like a lite Akizuki, except it has more torpedoes and nigh-undetectable at that. 1v1 it can beat the shit out of any other tier 7 dd AND still torp larger targets. Also, it has retarded gun angles and doesn’t need to turn the turrets 360° when going forward. That’s why it’s considered OP. If Kiev were still tier 7, it might be fine, but it’s not.

    • This ship is underwhelming compared to Akizuki, opposed as many claim, the gun rate of fire isnt that spectacular IMO. Or if we want to talk about HE DPM.
      If anything maybe same or better about this compared to akizuki, maybe fire chance ? Torpedo is better at Akizuki, there’s torp reload booster and not a deep water.
      Gajah Mada’s torp is horrendously long to reload.
      Gajah mada’s gun reload is about 4-5s right, i think 6 even when not spec-ed ? Nothing to 3-4s at Akizuki.
      Shell characteristic also better at Akizuki. While not as bad as american destroyer, still slow.
      120mm gun, so it could only pen 20mm armor ? I think many DD at that tier is 19mm maybe lower i don’t remember ? But i feel im doing negligible damage when trying to shoot at the other DD hull. Let alone to damage BB. Most damage contribution were from either fire or torp, not HE damage.
      Please don’t say im not trying to shoot at the superstructure because i always do, but still because of dispersion they will fall off at different places.
      Akizuki is just 33 knot but she has 4 guns backwards, not that great with that speed but at least she can fight back when kiting. And huge HP difference.

      Also i want to point again if im playing at a server that usually doesn’t know what is a team play. At most cases im alone against 5-7 ships at once, when kiting is more valuable, when having more guns at back is more valuable. Also i usually up tiered 80% of the match.

    • Of the 11 tier 7 DDs, this one has the highest win rate by a significant margin. It manages 55%. Average damage is 6k higher than second best.

      The ship really is great. I kept it myself while leveling, and have managed to pull about 63% win rate in it.

    • “Torpedo is better at Akizuki, there’s torp reload booster and not a deep water.” Don’t need torps to kill DDs and DW torps actually HIT tier 6-8 BBs, Aki’s have ridiculous detection.

      “But i feel im doing negligible damage when trying to shoot at the other DD hull.” 1.5-2.5k per sec at tier 7 isn’t negligible. AND it has ridiculous fire chance. Also, Gadjah doesn’t need IFHE to be relevant.

      “Akizuki is just 33 knot but she has 4 guns backwards, not that great with that speed but at least she can fight back when kiting. And huge HP difference.” Except she faces the likes of Khaba, Fletcher and Gearing, making it entirely irrelevant. Gadjah is only tier 7.

      The reason why people compare it to the Aki, is because it’s a weird gunboat at its tier, not because it’s as good. Gadjah needs a reload nerf, simple as that.

  8. tinatpasselepoivre

    To knock rust off: put white vinegar in a pot along with the rusty thing you want to clean
    heat up, stop when boiling. Rest for a day or a night
    brush whilst rincing and TADA all rust gone ! (only deep rust will stay)

  9. hello notser ahh i noticed something when u started shooting he on the bb u changed the view like for sec u looked him from upper view plz can u tell how did u do that

  10. This ship is so OP compared to the other T7 DDs

  11. omfg NA is such a funny Server 😀 the 4th minute is just so.. idk actually^^ i’m speachless

  12. Seeing how you aim really is great for learning!

  13. I thought you didn’t know the M and the torp lead tricks hahaha.

  14. That was a good game indeed. One looks at the name of the DD and wonders if it came from a description of a medical condition or what..

  15. This ship is, hands down, the best tier 7 DD. Kept and still played regularly.

  16. That forward rotating “X’ turret (with amazing gun angle!) makes it such a joy to play. It is the Nelson of DDs.
    Didn’t think I would be interested in the PADD but the GM is a ship well worth the effort of getting to it.

  17. Fun game! Thank you Notser!

  18. 2017 base exp .. iluminati confirmed

  19. This was surprisingly soothing.

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