World of Warships – Gadjah Mada Progression

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Currently Progressing through the Pan-Asian Destroyer line and I wanted to share a game in Gadjah Mada. Bottom tier and stock, both are bad but can be overcome with good teammates and solid strategy. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII Pan-Asian Destroyer Gadjah Mada


  1. 1:00 Indy you! shindeiru!

  2. I am up to t4 in the pans and find them ok. Its a cold day in he’ll when I hit a d’s with a torp but not having the option seems to be a problem for me. Plus all lower their have 5 d’s per game.

    • wait till u get to t5 t6 + they become gunboats and lose stealth torps, im on t5 jinwei atm and i dont like the ship even tho its gets 5 turrets

    • BFD Soldier t2was fun because I had stealth Toro all game long.
      Thanks for the heads up I think I will drop them for now.

    • BFD Soldier
      If you don’t like the T5…….you’re gonna hate the T6. I’m only putting up with it to get the T7. Which is where I’ll stop; the 8-9-10 are Benson-Fletcher-Gearing clones with deep water torps. And honestly; those are a disadvantage when facing other DDs. So I don’t see any use for the high tier PA DDs.

      Jerry Glaze
      It really is the T 2 – 4 – 7 that are the gems in this line. If you’re not up for grinding the T6, I can understand. But the T7 is, by all accounts, borderline OP.

    • i heard the higher ones become better i no what ur sayin ya cant knife fight with torps vs other dds i dislike this also but il just play them like russian gunboats tbh focus on bbs or cvs or dumb cruiser players hehe. but i know what ya mean t6 has similar stats to t5 but the t7 is supposed to be an underdog

    • imo i didnt like tier 2 or 3 (borderline imo) but t4 was hella fun!! hehe i stayed with the stok torps for shengyang ugd ones lost stealth but were 64 kts is it? with 6.4km range u can see what their roles are etc dd support and bb hunters same style as russian dds they are

  3. Gad mah mada? No, i gad jah mada!!

  4. Muh nation’s bote (‘-‘)/

  5. It’s funny how many people I see who play the pan Asian DDS that have made it to tier 7 that still try to torp other DDS

    • I’m sure some players just forgot on the moment. Remember that the Pan-Asians are currently the only line that has this gimmick. It’s not as if the UI is helpful enough to remind you that you are armed with deep water torpedoes.

      There are probably destroyer mains who constantly switch between different nations and then the one time they chose Pan-Asians they just forgot. Cut them some slack. There’s already enough bile going around in the community.

    • Alex Quantum You don’t need to apologise for them, and this community is in no way toxic or bile laden, thats just over-sensitive nonsense. Usually driven by ‘Community Contributors’ trying to stir up something and get more video views by being seized on by the Redditors or other forums.

    • Crappy UI?

      If you lock on to a target with deep water torpedoes. A text line pops up in the center of your screen that reads “IMPOSSIBLE TO HIT TARGET.” Either someone is aiming at a cruiser heading into a smoke screen, said player is a complete idiot, or they’re new to the game and don’t clearly understand what they’re doing.

      The only universal positive here, is the fact that it’s also impossible to teamkill a friendly destroyer with the new deep waters lol.

    • I’m very wary when i have friendly DDs even slightly in front of me, I welcome being able to shoot torps under my friendlyies XD

  6. Thanks be to all that is holy that we have a hotshot YouTuber who is willing to play stock ships with minimal captains to make a point. Not all of us have nineteen-pointers to throw around, and it’s good to be shown that spectacular results are possible for those who can shoot straight and play well.

    • yep 10% bonus here and there doesnt go very far until it’s a german BB going secondary build or an american cruiser going AA build. Only a few ship lines lean on the captain skills. thank god ive been playing since the beginning and had the ability to create more than enough 19 point captains to cover all my ships. I mean, i have TWO 19 point captains for my GK, one for concealment/secondaries one for antifire/secondaries

  7. Well Notser, Vampire mission finally up:

    Time for Bat hunt Notser. 😉

  8. My issue with the Pan-Asian DDs is that the torps are hella slow until tier 9ish. On the upside, not having to worry about friendly DDs wandering around or just sitting in front of me is refreshing.

  9. Just finished with this ship and grinding the T8 now and loved every sec of it. With the smoke cool down being so low you can push BB to get inside 8k for torps if you happen to get spotted by another DD you can just smoke up and fight or leave. The fire chance with flags and demo is 11% which is a bit op I think, plus you can fire all 3 gun turrets and still be almost straight at the target. Loved this ship and it might be a bit op. 20 games 65k avg with a crazy 79% win rate.

  10. Can you do a video on that god-awful Tier V, the Jianwei? Try as I might I just can’t wrap my head around the proper play style for that thing…

  11. I want my national flags on Pan Asian DDs dammit

  12. thechampion awesome

    do you still need to use the paid currency to remove upgrades on ships before you sell them or can you sell ships with upgrades for free

  13. nice game against bots , the problem is 85% of the time your team will be mostly bots, most of the other team is dead in first 5 mins hehehe

  14. This smokecooldown is just a pain in the ass.

  15. If you can please make the screenshots larger, they are a bit hard to see. Thanks

  16. This is actually my favourite tier 7 at the moment… just beats Nelson as being my most enjoyable at that tier

  17. What’s with the chinese commander name on every pan asian ship? I demand they allow use to change their name and picture for free sometime in the future.

  18. Just got this vessel and it is amazing (and that coming out of the mouth of a cruiser lover). So probably soon to be nerfed (

  19. Finandi Amartyadeva

    Damnit. I want my national flag & national comander sound on my pan Asian DD..!!!

  20. What if they allowed you to swap between normal and deep water? Like AP vs HE?

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