World of Warships – Gadjah Mada

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A LOT of ppl have been asking me to play this DD so when one of my division mates decided to take a tier 7 out for a spin, I decided to take Gadjah Mada out and refresh my memory on why is everyone losing their minds about this ship.
The game is just a normal match but it really shows how powerful this thing actually is.
It really is a good gunboat, not to mention if you manage to score any torp hits on enemy capital ships which really hurt a lot.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Good morning

  2. ayy the bote from muh country (‘-‘)/

  3. LMFAO those torp ranges.

  4. Hey Flambass, what is your opinion on the radar duration? Imo, i feel 20 to 30 secs is sufficient.

    • …and/or line of sight.

      God I sound like a broken record sometimes but if I say it enough maybe it’ll happen…a bloke can dream like 😜

  5. Gadjah does not know this turn & kiting away thing you speak off. Gadjah charges head first at all enemies 😜

  6. Thanks for making a Gadja Mada video. What is your capt built for this ship?

  7. From my point of view the CV rework is pretty dumb. They said they want to remove the skill difference, but from they released there is even a bigger gap… As long as AA can be dodged and drop are player skill based CV will still be cancer…

  8. Thinking about rebuying the Gadjah Mada, such a spicy ship

  9. you could have put coal in that Helenas ass and a diamond would have came out after those torps.

  10. ive see tier 5 and tier 7 carriers in games HEAPS, happens all the time in low population time on NA server

  11. Oy! Flambass! Remember me much?!

  12. Man that Sackhudda always seems to be whinging or complaining about something.

  13. Where’s Hentai?! I miss that guy taking bong rips during the game!!😂😂😂

  14. Love the Gadjah. It feels like you really have to try to have a bad game in that ship.

  15. Whaaa my carrier that let’s me wreck games with no risk to myself is gone. Whaaa.

  16. yes yes, good old “wkwkwkw” boat

  17. The gadja in my opinion does really well as a dd hunter

  18. Why would they even have 2 CVs per side at tier 5 anyway? This pisses me off every time because there is no real AA at tier 5 so it’s just a turkey shoot.

  19. Keeping carriers in the game will be its downfall.

  20. Top tier creed division… hmmm, let me guess how this goes.

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