World of Warships – Gadjahroo

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RQL’s Shipstorm Saturday

September 8th, 4:00 PM Eastern

1st Place: 9000 doubloons per player
2nd Place: 4150 doubloons per player
3rd Place: 1920 doubloons per player

User replay with Gadjah Mada doing work for team, some fortunate moments but very nice to see a other then 10. Hope you have a wonderful day I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII -Asian Destroyer Gadjah Mada Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server

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  1. Can I plz have a shoutout

  2. I like your voice, just like shaggy in scooby doo

  3. Anyone wanting to join RQL hit me up. I’ll be wanting to join that

  4. Who all hates Epicenter?

  5. Nice cool and patient skipper there! Well Done!

  6. The Maass probably burned his DC on the first engine knockout – a lot of DD captains will panic when they lose engine power.

    • If you have ‘last stand’ you can still move around a bit – although slowly but it’s better than stopping somewhere maybe in the open.

    • That is exactly what he did. You can see the flames from his stacks go out after the first salvo took out the engine. He restored it, then didn’t have it for those fires afterwards

  7. I love the clip you use for your videos’ ending. That menacing horn blast is brilliant with the destroyer advancing in icy waters.

  8. Perfect treat after Asian Games 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  9. ϟϟ PanzerShafter ϟϟ

    I thought it was another Indonesian destroyer… im Indonesian…

  10. Every time the RQL popup comes on the screen, I instatntly go to close at the top right corner likes its an ad 😛

  11. Gadjahroo pls

  12. The RQL crap is annoying enough by now. Bye!

  13. So much shattering…
    His aim is pretty off.

  14. something in current year

    huge amount of shatters from aiming wrong, missing half the volleys on DDs, grey-lining torpedoes on predictable BBs, getting spotted for no stupid reasons… yeah, let’s feature this great replay.

  15. The Masss used his damage control to fix his engine, but then the fire killed him.

  16. Great replay, and good commentary. Loved it!

  17. Never forget Capt. T. Baggins.

  18. It is pronounced Leh – ber – RECHT/REKT – Maas! I dunno why you speak the word like it has an ei in it, like it was spelled “Lebereicht Maas” it just digs at me a little… I am probably more picky than most, as I was a German language student up to Honors German 4 (though I forget much of my conversational skills now) – also I am just picky when it comes to people pronouncing anything wrong, foreign or not.

    Like how some people pronounce the Gallant as Galant (the Mitsubishi car) – and many Japanese ships are pronounced terribly by most commentators, but you are usually good Notser! It is mostly just the Maas that get’s you!

  19. Noster, at 3:46 Gadjahroo Took out the Maas’s propulsion. Maas immediately damconned. 🙁 Hence the burn baby burn…

  20. I think you were a little too harsh on that Kongo. To be fair, he had two enemy BB’s at very close range to him (Another Kongo and a Colorado at around less than 10K it appears) directly in front, had he continued forward and turned, he’d be giving broadside to both at nearly point blank range. He looked stationary most likely because he tossed the ship into reverse and the ship was changing from moving forward to trying to back up behind the island. He knew two enemy BB’s were waiting for him to turn to give him a paddlin. Had he turned he’d likely have eating multiple citadels at that range plus still had to deal with the DD’s torpedo’s.

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