World of Warships Game Changes Are Just not healthy

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A player asked me a little while ago if I like the current changes in World of Warships. In a short, I do not. I don’t think they are healthy for the game. Super ships, HE, submarines, Hybrid BBs… they are all niche classes that appeal to some players, but overall, make the game more complicated in a bad way. And it also makes WoWS more frustrating for veteran and skilled players.


  1. I would agree that game play is not as good as it once was. Now it is so many paper ships and made up ships. I personally would like to see actual ships brought back. I have been waiting for the Essex since the rework… keep up the good work Zoup…

    • They removed real ships too, as a new player it’s hard to play this game unless it’s hard for everyone I am struggling at times when a carrier or a sub is in the match

  2. Have you tried Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter? I highly recommend if you’re looking for a more simulator.

  3. Some of the ops I do believe are bugged. Hermes is one I think is most cause AI ship we escort stops shy before hitting the escape route. Leaving it open to torpedo attack

  4. I would be happy with a ‐1 through ‐10. With -1 being the previous generation before tier 2.. so the 1890s and before… it would make mikasa or albany or other awesome tier 2 ships, superships… then the -tier 10 would be like the uss monitor or css virgina or other non sail ships of the 1860s/1870s/1880s… it would bring back the fun of older warships.. way before all the changes that just didn’t help….

  5. Yes I remember the old Days with the RTS Carriers. I wish WG had tried to balance them instead of doing a full Rework.
    I mean how many Years did it take them to change the Loadout on US Carriers so that you no longer have these Games where one Guy has a Fighter LOadout and the other Guy has a Bomber Loadout. The Guy with the Fighter Loadout would spot for his Team and chase Enemy Planes but he lacks the Bombers to do any Meaningfull Damage and the Guy with the Bomber Loadout has no Fighters to protect his Bombers so he has to go around the Map Boarder and try to snipe the other Guy. And when the US Carriers finally got a balanced Loadout WG was already working on the CV Rework. No plans to fix other Issues like cross dropping Torps if you have more than one Torpedo bomber groupe or giving tier 4 and 5 back the option to strafe and manual drop like they did in the higher tiers.

    I guess it was just the low number of cv players especially outside of the EU Server

    The Problem now is a CV can no longer use his fighters to activly hunt other planes and the planes are much faster.
    If your computer doesn´t react to your click and you have to click again that would be the difference between doing a 10k attack and getting some water splashes when playing the reworked carriers

    But yes the Playerbase can be toxic especially towards carrier players. I guess WG doesn´t care anymore. They had enough

  6. Are we that eager to see a matchmaking like this: 2 carriers, 4 hybrid battleships, 3 destroyers, 1 submarine, and 2 cruisers… good luck being those cruisers 😄

  7. Appreciate the vid and all the hard work thanks zoup. Ive not played the game for a long time but you keep me interested.

  8. I’ve been playing since close beta and have over 32,000 matches under my belt, and now with subs, I have been playing co-op only. Why? It’s relaxing and fun and the players are mostly good nature, no drama. To me WOWs is just an arcade game now. As Sea Raptor calls it, shooty boats and that is fine with me. Once the fun factor is gone, that will be the end of me playing. I do have one question and I’m not the only one that feels this way, Is Wargaming trying to get rid of it’s older players? I feel that they got all the money they can ring out of us and we’re no use to them now.

  9. Like your honesty. I seriously wonder where the game is going in 5 to 10 years. At this rate there wil lbe no room to have fun.

  10. Wulfthofen Gaming

    I play every once in a while but after the secondary rework and nerf I lost interest in the game for the most part since I like my German ships. The secondary nerf hurt them not to mention German ships were built for brawling get in close and shoot it out now days its snipe from long range and German lack the range.

  11. A fleet is meant to be made up of all classes and for very good reasons. The High Value Unit (CV) is in the middle with the command ship, can be the same but not normally, followed by the ever increasing spread outwards as the shield on the flanks. The game is NOT a team game and each player is more out for themselves than the team. You only have to look at the lemming trains, and the CV well their out back on the blue line as far away from the action as possible. Wait until they bring in missiles! lol Game over Man game over.

  12. Agree with basically everything you said in the video. I liked, (past-tense), submarines and looked forward to playing them. I like playing “Cold Waters”, and that is somewhat the gameplay I expected in “World of Warships”. I was also involved in the submarine testing sessions way back when, and liked the direction they were headed at that time. Unfortunately, WG made a 180-degree turn and did not listen to the player feedback. Now, I login daily to get my rewards, play some battles, and then move on to something else. The Drydock missions/rewards have no meaning for me anymore. So much bull$hit to go through and then you still have to pay to receive the “reward”. No thank you, WG. I am close to uninstalling, but I am finally getting to a point where I have a few upper-tier ships to play. I am not anywhere near having all of the ships available and doubt I will stick around long enough to obtain them either. WG needs to make some SERIOUS changes, (back to where the game was pre-CV rework), to the game before I decide to stick around much longer.

    Glad to see you making videos still, and hope the twins feel better soon. Speaking as one of the old men and as one of the older, (i.e., long-term), players, I do NOT like what I see happening with the game. When a LOT of the CCs began leaving, I thought WG would wake up and smell the coffee. Unfortunately, WG ignored what happened and the game is in the state it is now. I am not a game developer, but I am quite certain this is several steps in the wrong direction.

  13. To me the secondary rework was when the game jumped the ahark….dhips like shkishma and the french bb got the shaft….then here comes crazy smolensk

  14. I tend to agree that the CV Rework was The Moment. Not necessary the “jump the shark” moment but the Turning Point where the game started trending downward. It was certainly the moment where I swore I’d never buy anything from WG ever again. And I haven’t. Events got a lot grindier, WG massively increased the number of premiums they jammed into game.

    Subs may be the “jump the shark” moment where the game goes stupid. Or maybe the US hybrid BB line. “Stun bombs” would probably have been it had WG moved forward with it.

    • I love Zoup but here I have to completely disagree. To me the problem from the start was that destroyers were far too overpowered. Talk about subs, DDs appear out of nowhere, there is no “DESTROYER SPOTTED” announcement, their torpedoes hit much harder than sub torpedoes and can take out any BB where as sub torps hardly scratch the paint.

      Personally I’ve only been sunk once by a sub and that was when I made a bad move and ran into an island right in front of him. I’ve done more damage to subs than they have done to me, at least that’s how it seems. Same thing with CVs, when a flight comes near my Montana my allies and I turn the planes into confetti. But when those two waves of DD torps appear from a DD you never saw it’s lights out.

      So to me the game is better than it ever was. Finally something is taking the over powered DDs down a notch. Far over due and hardly enough to bring them down to the support role that they really should have.

  15. I’ve played since 2016 and stopped for a couple years and came back in:

    Agreed, ironic how DDs are the easiest targets for Subs despite them striking fear in submariners for years – real life meta. Superships idc but the burst fire thing makes no sense.

    The hybrid ships and current submarine gameplay is a total mistake. CVs rework was horrid but still workable. The worse thing with this game is how inconsistent the ships are in being placed in their tiers – like we have a 1940s DD in tier X (Z-52) in line with Ragner, F/Sherman etc. in same tier …

    Submarines should only have standard torpedoes that do higher damage – honeslty watch/play Steel Ocean and see how much better they did this WAY before WOWS brought it in

  16. Agree 100% with this. Strip out all the crap and just bring the game back to basics. That would rock.

  17. I know the changes aren’t healthy for the game. But I still support many of the changes. Why?
    Well, can I adapt to a dynamic game? Yes. Can I benefit from all these new changes? Yes. Does that give me an advantage over all the players who won’t or can’t adapt? Yes. So do I care? No.
    This game is fun to play, and it’s PERFECT for a predator like me.

  18. Aircraft carriers and subs have truly made the game miserable. I have said this many times in matches about CVs alone, “why would it be a good idea to add the ship class that made this type of naval warfare obsolete?”

  19. A friend and I used to play this 2 nights a week every week. When the carrier rework happened we thought Nah!, stuck to playing against the bots up to tier 6 for a couple of months (which was great fun and no stress) but when submarines were introduced on the test server we uninstalled. I have some premium ships but not the expensive ones, I presume if I logged back in they’d still be there but power creeped out of the running. Ex player, not sorry.

  20. I totally agree with you. I play Co-Op now exclusively, no pressure & I’m back to having fun. Also, the play is relaxed & people are not as crazy. I’m also playing lower tier ships & having a lot of fun. Enjoy your videos & commentary.

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