World of Warships – Game Update 0.5.10

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Introducing Update 0.5.10
The German branch has finally arrived, along with new interface changes, improvements to how divisions work, the introduction colour-blind mode, and much more…

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  1. I’m no mathematician, but shouldn’t the patch directly after 0.5.9 be
    0.6.0? Aren’t 0.5.1 and 0.5.10 the same number?

  2. I stopped play Wows, but keep watching Dasha! <3

  3. Could you introduce this matchmakign into World of Tanks?

  4. Dasha look like a Housewife

  5. “Yay…Royal Na….. OH CMON!!”

  6. Isn’t the Gneisenau a Scharnhorst class?

  7. I’m sorry, but did she just say that the Big Currywurst’s citadel will be
    difficult to hit at close range? Last time I checked that is going to be
    the biggest ship in the game when it is added.

  8. german battleships ftw!!

  9. Dashaaa :O <3

  10. pretty girl *_*

  11. Dasha is hottest day after day, vid after vid… ^^ <3


  13. We need video.

  14. Im so proud of you Wargaming :D


  16. I still don’t understand why they hire a pretty lady to tell us about the

  17. come on where is the superior navy???? the royal navy….

  18. Hoh. She spelled Gneisenau correctly (I mean the English Voice)

    So you want a secondary build. Looks like Germans are the Pros in this

  19. Wargaming I would like to hear Dasha in Russian, and not the English dub.

  20. Hmm wich is first kawachi or the tier 1 german ship?

  21. Lol teerpitz

  22. Reinforce AA come on i Purchase TIRPITZ but only torpedos is not a good
    reason to have it

  23. Hypppeeeeee!!!!! Also happens to coincide with A-level results day, so I’ve
    got something to look forward to after I get a terrible result from school

  24. J’ai hâte de tester tout ça.

  25. Took you only one year after the cruiser release, good job!

  26. I wonder who it is that dub Dasha really.

  27. she has really bad faketeeth

  28. Hiii Dasha!!

  29. Dasha is the best!

  30. ohhh hell yeah wargaming ^^

  31. They need to do this for wot

  32. Spotting xp when? :(

  33. Pleaseee
    add in WoT Romanian Tanks
    and ISIS

  34. Uhhhh!!! Exiting! :D

  35. Marry me pls <3

  36. Did I miss something or were there no mention/comments on the T9, besides
    her name?

  37. I think I’m going to enjoy these… But I’d Still rather be sinking them in
    Ships of Her Majesty’s Royal Navy!

  38. undertakernumberone1

    battlecruiser… battlecruiser… The Scharnhorst and her Sister Gneisenau

  39. Awesome & excellent as allways 🙂

    P.S I really like the narrator voice too whoever you are =)

  40. why german battleships after the public test ended?!?!?!

  41. and I forget something thank you wargaming for the german BBs :)

  42. looking very smart and graceful today ;-)

  43. Pointless things being added the only good thing are the german bb

  44. So.. what about the most influential navy since the Spanish armada.. oh
    wait.. we too them out and the french. Bollocks to the Boche. WHERE ARE THE

  45. Dasha <3

  46. Panzermeister Krzychu

    Dasha is so preety.

  47. So when is Russian Premium Cruiser Dasha coming out?

  48. so they changed the balancing in just 1 update to 1-1 difference to make it
    fair , but they cant do it in tanks? intresting….

  49. yeeeeeeaaaaahhhh

  50. So beautiful and hot…

  51. 楽しみ!

  52. Musketeer32Gaming

    When does this patch release?

  53. Level up with Doruta DIY

    Good Work!

  54. Still waiting for a crew mechanic. Maybe an additional stat that affects
    reload, spotting range, AA, secondaries and repair times – and the more you
    play the ship the crew gets slightly better at it – not a lot, but
    slightly, just to reward keeping a ship. And when your ship takes damage
    you lose crew and the stats get reduced.

    Just an idea to work on.

  55. Where scharnhorst ?

  56. X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X

    Good news!

  57. hope you fixed the ”nagato crashes your game” bug

  58. Here it come the battleship that bigger then Yamato!!!

  59. Where is the royal navy of the United Kingdom???? You added the dammed
    soviet navy before the most powerful navy of the time before the Americans.
    The Royal Navy! and yes there are 2 ships which are British but they
    are premium ships, and that costs real money and who want to fork real
    money for one of the best navies in the world? Certainly not me… So war
    gaming get to it.

  60. when the update will be up?


    Everybody that plays World of Warships is in love with Dasha 🙂 P.S. Thank
    you for German battleships (finally)!

  62. good armor but no torpedo belt :))

  63. About dang time on German BB’s which were supposed to be in 0,5.9

  64. Wann wird das Wasser bzw die Wellen die von dem Schiff kommen verbessert

  65. Dasha looked creepy this video. Her eye focus was very intense. I would
    still creampie her mouth though =))

  66. Too bad the T9 and 10 seem to be…not that great…

  67. Pragerovy Příběhy [NYNÍ NA WATTPADU]

    Please, make Dasha a possible female crew member in World of Tanks!

  68. I’d be interested to know when the patch will be going live. Does it
    contain Dunkerque as well?


    that fake smile is kinda cringy lol

  70. Update 0.5.11 – adds Dashas fanpage on FB, Twitter and Instagram

  71. I’m ready to use those monsters. I’ve used S.Carolina and Wyoming to
    purchase Langley, I’ve used Kawachi and Myogi to purchased Hosho on my
    unsuccessful 1st profile, I’m ready to use the German battleships, reach to
    top of the branch, and use their queen to challenge the Japanese, and beat
    the steel out of Moskva.

  72. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Mine mine mine mine mine mine mine !!!

  73. Get the 1 tier difference to WoT too PLZ

  74. Needs more boobs!

  75. Luka Goginashvili

    it is weak uptade an Dasha 🙂 :-*

  76. welll i think i speak for all….We Love you dasha…..

  77. Finally German BB incoming

  78. Why she cannot be my Captain?

  79. Finally… ?

  80. Brace yourselves friends, crying about the Royal Navy is coming

  81. It might just be me, but it seems like the staff does not put as much
    effort to Dasha’s outlook as before: She seems a bit grey, lighting might
    be off or it’s just the clothing. She does not look as bright and colorful
    as what she might have appeared before.

  82. when will new ranks come into the game with rewards plus put more events in
    which we earn port slots and other prem stuff.

  83. Niklas Quark (Dipack)

    Wann kommt das update ?

  84. no armor model view ?

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