World of Warships – Game Update 0.5.16

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The latest , , hits the high seas , bringing you a long-awaited branch German destroyers, improvements to Bastion mode, a totally new and fancy Port, London—and more exciting features!

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  1. i miss submarines so much in this game :/

  2. uploaded 1 minute ago, holy crap

  3. a sup-prize eh?

  4. Is there a way to listen to Dasha with subtitles ?

  5. all for the fact that they included the Fort Drum. The Philippine Concrete

  6. Love the natural look on Dasha. God I wish she spoke English.

  7. I love dasha in the thumbnail

  8. Why cant I ever get into a Game of Bastion by the way, seriously, I have a
    Tier VIII and IX ship, why, WHY.

  9. Wargaming *Europe*, we pronounce Z as Zed not Zee.

  10. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i did not get Takao yet T_T!!!!

  11. Airborne “Skyraider” GR

    Is it so offensive to say merry Christmas??

  12. Dasha get outta here how are the other guys gonna focus on the game… im
    fine… still….

  13. om telolet oommm

  14. Maru-san Is My Waifu

    anyone know why they cancelled there partnership with Blue Steel?

  15. Awh I was hoping for depot to come, guess it was a bit too optimistic.. :/

  16. Can understand russian tank bias, but the Russian navy has about as much
    historic merit as Somalia. Britain should have been first, dont even have
    the battleship line out yet for them. I mean it was only the largest navy
    at the time, lame nationalistic bias.

  17. What’s the point of cruisers and battleships with DD’s that now have AP
    capability?…oh, fodder for premium players and DD skippers of course! I
    can already see the Pepsicolas and IJN cruisers getting citadeled
    mercilessly, making them non-relevant.

  18. Beautiful!

  19. Little Crackwhores of Wargaming

  20. you ended the arpegio to early from what you promised, fuck you wargaming.
    god damnit and i just got my tier 6.

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