World of Warships – Game Update 0.5.2

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Major update is bringing a boatload of content that will keep you occupied on the high seas during the Holiday Season. General quarters!


  1. Portugal map made my day! 🙂 WOwoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. I would learn russian for Dasha. ^^

  3. They will never done that in Wot because their is only assholes on wot, who
    just wan’t you to get ban. Please don’t do the same think un Wot

  4. im still waiting for bismarck and ise

  5. started downloading it 2 dayz ago horrible connection 6365mb downloaded
    FINALLY kept downloading whole day NOW gonna play nope this launcher is
    outdated 🙂 you need to download patch 0.5.2 which is another 3150 mbs 🙂
    so i ve to wait another day to play AGAIN 🙂 🙂 🙂 funny people at war

  6. I hate all anime

  7. Compensation for all modules ? WOOW IM GONNA BE RICH !

  8. haters gonna hate, I love the new Arpeggio port and skins, They just see
    anime and they will hate it and think about weebs, judging motherfvkers :v

  9. Why the bloody hell are the UK ALWAYS LAST??!!!
    It was the exact same in WOT and now we’re being told, nope sorry, not this
    this is just a whole heap of fancy looking crap that yes would be good to
    see, but not before you stick in the UK and maybe the Italians too…..This
    is what you should really be doing with all our hard earned cash we throw
    to your game!! = (

    Japanese and American fights were really cool, then you added Russians and
    Germans but why leave out the bloody nation that was across that little bit
    of water from them, thought with them regularly….COMMON Man!!

    Please Please Pretty Please can you just give us an exact date of when we
    might actually get our own ships implemented into the damn game that some
    of us have quite happily spent so much bloody money on so far!!!

  10. I like the USS New York on New York lol

  11. Glad to see you guys fail to fix core game issues. Having shitty ping from
    most of your Canadian players is a real pain in the ass

  12. What is this

  13. Alexandre Kleiubing

    ok no performace fix, but dont worry we have more trees now

  14. This is strange, WoT is around since 2011, has more people working on it,
    still WoWs has more content, CW is a niche thing. Why can’t they improve
    WoT like they improve WoWs? They could easily implement ranked battles,
    karma system, flags, not to mention historical battles, arty rebalance,
    gold ammo rebalance etc. Instead they focus on making Czech paper tanks….

  15. Jesus christ Wargaming. Take a hint – If you’re going to dub over the
    Russian speaker, remove the original track.

    You’re a few miliseconds off from the worst kind of “delayed dubbing” that
    Poland and Germany does.

  16. Is this game pay to win?

  17. “Kraken Unleashed” wot. U FUCKING WOT m8!?

  18. Sexismus 2.0

  19. Im happy about the new anime dock even though i have never seen it. But i
    want to but its not dubbed :(

  20. WoW is about as much fun as having teeth pulled!

  21. Came here for the Tits.

  22. thank God i can cover anime shit

  23. Are you going to at French or Italian tech trees? They both had pretty big
    navies leading up to WW2.

  24. I’d love to dock between her…docks.

  25. Wost voice over ever? Either do it in English or use subtitles. Over
    dubbing is fail.

  26. I destroyed 5 ships in one battle today, will i still get the top gun

  27. It looks great! I’m updating it now but it takes some time… :D

  28. So, hoy we can ver that paint? I have the yokozuka port active but don’t
    know how to get them

  29. Very Nice and i love the ARS NOVA -Style

  30. Everything seems like a good thing except the Karma system, i’m worried
    that people who are butt hurt will take advantage of this system to report
    good players for no reason and due to the auto system put in place by
    Wargamming will Auto ban them or punish them due to the reports. Reason why
    i suspect this? Friend of mine plays on WOT and got banned because he
    played well in a match with his tank. No Team damage, or killing or
    trolling, Just played well.

  31. terrible update!

  32. I want to know what we have to do to unlock the Blue Steel skins

  33. 1/2 damage from allies torpedoes is lame. I hate it when developers give
    into crybaby noobs. Now people will be even less concerned about using
    thier torps when allies are near.

  34. Half friendly fire damage is total BS.

  35. It does not seem a bad update, except for the terrible decision to
    interfere with players dock’s without their consent
    -Stop using an actress to do these, try a developer!
    -Auto module sell is a really frustrating feature, and you are making us
    also loose all the stored ones.
    +Ocen map is great news, now my PC might cool off a bit, and leaving the
    game open will consume less power
    +Permanent camouflage – great idea. For gold only or credits too?
    +Team torpedoes dmg cut – yay!!!
    +Commander dismissal revoke – great protection against accidental clicks
    ? why would you call Azory Isles “Atlantic”??? On the other hand, you seems
    to try to keep map names more universal so it is understandable
    +new maps

  36. And there it goes my KARMA to -200.


  38. I cant say this often enough,but again: THX WG!! Great stuff there! a lot
    of things which the WOWs Community always wanted, were now packed into a
    single update and BOOM! there you have it community, take it! Very very
    Good job wg, me and probably every other WoWs player does really appreciate
    it! Well done , GG , gj , whatever! thx WG!

  39. Why did a Santa hat magically appear for the final scene?

  40. Karma In WOT pls ! !!

  41. I want TAKAO!!! Seriously hope she will be added, without her Arpeggio mode
    is not of full value.

  42. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I will like the naval district of kancolle

  43. Islamic Republic of Germany

    Can I fuck her

  44. does this arpeggio update includes sea?

  45. Damn this game is going really the right way!
    Keep up the good work Wargaming!

  46. Buenas tetas

  47. where is free ship

  48. when will wargaming remove the girl?

  49. We want kancolleeeeee!!

  50. Pooooorrrrrtuuuuuugaaaaaaaallllllll

  51. WoT NEEDS Karma

  52. Keith You dont need to know my last name

    tits the season to be jolly

  53. oh trop cool

  54. hmm immer noch kein tranings raum als fester bestandteil

  55. wont be installing wows anytime soon seems like the updates are just novel
    and garbaggio now

    see what i did there

    for both tanks and this seems line there running out of ideas so its just
    turning into how much money can we get …

    maybe not but

    and the paytowin camo bonuses like were cut from wot….

    welp ive seen enough of the vid to form my descision

    im sure i will hear from internet white knights about this though in how i
    am wrong

    and how anime is normal

    yall sound like children of atom i punch out
    you knowing the truth still do not like us because you dont understand

    they worship a stupid bomb you worship thinly clad younger ladies and

    logic of an irradiated ghoul

    fallout 3 is bae

  56. I want to motorboat you

  57. “we punish dirty tricks”mean while supertesters and lost of players with
    aimbotts just died laughing…

  58. marry me Dasha

  59. nice update!

  60. Apathetic Bystanders

    Kraken UNLEASHED

  61. Do the Arpegio thing for World of Tanks with Girls und Panzer! :D

  62. awesome!!!!

  63. DD will be now only for cap? The Furutaka finally is totally shit?

  64. there is a port i would like to dock ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  65. letting me not see anime. thank god.

  66. Aoki Hagane no Arpreggio LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!!!!!!!

  67. What a complete waste of time watching. The game needs a lot balancing e.g.
    removing t7 from ranked battles in the battles, reducing bb potency etc.

  68. WG got the anime wrong lmao… arpeggio was good but most anime fans
    probably want kancolle instead! nice try.

  69. WOWS system > WOT system

  70. why dont we have her saying the patches of World Of Tanks ? tel me pls

  71. So no news of when we getting more ships to make up full fleets eg USSR,
    German and British!

  72. That girl has great personalitits

  73. Wann wird das update kommen?

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