World of Warships – Game Update 0.5.3

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Team Battles, new commander skills, achievements and improved matchmaking are the major features in the new update, but it sure isn’t all…

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  1. what new sound we need is Jingles laughing his ass off when you get
    multi-citadel kills :D

  2. It’s not a good thing to have less similar ships paired together etc. It
    just becomes a complicated mish-mash instead.

  3. jewish morons made great patch — just kill your PC hardware

  4. Steven Leuthäußer

    WG, did the Test Server Players give u no Featback for 0.5.3 ? wtf did u do
    there? Usa CVs nerfed to death.
    AA pushed too much.
    sec guns from the capskill killed the playability from many CAs.
    Omg are u making a Game where only BBs and DDs are on the Sea fighting? But
    hey, after this Path the BB Driver will cry about DD Skills… so next time
    this will be nerfed. so in 0.5.5 or so BBs are the only one on the Field.

    My Idea dir Nexttime: nerf the Range of every BB. so we got no Boderline
    max Range Cowardfights anymore.
    And this Noobs are playing there BB with its Armor and HP Pool…

  5. pretty girl

  6. what about yamato and montana ? buff montana or rape yamato so they can be
    equala otherwise this is bullshit . Thank you.

  7. wow!!!

  8. So DDs not OP enough yet, give them faster torps and reload.. WG logic,
    never ceases to amaze me. Doesn’t matter which of their games…

  9. Need a Dasha decal to stencil onto our ships :3

  10. one more when wits wot

  11. Torpedo reload boost! WG plan for 2016: Heading towards P2W

  12. wow that manual fire for secondaries. destroyers are going to get SHREDDED
    by ships like the Nagato that have this ability, advanced firing training
    and the secondary upgrade.

  13. I don’t play Warships for 2 months now but I love watching Dasha^^

  14. I am waiting for the ‘Sink *__* ships and win a date with Dasha’ contest.

  15. Funny, every time she is on the screen, I have a far greater time
    remembering what she said.

    Cannot imagine why.


  16. When will Tirpitz be on sale again? Thanks.

  17. Put on Ps4 please

  18. Une bonne petite mise à jour qui va enfin permettre les batailles en
    équipe, j’ai hâte de tester cela… ☺

  19. Wargaming Objectifying women since 2010, you never see any of the men on
    this channel dressed up in daft uniforms. Long live sexism.

  20. all who will likely never play teambattles say aye, aye! oh well, at least
    we get new sounds now

  21. Yeahh !! More torps spamming !! Great !!

    Wait, what ?

  22. As a non-english person, this is really hard to understand. Remove her
    initial voice or use subs!

  23. Where do you people even get the clothes for this woman? Get her a soviet
    naval uniform for Christ sake.

  24. as expected the tier 5 skills could have been great but they fucked the
    details. should have been 15%tier 1-5 and the 60% tier 6-10.

    and that 85mm and greater aa sucks dick,with the des moines the majority of
    its dps ins in 3 inch guns 76mm and 40mm for most other ships and 25mm for
    ijn so this is a slap in the face skill that isnt worth 5 points at all.

  25. Thanks Wargaming, best team!

  26. Does this update go live today or next Tuesday?

  27. I hope existing talent points are reset

  28. Can you PLEASE not voice-over like this? It makes it terrible to listen.
    Either subtitle it, or completely voice-over it. Don’t overlay the two

    Or is it just me, because I’m non-native English speaker?

  29. I’ll tell you how you can please me…

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