World of Warships – Game Update 0.6.12

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Spooktacular Halloween events and Clan Battles are the order of the day in Update 0.6.12!

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  1. Add camakasie planes to Japanese aircraft carriers

  2. I was expecting Dasha fails at the end…

    At least got some updates on smoke screen

  3. lol dasha turns evil

  4. 2:05 That +400% Exp though! I want! 😀

  5. Ohh, The Belfast And Kutuzov is being removed from the Premium shop? Well, time to buy them both then . . . oh wait i already have them. xD

  6. Can you pls write in the video desciption when the update will hit the live server.

    Keep up these info vids, theyre great

  7. thegreekfirepower[WG-CC]

    disable conqueror from clan battles

  8. Dont play this game anymore, but come here every update to see her smile

  9. halloween dasha, sexiest dasha ever!

  10. when will these avilable in asia server

  11. Yeahaa 😉

  12. how to rent?

  13. ahhh fufu…! S dasha, >_<..!!! anyone want a pie now???!!!

  14. Wasnt there suposed to be more halloween ships this year?

  15. If you’re gonna refund the belfast, why aren’t you offering refunds for the entire British cruiser line? What about us that worked for it?

  16. Gotta be the worst ‘game’ ever

  17. And another nerf for dd’s and some cruisers, to bad. First stealth firing and now this.

  18. « Smoke wasn’t meant to be used in an offensive way »
    Then why did you put it in an entier cruiser line?
    Why the American DDs have so long duration smoke?
    It is a bad change, everyone who has a brain knows it.

  19. World of Nerf Ship

  20. Come on WG! You have great graphic artist and you let some noob scribble a lousy spider on Dasha… Worst tatoo ever 🙂

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