World of Warships – Game Update 0.6.2

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The new sub-branch is finally here along with two new maps and a host other changes – find out more inside!

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  1. Wow new soviet ships!
    So many in our community wanted this!
    Its not like the 5th largest navy of ww2 is still abcent from the game (eheh)

  2. new Soviet Destroyers
    AA burst check
    AA check
    superb AA check
    demon AA check
    full AA check
    RIP Hakuryu
    Flamu << I watched that video Grozovoi

  3. I would like to see guys that u rework water in game it looks kinda….”dead” if u know what I mean

  4. What would WoWS be without Dasha huh??

  5. Sweated my ass out on Fuso, N. Mex and Colorado for nothing. Thanks

  6. What I learn about this clip? I learn that I read “Khabarovsk” wrong.

  7. i want my damn Roma premium…

  8. Herastheblackwolf

    repairparty on dds? realy?
    I would accept, if all cruisers have this ability but on dds.. i dont know

  9. the Royal Navy had Capital Ships you know and they fought in the war you know…

  10. So…now DDs get heals?

    Can’t be long now until we get the first BB with smoke…


  12. 2:55 What ship is “IDS_PJSD706_[?]ORT”?

  13. I support SEA SHEPHERD

    Am I the only one how want to have submarines?

  14. this vid is early if we’re not getting the update till next week

  15. Italian ships pls..

  16. Repair on destroyers? Do you even care about balance anymore?

  17. Plutonium on Blitz

    We want dasha in World of Tanks!!!

  18. I don’t play WoWS. Just came for the lovely Dasha.

  19. I wanna make love to Dasha’s mouth ! Cum aboard Captain ??????

  20. What did they do to NEW MEXICO ?

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