World of Warships – Game Update 0.6.6

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Player vs environment operations, interface changes, and more!

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  1. Now do a full video of bloopers with Dasha 🙂

  2. We need another Dasha video… if you know what i mean ..

  3. still no dasha captain huh 😀

  4. “we implemented new sounds” and while you demonstrate them you overload the video with classic music. WELL DONE!

  5. you dasha cronies are just sad folks.

  6. world of warship blitz plssssssssssssssssssss????❤️

  7. great idea to add bloopers and credits 😀
    Also what i like about Wargaming is that they have an ear open for the community compared to other games.

  8. All I see during this video is BOOWBS

  9. PantyStocking TMDDF

    what happen to the intro? glitches?

  10. The Cliche Meme Guy

    One reason this doesn’t get as much dislikes.


  11. more Dasha Bloopers… thank you WG

  12. If only there was a patch that Dasha spoke English with her Russian accent

  13. I wonder why World of Warships is the only one with crappy dubbing….

  14. Garrus Vakarian

    So yall care bout that Dasha woman, but dont care about the torpedo fix … nice!

  15. I barely even play WoWs, only come here for Dasha <3

  16. Meanwhile in WoT, developpers are putting our money into stuff like ranked battle…

  17. Eduardo gonzalez vega

    los subtitulos no se ven en fondo blanco

  18. Love the outtakes at the end! 😀

  19. Hawka Mostafa El-Sayed

    I love this girl

  20. I only play this game because of Dasha

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