World of Warships – Game Update 0.6.7

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New Ranked Battles season, Riposte !

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  1. Pls add wows blitz!

  2. question : when will you fix the following : when a ships sinks near the shore its sinks completely like there is a bottomless pit under the water although we can see that the waters are shallow so can you fix this can you make the ship sunk up to a point or make it clearly visible although it is destroyed just to show the real depth of the water

  3. Lord Vulture TF2

    please add armored cruisers
    or at least “Georgios Averof”

  4. You didn’t need a lot of job for the Jolly Roger IV^^

  5. season 7
    World of IFHE and memelands

  6. thats a smoking hot Russian chic right there

  7. Dasha confirmed to be a DD she has smokescreen 😛

  8. 항공모함김대환급

    When update UK battleships?

  9. #aritro suprabho

    Again here for Dasha

  10. Dasha is the heart of this game 🙂

  11. We neeed Dasha for World of Tanks Updates!

  12. wait 0.6.7?? i had no idea WoWS was still in beta lol

  13. do we have a girl like her in wot also?..

  14. Alguien mas vino por Dasha?
    y si si, también la actualización….

  15. Wargaming: Hey look at the new cool textures on land!!!
    Textures and models flickering.

  16. in fact nobody give a shit for what is coming in next update.
    we just watch it for you Dasha!

  17. As an english speaker, I’d totally be fine with just subtitles instead of voice overs. Dasha has such a beautiful voice

  18. This is my substitute for porn

  19. Can we get rid of this low tier carrier automatic drop lock already everybody who’s ever played carrier at low tiers hates it

  20. Wojtek Bratuszewski

    Can’t stand this woman.

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