World Of Warships Gameplay – 150,000 DAMAGE IOWA BATTLESHIP GAMEPLAY

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My Favorite World Of Warships so far —
Battleship Nagato – https://ww


  1. Holy cow… the Iowa is awsome!

  2. I heard the US ships are good brawlers, can you use the Montana as a very
    close range brawler or a sniper?

  3. The USN BB AA guns can fire accurately upto 5km. My TBs get wiped out even
    before if gets into range. I think that is overkill.

  4. I’m not sure, but this is the second game that i see Phly beach himself,
    this time in a huge battleship. You should use auto-pilot sometimes, Phly.
    That way you can get your undivided attention on the Yamato and fill him up
    with lead.

  5. Dat Intro

  6. The Iowa class is the largest battleship the U.S ever produced.

  7. Hey phly can you do a yamato VS iowa gameplay
    And you driving yamato???

    I want to see more yamato gameplay form you

  8. My birthday is tomorrow Phly on the 18th and i was wondering if i can get a
    shoutout please?

  9. that air attack when phly’s stuck in on land was EPIC

  10. Southern avaitor

    Best video yet!

  11. 16:55 you can see a destroyer on the mountain…. You missed that

  12. There’s too much commentary in the video, but not really saying anything

  13. baron was in the carrier

  14. did warships ALWAYS fight inland?

  15. Dat second round doe so many shells flying so many ships Much ship many
    shells wow

  16. Iowa is the new king!

  17. The Iowa is still on call for wars and there have been plans to upgrade the
    engines on them to nuclear power for future wars and upgrade the old AAA
    stations with modern automated radar systems.

  18. What’s the citadel?

  19. cameron trevena

    the Yamato is outmatched by american destroyers

  20. been on the Iowa, not very much of the ship is open, since it became a
    museum ship in mid 2012, if you want to see the entire inside of an Iowa
    class battleship, you need to go visit her sisters

  21. Phly how do you do those intros bro they are awesome?

  22. there is still one left just in case the us needs it

  23. T. Maximilian Waechter

    Have to admit, in that first game I cheered when the Yamato sunk.

  24. Every PhlyDaily WoWS video ever – “wooooooooooowwww! Amaaaazing. Gosssssh!
    Ohhhhhhhh! Wowwwww, waaaaayyyooo” Seriously, invest in a thesaurus. -_-

  25. I’ve been on the USS New Jersey and it is incredible.

  26. christie mattingly

    bring more iwoa

  27. With HE damage buff and good fire damage, you should try to use more HE now.
    Even not good aimed can do relatively consistent damage, suit for long rang
    testing shot and the situation in second game you don’t have the pressure
    for losing, just to farm consistent damage is more important.

  28. HooDooed Tanker

    Epic intro

  29. exactinmidget92

    so who has famous ships in their town? we got the USS Midway in San Diego

  30. Phly a caliber is a unit of measure for artillery barrels and the like. 50
    caliber means that the barrel is 50 calibers long.

  31. Wooooooohhhhh! IOWA is here baby!

  32. MURICA!!!!!!!!!

  33. 8:56 Fifty shades of Phly?

  34. Elliott Anderson

    Phly, look up the concept of plunging fire, I think that would help to
    explain why you’re not penetrating some of your shots

  35. PhlyDaily,

    The Iowa, New Jersey, Missouri and Wisconson were all laid down at the end
    of the 1930s and completed between 1943 and 1944. Two additional units,
    Illinois and Kentucky were never completed and scrapped after the war.
    Also, the Iowas did not serve continuously during this time. About 25 years
    of this time they were in the active reserve.

    16″/50 cal guns are the guns which the Iowas sports. You will notice the
    weapons tab on the right gets this wrong. The other 16″ gun carrying
    battleships in the US navy carried the 45 cal guns. The differnce between
    the 16″/50 and 16″/45 guns is quite significant. The 16″/50 cal guns had
    far better range and armor penetration. They were quite frankly the best
    guns ever placed on a naval warship ever.

  36. Panificadora Gameplays

    iowa is a slipknot music, isnt it?

  37. It has 92 eFFectiveness!
    It has 32 dual 20 mils!
    It has 18 quad bofors!
    It has 10 dual inch… err like you know the dual purpose guns right here!
    -FleDaly 2000+15

  38. Please how 

  39. Just wait until war thunder gets ships

  40. Phly…please…how do I get on the test server? :(

  41. 50 caliber guns as in AA more than likely 

  42. Was that Shoukaku stupid enough to use auto aim!? The spread looked way too
    big for a manual drop. It can’t be the cruiser AA effect because he is in a

  43. YourAspecialKindOfStupid

    Give them a taste of FREEDOM!

  44. My brother served on this ship when one of its guns exploded

  45. Watched all WoW vids to date. Keep ’em coming!

  46. Armored is a relative term when your using 16″/50’s

  47. That fight with the Yamato had me on the edge of my seat chanting for Phly
    to kick its ass. What a brawl!

  48. Chris Huot (82ndAirborne)

    Dramatic BattleShip scene in begging of vid lol

  49. ooh your views 300+ here are being “verified” congrats! (never mind you
    already have 485 likes lol)

  50. Intro song name?

  51. it be cool if the intro wiuld add a firing shot after it revives and the
    way we look at it is from inside the barrel to outside 

  52. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

    Murican freedom class battleship.

  53. SFB official channel -SFB- Kommandant_37

    it means its the first to carry those guns

  54. The cool thing about all of the Iowa Class ships is that, even though they
    are currently decommissioned, in times of major war they can be
    recommissioned and put back into service almost immediately, hence why they
    are maintained as museum ships.

  55. That battle was intense

  56. Those aren’t triple gun turrets Phly, but three-gun turrets. Every gun
    could be independently controlled and fired. So if Wargaming is accurate,
    you can fire one gun at a time for a super accurate barrage.

  57. i think 405mm 50 caliber guns means the guns have a length of 50 times the
    caliber so 405mm*50=20,25m

  58. A 406mm/50 caliber gun means that it is a gun firing 406 mm shells through
    a barrel that is 50 times the length of the shells’ diameters. So in that
    case: 406×50=20300, the barrels are roughly 20 meters long.

  59. Josh Stackhouse

    It’s the real Mighty Mo!!

  60. +PhlyDaily n artillery, Caliber is determined as length to width ration,
    the bigger the caliber, the longer the barrel in relation to its diameter

  61. Josh Stackhouse

    does the iowa have the highest aa rating in the game?

  62. Is that the Tirpitz in the intro of this video.

  63. Vicente Raglianti

    Iowa vs Yamato = EPIC BATTLE

  64. When ya going to do the North Carolina

  65. when you were shooting the des moines and one salvo landed in the water
    just ahead, the reason you didn’t hit under the waterline is that it was so
    long range the angle is steep. at shallow angle (close range), those do
    count as hits.

  66. If my memory don’t fail me, I remember when we saw the Missouri launching
    Tomahawks on Irak during 2nd Gulf War.
    It was awesome to see these legend of WW2 take part of a modern conflict ^^^
    So bad they desactivate the class it was strength incarnate ^^

  67. they need to add the USS MISSOURI

  68. Romanian Revolutionist

    In Real Life could that corsair take of from the ship in the left corner at
    the back?

  69. Phly you need to aim right for the middle of the ship. You can’t realy
    score citadels when trying to shoot the ammorack, cos if you deal damage
    over there, its the ammo that detonates. Thats not a real citadel hit. Take
    a closer look at the first hits on Iowa and the last hits on Yamato. Those
    landed in the middle, not below the guns ;-)

  70. I wish the director range finders rotated to the target.

  71. When will we see the German Navy??? Great vids please keep it up!

  72. +PhlyDaily
    you know you can lock the rudder in place with q and e?
    so one does not have to keep the a and d key pushed the whole time

  73. You are not really that good at this game, are you? I don’t get the feeling
    that you have good situational awareness.

    • Oh Ok pro, he never claimed he was good at the game, it’s a new game so no
      one can be amazing at it. The game changes and physics change so you should
      just be quiet really

    • +BattleshipGirl I’m not saying that I am amazing at the game, but he does
      get tunnel vision fairly often. This is one of the bigger obstacles that
      new players will have to face, so maybe it’s not so bad that they can see
      what not to do.

    • It’s ok to get tunnel vision in this game, everyone gets it. Its more
      likely to get that in this game. I get it, I see it when I play, people run
      into each other and islands. Even High tier players. Everyone is new.

  74. No super Yamato ? Sigh, back to battlestations then.

  75. you got a little salty at 18:21 XD

  76. Andrew Herrboldt

    how did you get the game

  77. Tx Phly :)

  78. Thomas Edgerley

    Wow that service life, that’s cute.

  79. They broke the game befor i had graphics on medium and it was runing over
    30 fps now its and lowest that it can be and im getting betwen 4-15 fps
    most of the time 4fps

  80. LOL, I love the Phly “woooooooooooooooooow.” Hahahahaha it is awesome.

  81. The Iowas were decomissioned after every bigger war and recomissioned for
    the next conflict so they served from 1943 (?)-1946 from 1950-1956 again
    from 1967-70 and were modernized for the “Navy of 600 Ships” Programm of
    the Reagan Adminstration and were put on service in 1983 and reamaind so
    until 1991 finally in 2005 they were removed from the reserve. So they
    actually served just around 20 years .

  82. Do USS nc plse only for our state


  84. Can’t wait till war thunder comes out with ships

  85. Wow that was tunnel vision at it’s best. So painful to watch

  86. Omg, i saw that title and i was : Steve’s favorite ship?

  87. your a great tuber phly but you are a shitty teammate

  88. Yeah boi representing iowa!

  89. Sarodore The Dragon

    How much longer will it take so everyone can get on it without preordering
    or such

  90. Dooley DoesV-Games

    how the balls do you get so many experience points. Tell me your secret.
    That one battle would get me my North Carolina lol

  91. Leonardo Franzin Ribeiro

    man i think it would be coll if there were tanks in the islands fighting so
    you can bombard them and maybe there could be airfields that lauch
    land-based aircraft that can get captured by the tanks and stuff i think it
    would be cool

  92. Whats that song called?

  93. What kind of server u playing at?

  94. LoudenLighteningProd

    I toured an Iowa class when I was little, the USS Wisconsin. It’s the
    museum ship at Nauticus in Norfolk, Virginia. HUGE ship!

  95. Phly i didnt hear a wodd you said. All that was going through my mind was,

  96. Damn that ship is beautiful, cant wait for the south dakota

  97. when is your next stream?

  98. KriegsMeister27

    50 Caliber means that the length of the gun is 50 times the caliber of the
    shell, so if its a 16 in (406mm) shell, multiple that by 50, and the gun
    barrel is 66 ft 8in (20.32m) long

    • The Devil's Dog

      +KriegsMeister27 Another example would be the german cannons used on tanks.
      For example: 88 mm Kwk 43 L/71 where the caliber of the shell is 88 mm and
      the lenght of the cannon barrel is 88*71.

    • Beat me to it :/

  99. Phly, you ever come over to LA you can see and walk around in and on the
    name sake of the Iowa class, the USS Iowa in all its massive glory down at
    the harbor in San Pedro.

  100. oh man he paul walkered the shit out of that island

  101. Fle. You and Baron are like meh favorite Tubers. If I could, I’d swear you
    guys were like separated brothers.

  102. Lucas Varzakakos

    Play more as the Iowa 

  103. i am afraid that the american bbs get a nerf though.
    At least the muzzle velocity…

  104. They were mothballed for a lot of those years. R Reagan brought them back
    out for reg service with some major upgrades including cruse missiles and
    anti air missiles.

  105. Wilhelm Schicklegruber

    if that carrier manually aimed his torpedoes phly would have been screwed

  106. Yo Phly:
    a 16 inch gun as you know is a gun with a 16 inch bore diameter. The 50
    Caliber part means that the gun barrel is 50 calibers long, IE 16 inches
    times 50, so it has a barrel 800 inches long.

  107. The Iowa class was basically the South Dakota class expanded for more
    engine power so they could keep up with the fast carriers

  108. ntro faboulous 10/10 matt damons

  109. Amagi butt-rape!

  110. Ctrl + X is your friend.

  111. the second match was CRAZY

  112. That intro was SO AWESOME, Phly, and I’m a pretty reserved person when it
    comes to saying things like that.

  113. My 2nd Cousin served on this ship and I’m British ;D

  114. everytime you crash to a island, dont let jesus take the wheel

  115. Do you remember me from Arma 3 phly? I think we played Altis Life on the
    Olympus server :P

  116. Adrian Jarosz (Banan)

    Song intro?

  117. oliver gagliardi


  118. Length of the barrel is 50 times the diameter of the barrel. Written as

  119. Phly the “50caliber” in the dimensions of the gun refers to the length I

    • +101DeathJester Yep. It means that the length of the gun is 50 times its
      caliber. So 50*406mm=20300mm which is 20.3 meters.

  120. I love you Phly dally <3

  121. Iowa’s service ended in the 90s not the 80s

  122. Cobolt Masquerade

    getting battleship vibes

  123. Hi get to the lifeboats!!!! The battleships are coming said the destroyer 

  124. WOOOOOOOOOO 11th comment!!!!!

  125. Hi phly !!! Iam new at war thunder and love the American fighters iam play
    the kittyhawk and aim really bad at this game so i wanna ground strike how
    can i do this with the kittyhawk so what guns i need ? 

  126. 1st?

  127. How you you get in the dev server?

  128. I love this intro <33

  129. So early lol, nice video Phly! I only just unlocked the New York :P

  130. World Of Warships Gameplay – IOWA BATTLESHIP GAMEPLAY

    • +Fernando Marques An 18.1 inch sure hits harder, but I still don’t
      seriously think that 18.1 inch guns or 16 inch guns have enough actual
      accuracy to hit easily at that range. Even if Yamato was designed to adjust
      its fire using spotter planes, I don’t know if it would hit. Just saying,
      Iowa has a ton of AA though.

    • oppplayerr vlogs

      +PhlyDaily how do i get the beta for the game tell me how i wanna play im a
      big big big fan over battleships tell me pls

    • +oppplayerr vlogs You can buy your way in with a pre-order pack, wait till
      the game goes live, or sign up and hope for the best.

    • Dr. Tankenstien

      +PhlyDaily on the Calibre/Caliber of a Naval Gun.

      Up until just after World War II, each caliber of USN guns was identified
      by its length in calibers, a mark number and a modification number, the
      original modification designation being “Mod 0”. For example, 16″/50 Mark 7
      Mod 0 meant a gun firing 16-inch (40.64 cm) projectiles with a barrel 16 x
      50 = 800 inches (20.320 m) long, was the seventh gun in the 16-inch (40.64
      cm) series and was built to the original design with no modifications.
      Iowa’s Naval Guns fired a 2,700lb shell. So it basically shot a VW up to 16
      miles with enough powder behind it.

    • +PhlyDaily 50 cal means the barrels are 50 times the length of the width of
      the shell. ie an barrel length of 406mm x 50.

  131. awwsnapproductions

    I love your intros they’re so epic :D

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