World Of Warships Gameplay- KITAKAMI 40 MAX TORPS!

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World Of Warships Gameplay- KITAKAMI 40 MAX TORPS!



  1. Anyone else watch his videos for that opening music?

  2. Every time he says kageru and mutsusuki I die a little inside

  3. maybe should call “super kitakami” XD

  4. U licka wak make

  5. Those 2 DDs at the end taking out the carrier was really nice.

  6. nicholas rodriguez

    Lol Phly’s been playing this for awhile, and he still suffers from tunnel
    vision. The second match he knows he’s going at beach @ full speed, and yet
    he chooses to watch his torpedos swim. The hilarious music portion made my
    day; hopefully he takes this as a learning opportunity.

  7. How do you get your camera to follow your torpedoes like that?

  8. God even though World of Warships gameplay videos are so slow their so damn
    satisfying to watch, I don’t know if its the 1080p 60 FPS or just listening
    to Phly and Baron, but its great.

  9. And about your kamikaze thing……the planes were loaded with explosives
    inside the structure, so I think you should have a kamikaze squad instead
    of just saying screw it fighters!

  10. There should be a ship PROPELLED by torpedoes, so you would shoot the the
    torp on the back, and the recoil would make you go forwards, then the sides
    shoot Torps the way you want. Eh?

  11. My favorite ship.

  12. 25:55 y can’t slick speak? =(

  13. You spent over 100 dollars on this? Right after wargaming said that the new
    “Lead helper” is ‘legal’ to use? o_o

  14. IJN Kitakami=torpedis incarnate!

  15. Dat singing doh

  16. 25:56 damn guys no love for the slick dick? guys allways telling him to
    shut up

  17. Jap Long Lance Torps were exceedingly deadly.

  18. They strapped 500 pounders to zero for most of the Kamakasia

  19. this game is so awesome but is it free 2 play ?? or need to pay for
    playing it ??

  20. See torp packs coming back again with 3 kitakami’s going in for a 120 torp
    wall like its NF all over again

  21. vivekananda chintala

    Can u please play Battlestations: Pacific

  22. So, Apparently theres a aim assist mod out. And wargaming specifically said
    its not going to be banned.
    Talk about killing their own game before it even enters open beta :(

  23. torpedis!

  24. I don’t even have to wait for the intro song to finish for me to like the

    Phly, you need to buy a saxophone and play the intro. While flying.

  25. Guys, obviously they would be able to reload and carry plenty of spare
    torpedoes in the hold Torps have to be brought up from below, hoisted or
    lifted out, then rolled to the torp mounts on special dollies or whatever
    they used. You can see the rails for them in the decks.

    However, given the laborious and lengthy effort it took to do so, exposing
    the crew and high explosive materials on deck, it’s not something that
    would’ve been done in the heat of battle, I can imagine.

  26. this game is shit, stupid ability 2 use “mods”, gives certain people
    It should be the same game for everyone
    Like the aim assist mod, what is this, arcade shit

  27. Of the Torp
    By the Torp
    For the Torp

  28. KTKM HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. T. Maximilian Waechter

    he problem with too many torps?
    You risk being boarded as enemy
    boarders can walk to your ship on
    the backs of your torpedoes…

    hint wargaming)

  31. like playing battleships… E4… more like E1 E2 E3 E4 E5 E6!

    Did I get anything? yup!

  32. i want so much this game

  33. Play the Fubuki special type destroyer next please!
    Fubuki-chan will protect Akagi-senpai and Yamato-senpai forever!

  34. 14:47 A guy wanted to name his Atlanta class “USS Tommy Gun”. Lol :)

  35. My God, I fucking lost it when he got stuck on the shore and the music
    started up… Poor Phly, you’d think he’s a depressed whale, beaching
    himself all the time.

  36. Wargaming have said they won’t do kamikazes, for 2 reasons – 1, I think it
    would probably bump the games rating; 2, it feels kinda … unethical? I
    dunno, it would feel really weird (for me) using them.

    Main problem is that regular DBs suck – they need to be able to pen for
    citadel hits, since that was one of the main draws of DBs irl along with
    the (relatively) better accuracy

  37. Christian Maloney

    You know what this game needs?
    Maybe they’ll have that when the Kriegsmarine is finally in place, but it’s
    a thought.

  38. I played that marching song on my tuba during a concert 

  39. I’m Wilford Brimley and I have Torpeedus.


  41. 2:38 did you just torpenis? XD

  42. come out of no where and utterly violate some poor yamato.

  43. Japanese fighters didn’t just kamikaze without anything, they did it with
    at least 1x250kg bomb and when fully loaded of fuel.

  44. To anyone who doesn’t know yet, if you bought one of the pre-order packages
    you now have access to the CBT.

  45. good job phly u are the best great vid dude

  46. You aim too far from the White Indicator! You need to aim a BIT before it,
    on it and after.. but only a bit!

  47. 2k torps fired 5 hits xD

  48. love your new intro so catchy

  49. Steve gave someone Torpedis!

  50. phly you fucking noob stop running aground lol

  51. 17:30 Entry Of The Gladiators – Julius Fucik !! ;D

  52. this looks like a mobile game

  53. Welcome to the 301 club, how tough are ya?

  54. Torps Baron, Torps Baron, Torps Baron! At least you’re alive


  56. is World of Warships P2p now?

  57. You deserve my subscription.

  58. phly please do more off that stuff like on 17.40 hahahahaha lmfo

  59. Needs more torpedo

  60. My god all the torpedoes :D

  61. TheLastMinecrafter

    101st viewer. i feel disappointed in this. nah really nice vids phly!

  62. Welcome to the under 301 club! We have pizza, brownies, and any other
    delicacy you want! :D

  63. CAnt believe im so early 45 viewers, awesome video fly!

  64. The Torp WALLS ARE REAL

  65. xX PuRfectDiSterXx

    Good Video

  66. BritishBeef TheBobbilys

    Love the vids keep them up phly :D

  67. 2 views in 3 minutes….simply amazing

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