World Of Warships Gameplay -My First LOVE – Battleship FUSO GAMEPLAY

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World Of Warships Gameplay -My First LOVE – Battleship FUSO GAMEPLAY


  1. Anthony Perigault monte

    Boat!? Really…. -_-

  2. Commander Ethan

    Have you ever heard of the 30mm Gatling Cannon?

  3. +Commander Ethan Aye, would be nice to have a few of those on this.
    Destroyer? **brrrrrt** what destroyer?!

  4. +Justin Hamilton I thought it was the sound of the turrets rotating

  5. Commander Ethan

    What u hate it?

  6. +mynameispuffs Pretty sure someone else made it for him.

  7. +mynameispuffs its a trailer for the game

  8. +100Dampf Sorry but the USS Texas was the first US Battleship with 14 inch
    guns. 16 inch guns were introduced on the Colorado Class.

  9. +Jahona why the hell did i tipped a six instead a four? Why are you doing
    this mind?

  10. Wishful thinking maybe? Got to love the last Dreadnaught Battleship left.

  11. Fooso

  12. FantasticHunter

    +TheScania1991 I knowww lol

  13. +TheScania1991 youcan buy into it now for 15 buxs

  14. +PhlyDaily
    Woooot. 😮

  15. +PhlyDaily how? the lowest I found was 30

  16. I wouldn’t though, I doubt open beta is that far away so unless you
    actually want the ship you’re buying I’d just wait it out.

  17. +Saladin1187 No problem for me, but sounds like a really annoying problem.

  18. +Voilento Yeah it’s just kind of weird. It’s not a huge problem or anything
    since I can still at least watch them in 720, but I enjoy watching World of
    Warships gameplay in 1080p fullscreen because the ship models look so
    great. I just can’t figure out why it only happens on Phly’s videos for me
    but not when I watch any other youtuber.

  19. Alexander Steen-Jørgensen

    +PhlyDaily Phly, do you recommend the P-80? 🙂

  20. New Mexico is just gonna be equal to Fuso doh

  21. How about the Mighty Mo?

  22. Alexander Steen-Jørgensen

    +Tholaran97 k

  23. +Marnik Jacobss a really long time till OBT

  24. +Marnik Jacobss I believe it’s coming out in September.

  25. christopher tucker

    Spen a little bit of cash and buy a ship you’ll get in the closed beta. the
    sims is a great ship I suggest that one

  26. +christopher tucker The yubari is also pretty sweet. 🙂

  27. If you ask that your just feeding the troll in him 😉

  28. Beause we won the war so we can pronounce it however the hell we like

  29. +Carlos Chapman all the possible answers and you pick that one?

  30. +CamoAssassin00 Because people like to make a Fuss about it

  31. +Carlos Chapman So the vietcong can call americans “fat ignorant pigs”?

  32. +NegiMudkip PhloatDaily

  33. +Jordan Koh FussoDaily

  34. Hitman117 Celebrate

    As a request for a new plane to see you fly would be a Bf 109 F-4 on
    American side

  35. Thank gosh!!! I’ve been waiting so long for warships, Phly! Dang please do
    more I absolutely love your warship vids please please please do more

  36. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ... []_ ([]) []_

    +PhlyDaily whoever told you it’s pronouced ‘fuss-oh’ has lead you astray.
    it’s pronounced ‘fu-soO’ uptick on the elongated ‘o’ or; just fu-so even
    works better then… fuss-oh, lol. great vid as always!

  37. +PhlyDaily man i love that intro, its what i imagine when playing ww2 games
    old legends brought back from the grave. WHY ARE YOU IN MY HEAD? lol

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