World Of Warships Gameplay -My First LOVE – Battleship FUSO GAMEPLAY

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World Of Warships Gameplay -My First LOVE – Battleship FUSO GAMEPLAY


  1. Field Marshall Rommel

    So many turrets on the epic boat

  2. LOL I love how people are all butt hurt on how you pronounce Fuso, you so

  3. Bro its pronounce “Fu-so”not “Fusso”

  4. Is it pronounced F-oo-so or F-uh-so?

  5. Thibault Quelavoine

    Fly cool start of the video !

  6. epic intro

  7. it sounds so strange

  8. Please phly… Fyuuu-sohh :(

  9. Bismarck had 15’s as well, lol. obvious troll is obvious…

  10. Luke Baker-Cowling

    Phly, it’s FUUUUUUUSO, pronounced that like, I’m at the start of the video
    so what you said about someone correcting something already might be this

  11. WindmillStalker

    Hey Phry, I’m sure this has been asked (and answered) before, but what’s
    the song used in this new intro? It sounds like it might be epic.

    And yeah…it’s not pronounced “Fusso”, lol.

  12. Jaroslav “Hooky” Jošt

    Phly you didn’t mispronounce it at 5:30. You have been saying it wrong the
    whole time, but this time it’s right. Japanese have different pronunciation
    of letters, similiar to czech. Loved this gameplay.

  13. correct me if im wrong. I saw a video on American BB, the tier 4 BB has 6
    guns like the Fuso

  14. What is the intro music? It sounds very familiar.

  15. Nicholas Olheiser

    I LOvE your intro phly it is so cool

  16. Nicholas Olheiser

    Phly i loe your introit is soooo sexy 

  17. Brent “Honez” Jones

    Got to give props to ya. Your intro is P.I.M.P.

  18. The Yamato 

  19. Yogscast Reborn

    I love the fuso 

  20. Phly, at 5:32 you actually got the pronunciation of Fuso correct but you
    switch back to that Fus-o..

  21. Corbin “MLG Pro” Kelter

    Such an amazing intro!!!!

  22. Awesome video and game Phly! Finished glueing and painting my Scharnhorst
    model today, going to the local hobbie shop and see if I can find the Prinz
    Eugen or Bismarck. I’ll keep an eye out for the Fuss-oh, it would be a
    beautiful model ! 

  23. marco aurélio silva da rosa

    Nice vid Phly, but i think it could be a little bit longer like half hour..
    14 min is way too short in my opinion

  24. I think the Germans used 15 inch guns.

  25. Fuso is pretty sweet I just unlocked Yamato myself. Frankly I think Fuso
    and Amagi are better Yamato guns are sllllllow.

  26. USS iowa 

  27. well as i only play DD and cruisers a sinking battleship is my favorite ;)

  28. i hated the fuso until i got the nagato, but now i quite enjoy the fuso
    becuase of its better range. But nice played man love your videos.

  29. My fav is the ‘Merican T6 cruiser the Cleveland, so far.

    It’s like being a battleship with miniguns.

  30. Agami hahaa

  31. Justin Hamilton

    I hate how the ships have this weird engine hum like its a electric
    propelled warship…Should sound more like a massive petrol engine pumping
    out thousands of horse power….

  32. he is saying fuso wrong lol

  33. LoadScreenComms

    Phly, Fuso is pronounced foo-so, not fus-o

  34. Sir Orrin Productions

    I cnat belive your using NF2’s trailer video. that cuts deep man.

  35. 0:28 “Fuhsou” FUCK IT! I’M OUT!

  36. Michael leliaert

    Fusso! LOL

  37. whats the name of that tune lv it

  38. I fucking love that intro phly.

  39. mike b (Fugenchutenz)

    Phly how do you change the hud to show all the health bars and battle stats
    of the player? I went into settings but I couldn’t see where you could
    show that and I find it really irritating that I have to hit the alt key
    constantly to see it.

  40. can not wait for the US ships with there awsome AA. what happend in this
    vid probly wont happen as often against a iowa

  41. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!


  42. GODDAMN it phly stop making such damn sexy intro’s…….

  43. hey can someone help me?
    when i buy tokens in wows closed beta now and then purchase them on a ship:
    what will i get in open beta? the ship or the same amount of tokens as i
    bought them?
    what will i get when the game is out? gold? tokens? the ship? nothing?

  44. Kristofer Carlson

    Notice how you are only ever accurate when you shoot gradual.

  45. Worst evasive movement ever 

  46. +PhlyDaily whene can we see some american BB gameplay? Whats upp with that
    are the japanes carriers coming too?

  47. Hey phly, if I buy a premium ship will that give me access to the closed
    beta or will I still need to wait for the open one to come out?

  48. I love my Warspite. I would like to thank everyone that has been saying its
    a bad ship. They dont give the old lady any respect, she is so tuff. 125K
    exp after Jingles video on it :D

  49. the way you say fuso is wrong it fu then so

  50. When the Montana and Iowa get added please play them

  51. The Fuso… Guess how Japan took over half Asia.

  52. Ramble on Brother,lol!!!! its cool

  53. I want the texas. The beautifulst BB and its the first us bb with 14 inch

  54. Coulter “The Super KId” Pfeiffer

    Is it pronounced Fuhso or Fooso?

  55. once you had a ride on the Amagi this old Lady wont get u exited anymore.

  56. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

    Such a weird looking ship

  57. Phly are you ever going to play the yamato yet seriously man your killing

  58. Phly… it’s “Foos-oh”.

    God get it right ya f0kin scrub.

  59. Hey mate

  60. Maaan, i tried so hard to get a closed alpha key back then, but i didnt
    make it. Your videos are making me jealous 😮
    Great gameplay tho^^

  61. Does anyone else have a problem where they can’t watch Phly’s videos in
    1080 hd? His are the only videos on youtube that I have this problem with.

    • +Saladin1187 No problem for me, but sounds like a really annoying problem.

    • +Voilento Yeah it’s just kind of weird. It’s not a huge problem or anything
      since I can still at least watch them in 720, but I enjoy watching World of
      Warships gameplay in 1080p fullscreen because the ship models look so
      great. I just can’t figure out why it only happens on Phly’s videos for me
      but not when I watch any other youtuber.

  62. Jake “AgentTex25” Brooks

    +PhlyDaily please play the Yamoto class battleship next and you also
    pronounced Fuso wrong, it pronounced Fooso

  63. Love to see you compare Battlestations: Pacific to World of Warships. I’m
    curious to see this.

  64. So fare the Kongo the highest BB I have got but it a dream to play and I
    will be getting the Fuso this weekend. So I am sure it will be fun to play
    as well.

  65. Why do you say fuss-o?

  66. LIKED IT!!!!!!!!! Be nice to see some more of the Russian Navy. Please!

  67. Lol. Posted that once you said you guys are posting comments

  68. Phly, please respond:

    Once American Battleships come out, you still gonna love the Fuso?

  69. very good job on the new intro love it ! :D

  70. Rule Number One
    If you see enemy torpedo planes TURN TOWARDS THEM OR TURN AWAY FROM THEM

    please phly dont expect to dodge those torps if you wait till he launches
    those torps

  71. You should play the Yamato

  72. When is this expected to go into open beta ? Can’t wait any longer

  73. Good job it was sunk :)

  74. Thatoldmilkcarton sure is right 🙂
    Well played sir

  75. cameron donnelly

    Is this out yet

  76. Why is he pronouncing Fuso wrong?

  77. You ate all those torps like fat kid his candy, but still nice to watch and
    GG !

  78. SeaDaily

  79. “Writing a stereotypical comment about two things that you said at start to
    sound like The Smartass in the comment section.”


  80. second reply and first like!

  81. Hi guys! HAVE GR8T DAY! Almost Friday! I might stream later today 2!

    • Hitman117 Celebrate

      As a request for a new plane to see you fly would be a Bf 109 F-4 on
      American side

    • Thank gosh!!! I’ve been waiting so long for warships, Phly! Dang please do
      more I absolutely love your warship vids please please please do more

    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ... []_ ([]) []_

      +PhlyDaily whoever told you it’s pronouced ‘fuss-oh’ has lead you astray.
      it’s pronounced ‘fu-soO’ uptick on the elongated ‘o’ or; just fu-so even
      works better then… fuss-oh, lol. great vid as always!

    • +PhlyDaily Fuso(扶桑) actually pronounce like “Foosou” in japanese.
      Just like what you called at 5:31.
      Still , great vids bro.

    • +PhlyDaily man i love that intro, its what i imagine when playing ww2 games
      old legends brought back from the grave. WHY ARE YOU IN MY HEAD? lol

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