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  1. Can someone tell me how to download this game? 

  2. It reminds me of an old game that gaijin made called star conflict! PEOPLE

  3. where is the space battleship YAMATO PHLY

  4. m I the only one that wants to see a carrier vs destroy match?

  5. Phly**

  6. Not trying to be rude or annoy you but a top 5 plays would be awesome.
    Sorry if this annoys you in any way but I love them videos and your bum.
    Lol love you poly

  7. I think that the Galaxy’s were to good and their aim is to OP but it would
    be cool if you could fly with you ship not only be on the “Space Waves” 

  8. There is a really good steam punk airship game called guns of Icarus online
    and It would be cool to see you all play it

  9. They should spend time on releasing the game instead of this

  10. aww man and i missed it

  11. Space Battleship Yamato…

  12. Quinton Dombrowski

    WarGaming logic.

    Why develop a game that is still in closed beta, has only 2 nations, is
    still a work in progress, and is bound to include the SOVIET navy before
    the British or german navy,
    when instead we could use valuable resources making an April Fool’s game
    mode…. over a week late…. that accomplishes no purpose….. and is
    still full of bugs…..?

    April fools is fun in WoT or WT. They are not in closed beta. They actually
    happened on April first.

  13. Arpeggio of blue steel anyone?

  14. how do you get into a training battle?

  15. Only if they had the Aircraft Carrier CV-6 USS Enterprise

  16. “I really dont like heights at all man”
    – an actual pilot

    anybody else see something wrong here? lol

  17. ohh and this was a good game can you play more of it and all the tiers of
    the ships

  18. phy im no genius but im sure its spelled enterprise

  19. Can someone tell me how I can play this game mode? :(

  20. So, when will everybody get a chance to play the game? I’m tired of seeing
    video’s in which I can’t play that ship so whats the issue? Is it only if
    you have a youtube account or be a game devolper? When’s my chance to

  21. Does baron know they do make a steampunk air ship game?

  22. Star Citizen Beta right here lol

  23. Cool steampunk airship game…you mean Guns of Icarus then?

  24. PLEASE JOIN ME!!!!!!!!! I think PhlyDaily should play Wargame: Red Dragon!

  25. Wait… What the fuck.

  26. Im so confused WTF is this?

  27. Cheeseybiscuits100

    Why can’t you drive the spaceships?

  28. BritishBeef TheBobbilys

    What the fuck happened lmfao

  29. Wait what… Phly is scared of heights, i thought he was a pilot wasn’t he?

  30. Its Enterprise, not enterprice, its a warp core, not a hyperdrive, and its
    photon torpedos, not proton torpedos. I feel sorry for you. You ignorant

  31. steam punk airship game you say? guns of icarus is what you are looking

  32. Robert Downey Jr.

    is this the april fools thing

  33. GamePlayWithNolan

    My dad worked on the USS Enterprise cnv 65

  34. hey phly! i have bad eyesight. could i ever become a pilot? would i need
    surgery? likely, but my eyesight may be correctable. SOLVED

  35. If Baron’s looking for a steampunk airship game, Guns of Icarus is a great

  36. A steampunk ship game their is one named guns of lucius 

  37. Is that an actually a amp

  38. WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?!?!?!?! seriously, what is this? april fools?

  39. When and how did u get this game mode I was on all day on April’s fool’s
    and I didn’t see it

  40. 1:07 yeh yeh hyperdrive yeh yeh hyperdrive yeh yeh

  41. I want this mod

  42. “Fire the main titties” BaronVonGamez -2015

  43. How the hell can you play this?

  44. Death - The Grim Comedian

    “Shit on my dick, or blood on my knife.”

  45. how can i play in space???

  46. 5:52 Guns of Icarus online. It’s fun as fuck too.

  47. oh my god the epicness

  48. guns of icarus is an steampunk airship game

  49. was this a event?

  50. You hate hights?… aren’t you a freakin’ pilot? :D


  52. “Oh luckily he just died”


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