World of Warships – Games of the Week 1 (Alaska)

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See? I told you I’d do it. Easy peasy


  1. Forgot to point out how long I was sitting behind that island in the intro. Sometimes patience actually pays off.

    Enjoy the shenanigans

  2. I hate the Alaska because I don’t have it. Poor me

  3. I don’t mind watching awesome again ;p

  4. Those cruisers really fucked up their torps in the first match. Awesome replays👍.

  5. I can never seem to get the AP to work on the italian cruisers…

  6. Question:
    Where should i use Yamamoto.
    I have Haru asashio and i would grinde zao or shima and maby Yami.

    Thanks for sharing ideas and expiriemces.

    (Sorry, dont have the best english of the world.)

    Bye the way realy cool vidio. I Like it.

    • Yamamoto does well with any class, really, but I find him most useful with any battleship. Getting an extra consumable for First Blood is a big deal for any ship but his improved Expert Marksmen skill really helps turret traverse which basically any Japanese ship can use. Thanks and your English is perfectly fine!

  7. Hey man, love your vids, I couldn’t care less about the ‘lack of’ editing, but the lack of commentary does make it a bit mundane. That’s your strong point, if you keep the chat up and describe your thinking, it’ll be way more informative and entertaining. Just my 2 cents bro…

    • I get it. You can always ask questions, of course. But as I said it’s not just editing but commentary that takes up a shit ton of time. Most of my video projects lie around waiting for audio, not editing. Editing is time consuming but I love it whereas audio editing and recording is a giant pain in the ass and has always prevented me from doing more vids.

  8. haha… Nice job Bus!

  9. Your Alaska videos made me buy one the other week and yah, its baller. Anyone can post videos, but why I like yours is the description on decision making. I always tell new players to watch your stuff because you talk alot about positioning, priorities and situational awareness. The lack of commentary is a downgrade.

  10. wholly jeebus that opening scene…. nice

    • sooo i typed that before i watched the clip in the alaska…. hahaha… wow… and please stop doing videos like this, they are going to nerf her.

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