World of Warships – Gamescom 2015: German fleet incoming!

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There is something big and mean on the horizon! Yes, the German fleet is steaming into World of Warships being led by the mighty battleships Bismarck and Tirpitz. Take a sneak peek of what is to come in this exclusive Gamescom 2015 video.


  1. +RemusKingOfRome5 There was a german Aircraft carrier in Construction, but
    it was never completed

  2. +oberstul You will to get the tirpitz, but you can unlock the bismark via
    in game research

  3. CineGame[HD]Recording

    +BaronVonGamez Waiting for your German navy vids mate

  4. +Abyssal Ancient The Tirpitz and the Bismarck are Tier 8 ships 😉 The
    bismarck for ingame currency and the tirpitz in the premium shop

  5. +Abyssal Ancient I bet H-39 and H-44 are leading. Scharnhorst might play a
    role there aswell, not sure.

  6. +Photanic
    WG usually do very good teasers, this just isnt it. A quickly done teaser
    can be found, that is a ton better. Just search for Tirpitz world of

  7. +MissMan666
    It’s supposed to just be a teaser. Of course they didn’t dump a ton of
    effort into it.

  8. +Photanic Probably because more people are interested in the Kriegsmarine
    than in the RN…

  9. +ZinXlX
    Probably just a matter of priorities. Maybe someone on the design team had
    an epiphany for unique characteristics for the German fleet before the
    British fleet. Maybe they drew straws. We may never know why Germany’s
    coming before Great Britain.

  10. +ZinXlX FYI, the oldest, still serving naval power in the world is Portugal.


    +ZinXlX We had hundreds its just beacuse gamescom is in germany

  12. +Crag_r
    Well, depends what you mean with better. Better in “bigger guns” and longer
    range, yeah. But big is not enough ;).
    Both had their advantages and flaws, so yeah, depends on how you are
    planning to use them, right.

  13. +Dragon7722 Well not really as such. Yamato was at the time about to go
    into Sea Trials that was substantially better. Even then Bismarck was
    excellent in some capacity however its over all capabilities were
    substantially lacking in quite a few areas.

  14. +Dragon7722 In the scheme of things they were not terrible impressive
    overall. In WW2 one or 2 nice classes, but in total not really.

    Submarines they just made a lot of them, however were not quite as
    revolutionary as everyone makes out.

  15. +Crag_r Oh yeah, and the Richelieu of course.

  16. +ultimatespartan 98 *Lebensraum, you Untermensch!

    I see the flame incoming if the German fleet BBs will be the only ones with
    torp launchers…. the Tirplitz may be a premium, but it’s still unfair in
    my opinion.
    I hope WG will reconsider their statement about BBs and torp launchers

  18. +DonkeyBlonkey28 The Tirpitz was armed with torpedoes. 🙂

  19. +BMWM3GTRLOVER Well it is a bit odd. The Bismarck was never equipped with
    Torpedoes;however, the later made Tirpitz was mounted with Torpedoes.

  20. +AkrasjelLanate Because Soviet navy was non existent.

  21. Dunkerque would be amazing. Drive headon to your target, all the guns at
    the front. So fucking amazing.

  22. +AkrasjelLanate What soviet “navy”? 2 Speedboats with blueprints loaded?

  23. +AkrasjelLanate Soviet navy suck in WW2 .

  24. +AkrasjelLanate soviet didn’t have a navy, a few torpedo boats

  25. +PitbullNL thats no WW1 era flag. Its an alternate version of the
    Reichsmarine flag, Navy of the so called Weimar Republic.

  26. +Tichondrius1 Well, maybe because they are actually illegal in certain
    Having them on their screens in thousands is kinda avoidable.


    +Tichondrius1 fair enough

    To most of the Asian countries it’s the other way around, the Rising sun
    flag is their swastika.


    +Tichondrius1 The rising sun flag isn’t offensive is it? I mean sure it was
    an axis flag but come on the swastika was way worse

  30. +DrSid42 Goes to show how far childish bias and nanny-puss-puss policies go.

  31. +Calm Dwelling Yes all have. But not the germans. They have them in the
    Leopard. But the russkies have them in their WW2 Tanks matched vs the
    german one which dont have postwar ammo.

  32. +VII Nimrod allt he countries have post war ammo shells. the americans have
    the most modern

  33. +Firmus Piett
    I have played this game too. Grinded through to the Tiger 2 and the IS-4.
    The german get something good- the russians will get something better.
    Postwar ammo for russian tanks for example. Will never touch this game

  34. +VII Nimrod Well I have Tiger and Panther and they are very good tanks.

  35. +Firmus Piett Oh god no… Gaijin is even more russian bias than wargaming.
    The japanese and germans will get good looking ships but they will shoot
    papershells. And the stronk soviet “navy” will get guided missiles and
    such. Nah, I will not get myself into this bs mess ty^^

  36. ナンカイドウ

    +Dutchhero2 because of fucking korean morons

  37. +Nadamas Yeah, while they are bullying everyone else around them and they
    don’t even feel ashame when people tell them about it. 🙂

  38. +Sinvey You’re talking about china. They banned Battlefield 4 for “smearing
    the image of China and endangering national security”. I wouldn’t think
    it’s beyond them.

  39. +Dutchhero2 The Imperial German Navy flag would make more sense and other
    games substitute the Kreigsmarine flag of WW2 instead of the swastika, but
    with no swastika like “cough” War Thunder “cough”. However the acts of
    terror the Imperial German Army used against the Belgians throughout the
    First World War might be why they decided not to use either or this is Beta
    and not to worry. So I suggest that they should use the battle flag of the
    Wiemar Republic (Reichskriegsflagge).

  40. +Sinvey And because Wargaming is an international company, they don’t want
    their game to be banned in those country. ( Especially China, which they
    jave a huge market)

  41. +TheBaralinChannel True. No idea why they even added the Russians now
    anyway, they should be like the Japanese or Chinese in WoT.

  42. +SlimeTime , +UnknownPerson onGoogle Except that in WW2 the largest naval
    fights were between US and Japan…so no. Also, by the end of the war US
    have larger fleet than the rest of the world, combined. Like it or not,
    that’s the fact.

  43. TheBaralinChannel

    +SlimeTime The largest scale naval conflict of WW2 was fought between Japan
    and America. I don’t know about you but it made perfect sense for them to
    be the first. I’ll say that I would’ve liked the Royal navy third, followed
    by Germany and Italy and lastly Russia.

  44. +SlimeTime Rule Brittania! Brittania rules the waves!

  45. +UnknownPerson onGoogle The British should have been first to be released
    in the first place, historically not only did the rule the seas, but also
    came out with the first dreadnaughts… but oooh noo, we need customers so
    lets satisfy them with good old American freedom. weeeeee.

  46. +Rasmus Hennemann in the latest news WG stated that Tirpitz is going to be
    t8 premium and bismarck t8 normal tree.

  47. +Tibbl I don’t think there will be the Bismarck and the Tirpitz There were
    the only Ships of the Bismarck-Class. Maybe a module to upgrade the Ship.

  48. +Benn Perkins After the British ships/planes sunk the Bismarck, the Tirpitz
    was equipped with Torpedo launchers. We’ll see if both ship get them in the
    game, or only the Tirpitz, which will be the Tier8 Premium BB.

  49. +Arda Abut WG said the Kriegsmarine will be launched in october.

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