World of Warships: Gascogne 100k game! WIP French Battleship

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The is the newest battleships thats coming to Warships and its currently so stats are subject to change. Overall im trying to figure this ship out. Here is a pretty good game in it though!


  1. no camo is needed until player actually tries to be in best 20% i was playing long time without any… and now i use it only on ships that need it (dds mostly)

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      I wish I could meme this

    • Camo really isn’t necessary. It’s basically a meme at this point. That 7% detection or whatever it is is only going to make or break a match 1/100 times. People who whine about friendly players not having camo are kind of elitist to be quite honest.

  2. WG should make it impossible to launch tier 10 ships without cammo. So if that means they have to grind credits from lower teir to play tier 10 so be it.

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