World of Warships – Gascogne First Impression

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Gascogne is a interesting ship, it is going to be a premium french battleship that should introduce the core identity of the main line of french battleships. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII French Battleship Gascogne Replay


  1. GG Notser, was fun playing with you in that game =)

  2. So, this ship is going to encourage spawn camping?

    Edit: Kongo? In a T VIII match? That poor thing!

    • They were in a division with the CV. That is what you get when you division with a ship in a higher tier.

    • Scarheart76 Which is normal, she was a Battlecruiser which were upgraded to Fast Battleship, and she’s very all compare to her Allies Opponent. 😉

    • +Mammoth Mk3

      “Fast battleship” lol you’re overstating what refits the class went through. The Kongos are not comparable to any US/RN capital by 1941. The only redeeming qualities about them by 1941 was that they were slightly faster than most US battleships and the Nelsons, and tended to be crewed by experienced sailors. They merely were as fast as a KGV class battleship and slower than any British battlecruiser. Iowas exceeded their speed by 3kts. Their armor actually did not change much during the refits, and was certainly not up to par at stopping any shell a battleship could throw.

      The rest of their equipment is garbage for WW2. Hiei for instance was crippled by 8″/203mm shells (!!!) from USS San Francisco that exploded in her steering room. Their waterline and turret armor is only 25% thicker than the protection on a Baltimore class heavy cruiser. 8x 356mm gun was good for 1914, but in 1941 they are distinctly terrible. Only the Courageous-class “large light cruisers” had less broadside weight. It didn’t help that their secondary armament and AA suite consistent mainly of single-purpose guns and subpar 25mm machine guns, either.

    • J Boulom Yep. “Fast Battlship”, because it’s what the IJN call them later, not because they have the true strength of fast battleship after the redit. And when you are at war, everything that can fight will go to the frontline, even if it’s old ship. 😉

    • Even after those refits, Kongo had significantly thinner armor everywhere than HMS Hood, and similar armor to HMS Repulse. Both of which were battlecruisers.

  3. It’s a Graf Spee with engine boost…

  4. Yesterday, i faced a France (t10 BB) in combat with my montana. I was surprised how tanky the ship is. Its guns fired very fast, and the volume of fire coming from its secondaries was also pretty intense

    • F4Wildcat I saw one on the enemy team a couple days ago. I died early that game, but stuck around to watch it, and you’re right. The France was the last one alive, and it took several ships firing at it for a solid minute before it went down

    • Similar story here, faced a France in a match and it may have had similar dispersion issues to the one here. But its rate of fire felt surprisingly quick. And it was tanky, fighting on even after eating 1 spread of Gearing torpedoes.

    • Well, I saw one too. Guy was in my team, he YOLOed in and died to a full Shima torpedo salvo 5 mins into the game 😀

  5. there’s no A at the end of GASCOGNE, you pronouce it about right, just no A at the end

  6. Sigh. Unexcited about the Roma. Unexcited about the Gascogne.

    • I agree. Why would you want to pay for a ship that has wonky guns? If Wargaming needs to nerf something so a premium ship isn’t OP, they should give it a bigger detection radius or poorer maneuverability or even an armor scheme that demands you don’t give broadside, but don’t frustrate a player’s ability to do damage to the enemy. It’s kinda the point of learning how to aim your guns in the first place.

  7. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Even if they are 380mm  are 45cal (short caliber) guns – I guess the Quad set up really fucks up the dispersion on the ship… 
    And it doesn’t help – when the ship is covered in 32mm armour – making it hard for the ship to brawl in… 

    So the French – have Spood Beest – and are forced to fire at long ranges – cause they don’t have the spam proof armour – which doesn’t help cause it has meh dispersion, when compared to Japanese American or British???
    lel feels bad for them…

    Hey even if Roma is more unreliable… At least Roma has fuckton armour and is hands down the most spam-resistant ship of T8 – that can gladly brawl – even if it has a citadel (what year is this??? a battleship has citadel???)… And I find it perfectly balanced…

    • historicly the french solved the problem of the dispersion with their quad turret (not for the Dunkerque but the the Richlieu and Gasgogne is a Rechelieu class battleship) but as always WG like to fuck the history in the ass

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Yeah since the French utilised only 45 calibers on their guns for Richelieu (meaning decent dispersion and barrel life) and the fact that – their turrets were essentially 2 turrets stuck together… I was expecting the possibility of staggered firing (as a cool French Gimmick)… But alas wg says no…

    • Gascogne is not a Richelieu class, it was a project developped from the Richelieu. But yes, they are very similar. The solution for gun dispersion came very late, during the Suez conflict. It was to increase the delay between each gun shot.

    • Takarde yes that’s right and the delay was just 0.5 second i believe

    • Yes it was very very short. In fact it could have been solved earlier but the fall of France in 1940 reduced of ourse the experience gained in combat for this class of battleship.

  8. Notser you should be using HE more often with this.

  9. Where the game is now, there is only 2 BB lines in the game. German and US. And French get at least a button for speed boost. IJN ships gets no extra buttons.

    • Well, most of RN BB is OP to a degree, except Monarch and Queen Elizabeth. 😉

    • Kongo, Amagi and Yamato are still the best bbs in their respective tiers… IJN line is still good. British bbs (especially Conqueer) are idiot-friendly ships that should be nerfed to the ground.

    • Some nerfing, here and there, would do the game good yes i agree.

    • IJN doesn’t need any extra buttons because they have one of the most important things already: Consistency. Fuso, Nagato, Amagi and Yamato have very consistent guns that will reward you if you aim properly. They are 2nd line ships that actually have the accuracy to do damage even from far away. It’s a very good BB line.

    • Yup, forgot to mention Fuso, great ship with rather accurate ”shotgun” turrets.

  10. How do those guns work at close range? Maybe WG wants to encourage closer combat

  11. Nozoup called this a HE spammer, and with the bad dispersion, it seems like the most reliable ammo choice! just what we need…

    • Exactly. While the game in NoZoup’s first impression video wasn’t all that much more impressive damage wise, he seemed to be a lot more effective and a positive force on the battle spamming nearly 100% HE. (Just what we need, another HE spamming line of BBs, like you said, Palle.)

  12. Say what you want but I kick ass in my Dunkerque all day long

    • RedXlV I’ve been waiting for the Richelieu since the game came out 🙂

    • Zero The Hero It’s nice that they actually made the tech tree ship for tier 8 real this time around. I’ve gotten decent enough at Monarch to enjoy the grind, but I’d have much rather seen Vanguard or a better KGV with Nelson at 7. That said, I’m sure I’ll buy it for $50 or so when it comes out.

    • Nick Brevitz couldn’t agree more. She’s such a glorious ship that everyone should be able to enjoy her. I think it’ll be an underrated ship (which is fine with me), I’m excited to get my hands on her. I’ll probably pick up the Gascogne as well lmao

    • Zero The Hero Haha same. I’ve got Dunkerque but I’m just not that good in it and don’t want to let my team down playing it lmao. I’ve already got 4 RN Premium BBs (I know) but when Vanguard makes an appearance I’ll shill out for it too.

    • Nick Brevitz I love my dunk.
      Ive put up some great numbers in that thing. Shoot me a friend request if you’re NA. ZeroTheH3ro

  13. ROMA. MUSASHI and now GASCOGNE all with really bad dispersion on the Gun.
    WG seem to want you to pay for crap performance. No don’t think so.

    • David W just like the Roma,I’m not gonna buy this

    • Ya, leave the accuracy for IJN and USN while Italian get troll-ish armor, French get speed boost, and German get hydro. Those light, fast shell fire by the European ship should be inconsistent compared to the heavier American’s and Japanese anyway.

    • I’m not going to get Gascogne, but I will be heading to Alsace and Richelieu ASAP. I think Gascogne’s main issue is dispersion, if that could be tightened just a shade, she would be a better performer, methinks

    • Do you have the Musashi, David? The sigma value affecting vertical dispersion is still in line with a number of battleships. The horizontal dispersion is the same as Yamato’s and can be tightened with Aiming Systems upgrade. My friend unlocked it on the first day of its release while I played Missouri along side him. He was already doing some damage before my Mo was in its effective gun range  😛

    • Musashi only has “bad” accuracy when compared to Yamato. Musashi’s 1.8 sigma is exactly average among Tier 9 battleships, and her maximum dispersion (274m when firing to max range of 26.5km) is virtually identical to that of Yamato. So Musashi has good accuracy, just not *amazing* accuracy like Yamato.

  14. RN have the HE, French have the speed and maneuverability < Yeah no need to play Cruisers any more don't you think Notser?.

  15. pronounced GAS-CON


    I watched your video earlyer on this day but didnt you mention its hard to do like 120k-200k dmg?

  17. 7:17 …a French human of some type.

  18. PickelJars ForHillary

    Jean-Luc Picard was the only Frenchman to have grit. He also spoke English, skilled equestrian, and loved Earl Grey Tea. A Frenchman everyone could love.

  19. The range is deceptive. In my opinion the French BBs are intended to be close-in brawlers and/or hit and run style of gameplay. On the T9 and T10 (and to an extent also on T8) secondaries are the most powerful in the game. France, as it is now is better at secondary brawling than G.K. and thanks to its speed and turret traverse it could run circles around the GK.

    As for the lower tiers, those are true shotguns… Crappy accuracy, but hell, 16 guns at T7? Yes please. Those will be some delicious oneshots. When i think about it, most T7 BBs have 8 or less (poor gneisenau) guns…

    • Cruisers are going to hate Lyon. Even players who suck at aiming their guns will probably hit something when there’s 16 shells per salvo.

    • I remember some argued that the French BBs are going to be a BB line where it’s best used as a flanker rather than a frontliner.

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