World of Warships- Gdansk First Impressions: Insane Gunboat Destroyer With Radar & Smoke

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Hey guys! Today we have the new Polish Tier X Destroyer, the Gdansk in port to review today! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
1:55 Camo & Economy
4:17 Armor
4:27 Ship Stats
7:15 Consumables
8:37 Commander & Module Build
12:36 Gameplay Review


  1. I remember when småland and black where the only radar dd

  2. I played 1 game in Split I won , I used free xp to skip it , I have played 5 games on T9 Greek I won 5 battle , I used free xp to skip it , I am Polish so Gdansk should be mine T10 … I have it 2 days and I did not play 1 battle on her …

  3. When patch went live, I did a couple of randoms. Gdansk was kind of everywhere. In one of these matches, friendly Gearing went cap contesting against a Gdansk: Gdansk gets spotted, starts opening up on Gearing, baiting Gearing to open up; Gearing opens up and then dies after a 40 secs or so. It was incredibly one sided.
    In randoms, blowouts will get more and more frequent if we don’t support non-gdansk players.

    • *support dds in general, 40 seconds is alot of time for gearing to just go dark

    • Due to the popularity of the Gdansk i switched from playing Vampire 2 in ranked to Radar mino and Worcester. So far its working great. Cant say anything about DD vs DD fight against it though as i avoided playing any since its release.

  4. Oh God… He’s finally found the camo on/off button… Dark grey, light grey, dark grey, light grey…

  5. You can tell that war gaming spent 10 hours trying to design the camouflage for the ship. Totally didn’t spend 1 minute trying to make the camouflage

  6. Loanword Eggcorn

    The reason Gdansk is getting focussed is because it’s recognized as being overpowered for gun damage per minute.

    Also WG seems to pile the bad players onto one team. So worse than random selection. I too find that very frustrating. Enough to make me consider uninstalling the game.

    Any reasonable team balancing algorithm would take player skill into account. WG says they don’t do that (which by itself would be crazy), but it almost seems as if they do take skill into account and put most of the good players on one team, and most of the bad players on the other team, most of the time.

  7. For the gameplay I chose to play my Gdansk in order to get those big damage numbers is to play it like a Delny or Zorkiy with radar but you have the heal instead of smoke and no armor. As a Gdansk player you must accept the fact that cap circles for the first part of the match are absolute cancer and should be left to the DDs that have better detection. Yes you do have radar but it’s only 10 seconds and without it you can be seen from space. The smoke is for securing thst damage with your amazing guns or a get out of jail free card when you’re being focused if there are no radar cruisers. You support the DDs that are contesting by being right outside the cap circle because you are still big and not nimble. This is why I opt into concealment so I can stay as close as to the cap circles as I can without being inside of it and to close that distance with enemy destroyers so they are easier to punish and support my fellow DD.

  8. Ľudovít Bradovka

    Hey Sea Lord, just a quick question. Are you enjoying the Spanish cruisers?

  9. wasnt the camo linked to the event? all the other ships in the line have great camos

  10. Also it might be everyone shoot the new ship syndrome as well. Everyone wants to be the one to kill the new ship. Even when there are in testing. You see everyone shoot at them and blank the others. Shooting them

  11. Geoffrey Stevens

    Sea Lord, I know how you feel! Whenever I helm a DD or a cruiser, and go anywhere near a cap, I’m targeted by half of the enemy team, and my teammates are like, “Ummm, let’s hug these islands and do nothing”. How can you possibly enjoy a game when you have no backup when you are doing what you are supposed to do? One further comment. There is something worse in the game than all the subs and CV’s. It’s called Jager. Yeah. I played in a Co-op battle Tier VIII – X recently. Our team won as usual. However, one bot survived. Jager. It had obliterated me and half of the team. Random battles when the enemy team had a Jager are always instant losses. It’s way too busted!

    • I have the Jager and many other dds and the torps on the Jager hit pretty soft, the guns are bad, you have no smoke, and terrible aa guns. For real the Shimakaze with 8km torps is a close comparison and possibly better ship since the Shima has smoke and guns that can battle most other dds if you’re accurate with them. The shima torps don’t go as far but they hit a lot harder and recharge almost just as fast.

    • @pitbrand Yeah I know the Shimakaze is pretty busted, but I’ve yet to see a Jager that hasn’t finished at the top of the leaderboard in a battle. That includes bots in Co-op! Perhaps it’s just that there are far fewer Jagers than Shimakazes around at the moment. I guess we’ll see with time.

  12. Enjoy until it gets balanced by WG hammer.

    Most of higher tier ships of early access and during their first few following patches of full access are performing above average. It has bring some cash. Don’t forget Gdansk was offered for 20K doubs, so it should have some value.

    I played Split as my highest tier ship of this line and it already felt easy to play. Only HE nobrainer, ridiculous fire chance.

  13. Broccan Mac Ronain

    I think you hit on the reasoning for the 10sec radar. You approach the dd’s smoke screen and light off the radar exposing the DD at point-blank range hitting him while he cant see you until he is out of the smokescreen.

    • So in other words desrtroy destroyers

    • Yeah, the gameplay of this ship is just terrorizing dd players the whole match. It’s a hit or miss ship due to its dependence on your team being useful but when you get a good game its EXTREMELY fun to use.

  14. I been playing in Grom It seems that every time a ship looks at my Grom that they damage my engines and steering. Is the rest of the European DD’s the bad at having their engines and steering taken out that easy and fast?

  15. Imagine having 19km of armor!!

  16. Great review SLM! It appears the gun turrets are slow (i play mostly American DDs, German, IJN). Also that 10 Second radar is a joke, i mean the Black at T9 has longer (i think mine is around 30s). Like you said she is not very nimble.

  17. At 00:14:00 the reason your teammates could not fire at enemy DDs your radar has spotted is because your teammates actually cannot see them for few seconds. This is modified mechanism of radar in order to increase DDs survivability from radar ships at that time. Furthermore, even yourself could not shoot them because of that slow turret traverse. I think it is ironic you expect friendly BB to shoot them as soon as they see enemy DD for that tiny seconds.

  18. You always always go full stealth on dds. No exceptions. The benefits outweigh anything else. True it’s harder these days with cvs / subs but trust me. Full stealth. Always

  19. …Such a sad shame that Wargaming COMPLETELY forgot about the Improved Grom-class destroyers, which by the way, were the real planned class of destroyer ships for the Polish Navy.

  20. Nicolas Tremblay

    at 00:17:33, i’m probably just tired…but the way you said it`s a big dd make me laugh for a good 5 min!

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