World of Warships – G’day, Bruce!

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I promise Australia I won’t do it again and then I just have to go and toss a few more shrimps on the barbie. Tinnies for the Tinnie God! Brownies for the Brownie Throne!

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  1. Sapper Effected Videos

    They’re called prawns…
    We only called them shrimps for an ad campaign primarily for USA… (Same same, Sorcerer’s Stone v Philosopher’s Stone)

    • Sapper Effected Videos

      ​@Bex_o7 *flamin’ galahs… 😉
      They couldn’t organise a f#@! in a brothel with a fist full of 50s!

    • And we hardly ever barbecue them. Two years ago my father proved why.

    • Flat out like a lizard drinking.
      We didn’t come here to fuck spiders

    • christopher shrank

      And American’s think Fosters is good beer. When my ship did a port call, standing order was anyone caught drinking one would be sent back to the ship and confined to quarters until the port call was over. Fosters is the cheap beer no one drinks in Australia

    • @christopher shrank No, American’s don’t think Fosters is good beer lol. Can’t remember the last time I saw someone drink one, or even saw one for sale. The US has the largest variety of award winning beers in the world, we don’t need Fosters.

  2. Last_Dutch_Hero

    Me : “smokescreens are torpedo magnets, better not stick around.”
    The friendly AI cruiser behind me : “HueHueHue torps go yeet”
    Me : “You son of a…”

    • G E K O L O N I S S E E R D

    • I had a friend start playing WOWS about a week ago. Playing tier 3, and I had a friendly AI cruiser torp me while I was in my smoke. I don’t think I’ve ever been that mad in a game 😂

    • Three green ships transiting a choke point… Red cruiser on the far side… AI DD does what? Floods the straits with torpedoes.
      Because of course he did.

    • @Laird Cummings
      Best rule to live by: ‘Don’t be in the line of fire of… ANYONE.’
      (And I mean _ANYONE.)_

    • @atigerclaw yeah… And then that pink moron manually targets you anyway.

  3. Benefits of workin graveyard shift in America, im early to jingles videos

  4. To be fair, WG could’ve named it the Vampire II to make sure THEY aren’t confused whenever they pull shit. Or y’know, filename faffery.

  5. Well this is timed fairly well. I had a chat with a retired sailor who served on the Vendetta the other week. Vampire was her sister ship

  6. Actually Jingles, the Royal Australian Navy does in fact refer to the featured ship as HMAS Vampire (II).

    • Glen McGillivray

      @Keiron Haigh actually we discovered a spider infestation of the gold miners, the spider colonies were consuming the miners and taking their place in society after the drop bears developed a taste for spiders.

      Since the loss of our mining facilities, we have now started exporting dropbears, attracted by the colonial spider gold miners. That and kangaroos, attracted by the dropbear population.

      We are getting excellent bids for these biological weapons, to ship them all to Antarctica, to deprive terror organisations of horrific self breeding populations of man eating predators.

    • @Seppiya Nope it is Vampire (II) officially. Its just refered to as Vampire no number as we dont have a Vampire (III). The current Sydney (V) is Sydney woth no designator in conversation.

      Sydney (I) Town CL
      Sydney (II) Leander CL
      Sydney (III) Majestic CVL
      Sydney (IV) Adilade FFG
      Sydney (V) Hobat DDG

      Source: Current RAN.

    • @James Michie Sydney is up to 5

    • @Glen McGillivray So who’s mining the opals? Emus? =0[.]o=

    • From what I know ex navy personnel simply referred to her by her pennant number rather than using the II designation in any official capacity, I may be wrong who knows but I am happy to be corrected on the matter.

  7. I always love when you give a bit of history on the ship being featured.

  8. As an Australian I audibly said “oh boy” when I saw the title and thumbnail.

    Got some looks from other commuters on my train

  9. Let’s just be clear Jingles. HMAS Sydney FFG-03 is internally referred to as Sydney IV, just as HMAS Vampire D11 is referred to as Vampire II. It’s a perfectly acceptable name, if only anachronistically. At the time of her launch she was certainly HMAS Vampire D11 as the convention to refer to ships by their lineage wasn’t yet commonplace in the RAN.

  10. Jingles: “Yes, they really do think you’re all that stupid”

    Me: “They must have been watching some of your videos”

  11. The notification for this video had me thinking the our glorious Gnome overlord had noticed me!

  12. Im sorry Jingles….. I really am, but i STILL cant get Gunter out of my head….. *shakes fist*

  13. Hey @The Mighty Jingles thanks for showing this replay. I served in Vampire II, lived in the Middies “Grot” under Yankee turret. 42 years later still serving and love everyday 🙂

  14. ToughAncientSpark

    Smokescreens as torpedo magnets: The reason I lay down a smokescreen and then move away from it to fool the enemy.

  15. 1:01. No such thing as a friendly torp. As Jingles himself is so fond of saying: “Once mister Torpedo leaves his tube, he is no longer your or anyone else’s friend”.

  16. Chester Cheong Yu Xuan

    Jingles: “Yes, they really do think you’re all that stupid”

    WG: “Spreadsheet says that you’re all stupid af and you’re having fun.”

  17. first blood award in a ship named HMS Vampire… The irony 🙂

  18. DrRocketman 779

    I’m watching this wearing the “Howdy, folks!” tee shirt from the merch store!

  19. Jingles: “Yes, they really do think you’re all that stupid”

    Me: “Or their spaghetti code game won’t allow them to have multiple ships with the same name because apparently there are no other in code identifiers beyond name”

  20. Jingles: ‘Yes, they really do think you’re all that stupid.’

    Also Jingles: ‘… and they’re right!’

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