World of Warships – Gearing 0.5.14 Camo

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Gearing on Hotspot moves support the team around C point. Both sides to secure but the fight becomes scrappy with so many ships close together. I try to work down enemy destroyer that are spotted while avoiding destruction. The enemies continue the fight for C point, I move forward to engage enemies who make a last ditch assault. Hope you enjoy the game have a wonderful day!

X American Destroyer Gearing Replay


  1. OMG I’m in this video!


  3. I was the friendly North Carolina in this video. 🙂 Anne Bonnie. The

  4. I think you’ve forgotten the crushing weight of inevitable doom that
    accompanies Free-to-play accounts and their inability (refusal?) to pay for
    captain training on new boats. The lack of xp/credit boost also exacerbates
    the problem making each, horribly expensive game a fractional endevor. A
    fraction of the % required to get your capt. back intot he action.

    I feel for you Gearing bro.

  5. At the going down of the sun and in the morning.
    We will remember them.

  6. Thanks for the shout out, but that likely used up the rest of your Warships
    compliments for the rest of the month.

  7. Notser you should play the Izumo, i feel like it needs a little love.

  8. As a veteran, my hope this Veteran’s Day would be this – just for a moment,
    forget all the angst and anger over the recent election – take the time to
    remember those who didn’t come back, and paid a high price to help protect
    your right to even have an election and the right to be able to disagree
    over it’s outcome – and who did so regardless of who the elected officials
    were or what they thought of them, but for their country as a whole.

  9. For anyone want the Indianapolis, they are currently sold in NA now, so
    grab it if you can while it’s in premmium shop. ;)

  10. When I see this kind of matchmaking, I wonder why WG doesnt want to
    implement some skill based MM. At least to try to equilibrate teams,
    because sometimes it’s very unfair.
    Good game tho !

  11. ah, the times of playing WoWS. It seems that after a few updates, I can’t
    play WoWS on my Asus. 🙁 Notser, you mind playing either the Mahan, or the
    Cleveland, for old time’s sake?

  12. honestly who runs a DD without last stand

  13. Hey Notser!! Say Hello to Brazil!!
    Man, when will you do new Live stream again??

  14. maybe that dd driver was training up his captain because when you transfer
    a captain to a new ship without using gold you ave no skills until you
    grind out all the xp that is required. i did it the other day for my yorck
    and its amazing the difference the skills make to a ship when you got from
    none to like 4 from 1 game to the next.

  15. you know that captain might be retraining his captain and that is why last
    stand didt work

  16. And I thought you were going to show us what the Camo looks like in port :(

  17. @2:48 could be he just got to tier 10 and not have the money to make the
    captain go 100%, so his skills are not active. We dont all have a
    super-duper great youtube channel.

  18. I’m guessing that Gearing with it’s propulsion knocked out early in the
    match was retraining his captain. Last Stand doesn’t work during

  19. Notser: The Gearing, it’s my favorite ship.
    *in walks Mogami who was hiding outside the door*
    Notser: I misspoke. You know, you are the only one for me!
    *Mogami begins to rotate 155mm guns*

  20. The enemy Gearing most probably have Last Stand, but he has just both
    Gearing and retrain captain for 200.000 silver. He did not retrained
    captain for gold.

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