World of Warships – Gearing 0.5.5

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Gearing on Islands of Ice moves to the southeast side of the map in a effort to screen for the team. We run into a couple enemy cruisers, which allows friendlies to engage at range. A enemy Iowa shows up and we begin the hunt. He attempts to retreat, we get a little lucky and continue toward the enemies in the north. They attempt to defend their base, we attempt to dismantle their base. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

X American Destroyer Gearing


  1. I sold the Suckbuki the second time. Now im at the benson! Ill never buy
    back the suckbuki. Benson is LoVE!!!

  2. TrollinatorPrime

    my myoko got some bad RNG I was shot from behind and it destroyed the two
    rear turrets and disabled my middle…. the one shell sent through most of
    my ship

  3. FaithfulScrubHD

    The thing that really irks me about destroyers is that the thing that is
    supposed to counter them doesn’t. DDs can destroy battleships, BBs one shot
    cruisers, but a cruiser can do virtually nothing against a competent DD
    player. See an enemy cruiser? Stay hidden. He uses radar? Use your insane
    maneuverability to dodge the shots and get out of range. A CV spots you for
    a cruiser? Your probably too far for him to hit you. Pop out in front of a
    cruiser at 5km, pop your smoke cloaking device and hide until he leaves, or
    if he gets closer use your torps to kill him.

    In my opinion, cruisers don’t seem to fit their role in the Rock Paper
    Scissors theme. So instead, they are forced to burn down battleships and
    engage other cruisers, or are forced to do the unrewarding AA escort role.

    I don’t have a suggestion for what could be done, but something about
    cruisers just seems way off.

  4. Brian Lock (神通)

    Nosty is playing it wrong, you should go for torpedo reload and torp
    everything out of the water.

  5. Brian Lock (神通)

    Why would people go for Montana in a CV? Haky plane got rekt by tier 8 AA,
    Midy plante are no more impunity like what they used to.

  6. The Lo Yang has hydro. And that is pretty sweet in a DD!

  7. Man everybody is playing overwatch lol.

  8. Hey Notser, what would you consider doing with your last 3 points? You did
    the exact same build I was planning on doing with my Gearing once I get to
    it but I’m kinda split on what I want to do with my last 3 points. I was
    considering either the torp speed or Expert Marksman and Basic

  9. RNGesus_Taketh_Away

    Oh shit, you play with adaptingpanther too? He’s a cool dude, we should all
    play sometime!

  10. so funny playing wow lately with all those dd spam of torps…… i like it
    that they are in the game but not 5-6 on 1 side while playing a
    bb…….and that wasnt 1 game but a few in a row where atleast 4 dd’s were
    in a game per side :/

  11. Hated the Ognevoi – would frequently lose 1 turret to first hit, and often
    would end up with no guns while still with 80% health. So I’m a loud scout
    with 4km torps – made for an awesome game [/sarcasm]

  12. gg!!!

  13. Lost a turret in my Tirpitz this evening, even with the 20%
    protection…rng ftw…

  14. youssouf berriah

    hey Notser what is your opinion about the Baltimore ?.

  15. Hey big +Notser do you stream? twitch? youtube live?

  16. Hi Notser, to answer your CV snipe question. Some still do. It is very
    possible to snipe a CV still, it is just going to hurt a lot.

  17. Dat fire rate, tho.

  18. Great vid

  19. Stephen Chu (朱朱)

    Do a video of Kagero in 0.5.5. It’s stuck between a rock and a hard place
    with the torp nerf.

  20. Oh you are addicted to Overwatch too ? Hahaha I’m not the only one then

  21. Johannes “Jojo” Siemers

    Oh, the Ognevoi. I had 2-3 games were I lost all turrets and had to do
    torpedo runssneak attacks … At the end I got AFT and with that the
    Ognevoi starts to be playable and even enjoyable. But after the first game
    with the Kiew you never want to get back to the Ognevoi.

  22. Lo Yang is a taiwanese destroyer. You piss many people off by saying

  23. Excited for the gearing!!!!! I’m finally at benson right now, shimakaze can
    wait I guess hahaha.

  24. Interesting that you would leave a 20% health buff, and huge damage
    potential buff (DE) on the table for something that it seems like you
    hardly used at all in the match. Not trying to sharpshoot you Notser, just
    trying to understand why. I run AFT and DE on my VMF DDs but obviously the
    ballistics of the VMF guns are completely different and yield great results
    with AFT.

  25. George Tselepis

    Some people like strawberry jam … others go for cherry … but notser
    always goes for the brute force flavour… Brute force is the best kind of
    jam <3 <3

  26. Notice you pronounce “khabarovsk” with a vocal “h” at the start. Cyrillic
    doesn’t have a “h” sound. The correct pronunciation of “Хабаровск” is with
    a “ch” (silent “h”), very similar to the scottish word “loch”:

  27. So that’s what you look like huh? a camo at the start of the video, never
    imaged you with pink hair though. :)

  28. very nice game

  29. Fuck the dd’s i hate them

  30. 11k subs? u Sir are doing well..Gratz my friend…Keep it coming…Btw nice
    shooting hehe

  31. TheFlamebarrier

    Notser your videos are excellent. I love them. Quality information and
    entertainment. Good job man, keep it up!

  32. that Intro though xD so fabulous xD

  33. Markus “IceY” Eisenhammer

    first :p

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