World of Warships – Gearing Countering The Enemy

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Gearing on Tears of the Desert moves to capture the B point with a friendly destroyer. We move to flank a couple enemy ships who are trying to assault the C point. I move to the southwest side of the map to counter a couple enemy ships. One by one we engage and attempt to destroy the enemy destroyers. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X American Destroyer Gearing Replay


  1. anyone knows when will the royal navy released (sorry for my english) and
    nice job notser!!

  2. Hey Noster, Do you think that the us tech tree needs a Velocity buff. They
    move really slow when you compare them to other ships

  3. But Notser, if you were everywhere, couldn’t everybody shoot at you at the
    same time?

  4. Why didn’t the shima at least use its guns b4 it died? I just can’t
    understand that

  5. Matthew Osbourne

    situationAL awareness.


  6. Played against you last night in the Polish DD on the ocean map. You got 3

  7. Well played Notser Senpai!

  8. nice vid mate

  9. Nice Video! Wow talk about rainbow effect with the USA DD guns eh?

    Do you have the Khabob to try out to? I’d like to see how different it may

  10. Destroyer Inazuma

    One day, that agressive Orleans will evolve into a DesMoines. Then DDs will
    sweat even more when it will sail near.

  11. Brian Lock (神通)


  12. Brian Lock (神通)

    4 torpedo hit, am I seeing this wrong or what?

  13. Brian Lock (神通)

    Shimakaze is more powerful than New Orland…… Doubt that statement.

  14. Notser are you Rank 1 already?

  15. Why do you use AFT over DE on US destroyers? They have orbital shells even
    at their normal maximum range.

  16. Thx noster absolutely love this ship

  17. waiting on the amazing moment video

  18. Nice game, I am still on my Fletcher, still working on getting the upgraded
    torps unlocked, the rest of it is fully upgraded finally.

  19. Can’t wait to get this ship, awesome video Notser

  20. Personally I would change up the modules and captain points a little bit.


    Main battery reload –> Torpedo reload
    Rudder shift –> Acceleration


    Advanced Firing Training –> Survivability Expert

    Having a 20sec faster torpedo reload is more beneficial than 0.36sec reload
    on guns.
    The rudder shift is already quite fast so being able to slow down and speed
    up faster might be more helpful while dodging torps.

    Hitting anything with the Gearing past its stock range is very difficult
    except for a Battleship, most engagements will be well within that fire
    Also longer range AA is quite unnecessary since its turned off most of the
    time and only activated when spotted.

    I think having 4k more health will be better while fighting other DD’s at
    close range and just being a bit more tanky in general.

    This is how I would spec the Gearing if it was me.

    Great channel, keep up the good work!

  21. BT-7 Made from 5% Stalinium

    I can feel that man… that rank team that don’t play objective and just go
    suicide…. not even gonna lie, people that play World of Warships should
    watch Noter’s videos to learn some very useful tips on the game. Notser is
    the real ace! best instructor!

  22. Im thinking besides SE using range module instead AFT and getting
    demolisher or manuel AA control must be better on 19 point captain for

  23. Notser, you should try zooming out 1 or 2 times while in binocular mode..
    Seeing more of your enemy when they move fast or when your guns have slow
    velocity might help..

  24. Damn, Notser having trouble hitting a Shima at 10k is alarming. I really
    have no interest in the Gearing, very happy with the Udaloi and eventually
    the Kabob.

  25. Alessandro Calame

    Is it normal to have a game where there are 11 battleships on the enemy
    team and have 9 battleships on your team? Is it just a part of the new
    patch or a matchmaking glitch?

  26. Another great video Notser can I ask which video editing software you use ?
    thinking of starting a channel soon…….any other advice you have would
    be appreciated too 🙂

    The Boan

  27. Another Notser video and even better featuring the Gearing which I;m 1- 2
    days away

  28. If the shima fired faster, it would be a better gunboat- except for or the
    RoF the guns on the shima are much better in every way

    Also dominator was an Izumo so he didn’t even need to be close lol

  29. Quick game. Very nice.

    I’ve been loving ranked now that I’m above 15. Atlanta is so troll it’s not
    even funny.

  30. THAT arc though. I prefer the Khabarovsk with its railguns =)

  31. Rudy Chandra Halim

    good job for your video,i learn so much from your video

  32. 10th view!
    Sorry for this comment having litteraly no proper content. =)

  33. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Lol in early!! Les than 5 views

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