World of Warships // Gearing / “The Belly of the Beast”

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World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. I just happened to realize how fuzzy my own belly is … ermm yeah I will show myself out 😛

  2. Hello Sam! <3

  3. Great video and excellent commentary

  4. You are at risk of getting a call from the RSPCA if you are going to post videos displaying such wanton in game cat neglect 😉

  5. Quality Sam content

  6. ‘Oddball’ was from Kelly’s Heros and played by Donald Sutherland. “Always with them negative waves, Moriarty. Always with them negative waves.”
    Great cast and great movie. Do recommend.

  7. Hi Sam! Hi Jedi!
    Nice game, Jedi 🙂

  8. Your calm and patient nature is always a source of happiness to me. Plus I know if you’re doing vids you’re doing well which is good. How you kept going whilst being nagged by the fur-demon without missing a beat was truly admirable mate, well done 😀

  9. When is Sam going to be credited as your Co-Commentator? I mean he was making some great points about ship balance whilst also begging for food.

  10. What a beautiful cat!!!! The best part of the video!!!!

  11. HMAS_Frunobulax says an obscure hi Jedi – always enjoy your channel.

  12. Hello Sam, are you starving? 🤣😹

  13. Sam is such a patient cat – mine would have drawn blood as my hand touched the first belly hair 😻

  14. 2.9K XP – well done!

  15. I feel like Sam is essentially caption cat.

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