World of Warships – Gearing Torpedo Experiment

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on Shatter moves to capture A point for the team, I just try to scout and see if the west will be busy. The enemy decides on a B and C capture strategy, I move to assist my team as we attack B point. I’m testing torpedo acceleration so I was trying to find targets who I could torpedo. The game isn’t close by any means but the exercise did appear to confirm torpedo acceleration can help me find a line worthy of actual success with torpedoes. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Destroyer Gearing Replay


  1. There’s some sort of heresy happening in the comments.

  2. I’d sacrifice BFT for Adrenaline rush and then pick up AFT in the case of WG getting rid of stealth fire.

  3. notser, what do u think about giving Japanese dds the option to swap out smoke for short range long duration radar. They need something and it seems like that would give them more team utility while still remaining balanced because the guns aren’t good enough to melt things

  4. Love the special snowflake on the enemy team throwing his team under the bus in “all chat” at the end, then manages to come in 8th on his team. What a pathetic loser.

  5. 4:08 shouldn’t that be a devastating strike?

  6. WG decided that Shima 81 knot torpedo is adequate. Well, i tried it by myself and not quite bad. Although not safe.

  7. Glad you made this configuration. Torp Accel is one of the spare skills I’ve been considering for my Gearing but haven’t decided yet. Nice to see someone actually try it out.

  8. ChessieSystem CSX

    Notser im not kidding when I say that you used the same modules and commander skill set up that I use on the test server for this ship, not kidding

  9. just reduce the reloading time on the 12km shimakaze torps maybe give them 72 knots…

  10. I was just thinking about doing the reduced range for speed option on my Gearing. Thanks for doing this video.

  11. Battleship Bismarck

    WG: “ahhh but notser……we have to pander to the helpless Battleships”

  12. Everything is luck… I played many times in Gearing, sometimes i kill 6, sometimes I get killed in 5 minutes.

  13. Pretty sure people going start saying I used x torp y cap skill with z spec on IJN DD and has great success.
    There are people out there doing 81 knots F3 Shimakaze, and they are having gud result.
    The point here is any random Gearing can be a average player while retain machine gun and murica weed, don’t need to try as hard as good or even master IJN boat to have same or higher level of success.
    Anyway, imo Tier 7 currently is good enough, Mahan torpedo aren’t tier 8 torpedo, Sims torpedo are……. Shiratsuyu counter Belfast pretty decent Akatsuki is a decent gun boat provided team support and target doesn’t want to engage you, and 70 second reload 9 torpedo.
    All other tier is just pathetic, with lower tier in master hand and good MM and 19point captain can sometimes club these seal hard.
    p/s: Heard that Black is a real thing, thus USN tier 9 DD is USS Black, IJN tier 11 DD is USS Fletcher.

  14. Great stuff as always, Notser. Those are some fast torps at 71 knots. Sure wish we could see some IJN love. Maybe in the future. Thanks!

  15. Notser, the right click look thing. To keep it from returning to the view you were in, it’s in your settings to disable that. Then you can right click look without it swinging around when you release right click.

  16. UnexpectedInquisition

    Try the yugumo as a stealth firing IFHE ship with f3 torpedo. Its far better than the shima. Stealthier by far; and At long range it can also lob over mountains, never mind islands. Very nice stealth fire range buffer – and anything that does get close gets torped by f3’s. Extra hilarity if you drop the smoke for torpedo rearm, but I never do. Too selfish.

  17. Mycroft Beaufighter

    should i buy the grozovoi or stop at the udaloi?

  18. correct me if I am wrong, I read somewhere that historically Jap torps using oxygen so its leave less bubble trace in the water ( make less visible/ detectable) sooo yeah we need that buff for jap dds line

  19. you can deactivate that right mouse button thingy in the settings, somwhete

  20. Great experiment, Notser. Those fast torps often catch me off guard. Speaking of the Gearing, you might enjoy the 426,165 damage game that recently posted. A great reminder of just how effective it can be!

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