World of Warships – Gearing Torpedo Whisperer

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on Okinawa moves to assault the C point with the help of a couple friendlies. We engage a enemy and get welcomed by 3 other ships in the area. I pull back while sending torpedoes and attempt to capture B point. The enemy throws a lot into C point, I get a chance to punish this decision. One by one the enemy falls into our clutches and the Gearing doesn’t let them retreat. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Destroyer Gearing Replay


  1. I think my personal best with torps was from Kagero – 7 hits, 4 targets,
    but no kills.

  2. WTF yt says that this vid was posted 22 mins ago and i see comments from
    31mins ago saying nice vid WTTTFFFF xD

  3. Can’t wait to get her. I’m at the Benson right now and it’s a great ship.
    Just the torpedos are slow.

  4. 19400 health not 23400 health
    maybe Notser pick the advanced firing training in 4 tier skill…

  5. For every1 yes the 4th skill is AFT his range is 13.3 and hp 19k…

  6. Lol, bias Notser. :P

  7. Notser, as much as i love the content and the work you do, I feel like what
    you’re doing is a bit “rinse and repeat”. I get that it is difficult to get
    out of the habit, but i personally feel like something new would be nice,
    like 2 user replays per week, or a compilation of funny moments (eurobeat
    and Arlios are good examples), or maybe normal battles, how to play ship,
    so on. Add some more “flavour” to the channel.
    Have a nice day Notser! :)

  8. Wait, how did that Fletcher devastating striked the Des Moines with guns??

  9. With radar and detection buffs for BB’s, steering for CR’s and the odd
    carrier, DD’s are almost unplayable. I have the Gearing and the Shima (plus
    many more lower tier dd’s) and I play them less and less now… Before I
    opened this vid I thought “No carriers in this battle” and I was right….
    That being said, excellent shooting Notser!

  10. Gearing is my favorite destroyer and my first tier 10 ship) I’m afraid that
    german destroyers will take over US dertoyers role of “destroyer destroyer
    destroyer”… (I mean that they’re destroyers that destroy other
    destroyers)? but I hope that won’t happen

  11. had a 124k damage game in the tier 3 Wickes! I wish I recorded the game bc
    I got a triple strike, triple its just a flesh wound, and a triple
    devastating strike!

  12. That Benson just too cancer to watch.. Retarded player

  13. Admiral “Admiral” Pinacolada10289

    hey notser, whats your recording software

  14. Notser how do i get the smoke limit lines on my screen, im sure im missing
    something please help!!

  15. Survivability expert? 19400 HP ?
    Should’t the HP be at 23400 ?

  16. Brian Lock (神通)

    Noster, which DD like you prefer if you had to run 100 Tier 10 battle,
    ignore the credit limitation, 15 point captian only, not 16 point.

  17. Masterful performance. Sure, helps if people run into torps they shouldn’t,
    but you’ve still got to launch them in such a way that that’s a possibility.
    Killing enemy DDs is like poking the enemy team’s eyes out, assuming the
    enemy DDs aren’t potatoes. How can that NOT make things easier?

  18. “fuk me” – quote of the year.

  19. That was a crappy game. (at least for my side)

  20. When Gearing have better torpedoes than shimakaze. Smh

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