World of Warships – Gearing Up For Action

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on Land of Fire pushes toward C with a couple friendly cruisers. We run into a enemy and decide to send torpedoes their way. A enemy appears out of nowhere near the enemy cruiser. We push south and continue to fight off enemy battleships and cruisers. A final push into the center of the map ends with multiple enemy ships in our sight. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Destroyer Gearing Replay


  1. Hey man, I’m subbed to a lot of WoW YouTubers, but you are by FAR my
    favorite. Keep up the good work!

  2. I love how you always say “we” :)

  3. yeah, you’re getting better Notser! ;)

  4. The Nick Holland

    hey Notser have you tried that incapacitation captain skill yet?

  5. Very nice in my favorite ship. Keep them coming.

  6. Nice match!!!

  7. Notser always sharing kills with his mate.Thats shows how much he care
    about his Team :)

  8. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    outstanding. ….woots

  9. If you ever think about learning a new language, chose German. You always
    nail the pronounciation of the ships names! Btw: very great match, as
    always! Not taking the C cap seems to be a NA server thing, because on the
    EU server at least 50% of the north spawning team heads there. Not so many
    ships from the south spawn, though.

  10. nice video notser :)

  11. Notser hates team play ahahaha

  12. Funny, i remember you saying months ago (on Laaaaand of Fire) something
    like. “Dd’s always seem to go on a suicide mission at C and no one seem to
    want to cap B. Lets cap B and some pressure on the enemy.” It looks like we
    listen to you Notser. Even on the EU server. So i would not be surprised if
    the tactic to cap C first by dd’s becomes a trend again after this video.

  13. Notser – I appreciate your discussion about Radar and the “careful” retort
    about it not necessarily being the end of the US DD line. It really isn’t,
    but it should and WILL change how higher tier DD’s (all nations) conduct
    business once the players with it start using it effectively.

  14. I discovered that is not as bad the radar era, my Khabarovsk doesn’t mind
    the radar, I think because before the radar era, my Khabarovsk was
    constantly been spotted because he is constantly shooting at everything :V
    and I have a little use for smoke. I pick “vigilance” instead of
    “superintendent” so I take the habit of playing that way.
    The bad thing is they are less destroyers in the games, but maybe because
    the new branch sensation, lot of people are playing those ships.

  15. Is that paint made of the blood of your victims?

  16. Brian Lock (神通)

    Ah, so murican

  17. nice one, but is it really kill stealing or kill securing? 😛

    btw u cant get them all although u would like to :)

  18. Awesome game, wish i could do that in my Gearing..

  19. Nice work and that turret destruction mechanic is brutal! Poor Gearing

  20. Please do Warthunder ships, what with the new April fools. They are
    available to everyone for free. All you have to do is download it and make
    an account and you got it.

  21. MeKanism Lastname

    That moment when you’re done with cruisers so you reward yourself with a
    great game in a destroyer

  22. WG a Russian company and Russian bais would like to destroy the USN DD
    line, the only decent USN line other than the midway

  23. I think all the us destroyers need is improved gun durability….I’ve not
    seen a gearing game where the guy ends with all his guns intact.

  24. You will not believe this Notser but I sold gearing ! every battle I lose 1
    or 2 turrets I pissed ! Fletcher much better even if I lose 1 turret still
    have 4. And… i usually fire Torps from 7/8 km so i dont need 16.5 range .
    And flethcer Torps are better than gearing. Do not regret, more fun with
    fletcher, tested both lots of battles no way. For me….of course. :-)

  25. I hate when someone steals the kill after you do like 98% of the damage.
    But its part of the game

  26. Impressive. I havbe yet to try my Fletcher, Kagero, and Fubuki in a radar
    world. This weekend.

  27. Whcih camo is that? -.-

  28. Notser, is it possible that one video a week you could do a video where the
    subscribers choose a ship to play? We could maybe write a comment and the
    one with the most likes (or you can choose) is the ship you’ll use. Keep up
    e great work!

  29. nice work

  30. I just got the Fletcher last night and radar is the least of my worries
    with that thing so far.

  31. Nice carry 🙂

    I agree with you, I don’t think radar will be as dominant as some of the
    doomsayers believe. Besides, cruisers at T10 badly need some more anti D
    tools. They are almost better at countering battleships than they are at
    countering DDs at the moment. The only real counter to a good DD is a CV or
    another DD.

  32. You make very nice videos keep it up.

  33. which paint job is this?

  34. great game man btw have you ever streamed or considered streaming?

  35. great game brother buy the way I am colonelrobcy lol the one that keeps
    bugging you to play lol

  36. 6:06 Sorry Notser, I have to call you out on this. The radar consumable
    simply hasn’t been implemented long enough to make that call. Russian
    cruisers have only been in the game for a week, not many players have
    ground to Tier 8 yet. Also the US cruisers JUST GOT the consumable
    yesterday. Once people figure out how to use it it’s going to be absolutely
    devastating to US DDs.

  37. Hey Notser, i know you don’t like using mods for WoWs, but could you at
    least use a Damage Counter? It would really add something to the enjoyment
    of watching the replays.

  38. Ultimate Shifter

    Is Nicholas or the Faragut good enough?

  39. April fool game play?

  40. Where did you get this Camo Notser? Nice Game :D

  41. Very cool match but man that paint job… :)

  42. “Kill securing” Take a big, wet bite out of yours. XD

  43. That_Unknown_Guy

    2 first bloods in a single game in World of Warships?

  44. nice game.

  45. 6:00 Yeah, Redditors LOVE to complain! A 20 to 25 second radar sweep is
    RARELY ever going to be the singular cause for ANY good DD captain’s death!

    Think about it, even cruisers cannot get off more than 3 volleys in that
    time, and DDs are so damned small, fast, and maneuverable that even then –
    if said DD is taking evasive action – most shots will miss it!

    And I HAVE seen examples already of DD players getting scared by the radar
    sweep, and then make the mistake of leaving their smoke or cover and try to
    fire back.

    If it were me, inside smoke and I saw the detection icon pop up when no
    vessel was within 5km or less – I would just hold my fire and reposition
    within the snoke, or take cover behind some island or rock!

  46. keeping my farragut like I kept my minekaze, on a stock Mahan right now 🙁
    but the American dd line has been my favorite grind so far and I’ve gotten
    to tier ix or x in every japanese ship

  47. Sergio Seminario

    Last night I played a game, and suddenly everyone has a Des Moines…but I
    did great on mine thanks to yours and iChase’s videos. I did notice a
    Fubuki but he was being clever staying around 11km from me, just outside my
    radar but he did nothing.

  48. Gearing up for action.. i see what you did there..

  49. Wow, i did not think the gearing was that stealthy. I might continue my
    mahan grind.

  50. Damn Notser nice game, poor that Benson though.

    Speaking of catfish, how do you eat your catfish Notser?
    Mine is by grilled and dip some spicy goulash. xD

  51. Hey Notser, would like your opinion on something. I recently unlocked the
    Farragut, and transferred my Nicolas commander over to that ship and he
    almost has enough xp to buy his first level 4 skill. For someone that likes
    being an aggressive sort of scout, would you recommend the Advanced Firing
    Training so I can invisi-fire more effectively, or the Survival Expert to
    get a boost to my health pool? Eventually, this will be my Gearing
    commander as well so I have been trying to think long-term of what works
    best overall as well as for this specific ship.

  52. Notser please answer! Is the radar on the De Moin a separate consumable or
    you would have to change defensive AA?

  53. Jesse WhoEvrIwant2b

    I have been doing all the work over here- love it

  54. Notser, another great game:-). Do you mind sharing the spec of your PC
    hardware? I believe you record using some sort of software? Keep the videos

  55. Notser is starting to sound like gollum when it comes to getting kills

  56. Notser y u do dis.. I was at the coast visiting the USS North Carolina
    yesterday and I didn’t get seafood.. You mentioning catfish makes me hungry

  57. Eating Flashbang

    I dont know if I should start playing US destroyers…their artillery is

  58. you’ve come such a long way since explosive fire lol…..keep it coming
    notser. once again thanks for the entertainment.

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