World of Warships – GENIUS tactic for CBs

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SO like I said, we are having some crazy battles in CBs.
Before CBs even started we wanted to organize few trainings and these guys said they’d like to do it.
We streamed that training and they actually stream-sniped us HARD CORE. Not only they admitted they were doing it but they also said something in lines of “if you’re dumb enough to stream it, why are you surprised we are sniping you”…… IT IS A BLOODY TRAINING what are you getting out of it??? Instead of using this opportunity to learn something you are blowing it by being a douchebag.

Well now we meet them in real CBs and let’s see how much they learned from their glorious stream-sniping.
We were also streaming this, but with delay (because of ppl like them).
Stream-sniping is not nice and don’t be that guy pls. Nobody appreciates it and you’ll earn nobodies respect, just bad feelings.

All in all I hope you enjoy this battle and have fun watching 😉


  1. Wow, just…0_o

  2. Utandım amına koduklarım

  3. Watched this first time around, talk about bringing stupidity to a new level. That team was extra special needs.

  4. most potato team vs creed you wont believe the ending (NOT CLICKBAIT)

  5. lol standard sacrifice!

  6. “Player 4 joins the game” xD xD xD

  7. 50Sfumature DiNiente

    Lol this was seriously the most funny CB ever 😀 P.S. how do you have all those personal missions? 😛

  8. 10:32 Would you say you’re the “Sacrificial Flamb”?

  9. Just OldSchoolFrankie

    This is the real skill of streamsnipers? I am not impressed and also not surprised. The “Turkish Stars” don´t sparkle really bright..

    Sniping a friendly match.. FACEPALM

  10. What’s the “clacson” thing?

  11. I bet those stream snipers you mentioned used the excuse “but it’s the beta test for satellites tracking” at one point

  12. Hahaha, going to look forward to seeing them in game, priority targets.

  13. I pissed myself laughing so hard, them passed out from no breath… had to watch 7 times to get to end because it kept happening.

  14. LEEEEEEROOOOOOY JENKINS ! Stop complaining guys at least they gave you a good laugh 😉

    • Indeed.

      While the talented elites that won the match did so by doing everything they claim to hate. Hug the map border…shoot from range…chain radars and exploit derpy game mechanics, etc.

      These fools are going to destroy the game with their attitude…and they don’t even understand it.

    • Öhm it´s not exploiting derpi mechanics … as long as they are in the game you use them however you need in order to win. That´s the point, not being nice and friendly, fight dirty, fight hard and make use of every (in game) advantage the mechanics existing give you.

    • So, when these guys insult other players for being cowardly…for hugging the borders…screaming #DDLivesMatter because the other players fight dirty and take every advantage…

      I should just let that hypocrisy stand?


    • Hm … i guess i stopped giving a good god damn about such hypocrisis a while ago, i play to win when i play and use all the tools i have at my disposal. If someone calls me cheap or dirty for it (and i blow them up in the process) i just take it as proof that i was the better player in that moment. … and DD lives NEVER mattered … ask a certain Fletcher skipper from WW2 about that.

    • Andreas Müller, then why defend their poor behavior? Insulting others for doing what you do isn’t healthy for the game.

  15. Unlucky when thinking! Procless

  16. I think you clad your yueyang in potatium before the match didn’t you flambass

  17. Stream snipers are the worst. A plague that needs to be burned with fire. I’m glad the enemy lost so comically!

  18. Lol just unlucky when thinking. Thanks for the new line!

  19. Initially I thoght this was a replay where your clan lost horribly … and then the mind-numbing potatitus struck! They learned these “crafty moves” from stream-sniped practices? Is there such a thing as Terminal Karma?
    On a side note … I’m glad to see you all in this new clan. The personalities all fit and there seems to be an intention to actually have some fun while playing hard. It’s way more enjoyable to watch.
    Seriously, I couldn’t bear watching your replays from the OMNI days … too many toxic moments.
    Das Bat

  20. Potatium: A metal forged deep in the heart of a Siberian gulag by Wargaming employees to shield idiots so that we can watch them be stupid for a few extra seconds.

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