World of Warships // Genova / “Oops! All Crabs”

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As an aside, if we ever rebrand the Theory of Evolution, then it should probably be to that.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Genova! The Terror Of The Seas! (or..anyone silly enough to play her, more likely…) Edit: i just logged in to check..i have 397 games played, in the

  2. still crap…sums up wargaming in general

  3. I’m so sorry you caught COVID; it didn’t have to be this way 🙁

  4. I could well believe, that thousands of years ago, it was cats that first coined the term “useful idiots”, to describe their human pets.
    My sympathies on having to deal with the Coof. Myself, last few days, been having to deal with an old neck injury flaring up, where all my neck muscles cramp up, and any kind of movement that even jostles my head, brings quite intense pain. Thankfully, from the few times it’s happened before, I already had the remedies on hand – a soft cervical neck collar, a gel pack heat wrap, and boatloads of Ibuprofen.

  5. Why do we find your playing crap ships so entertaining?
    Glad you are getting past the pestilence. Good luck.

  6. Thanks for suffering through crap ships, so that we don’t have to!

    Perhaps it might be time to play a *_good_* ship for a change……

  7. Genova! He said Genova! You heard him!

  8. Sorry to hear that you caught COVID. Get well soon, Jedi!

  9. I thought genova was bad on wows legends console lol its at tier 4 with same 20 second reload

  10. Glad you got better ^^

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