World of Warships – George is back in the RING

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“The Ring” is back which means “George” is back.
This is the 1st video in the series and sure hope you like it.

Rules of the new Ring are as follow:
– We will have a mission every weekend to complete
– During the mission we are to do voiceover of certain nation
– During the CCs will vote for other CCs by leaving a specific msg on their video
– All the video will be uploaded to their owners channel (but some will also be featured on official WoWS channel)
– 3 CCs that get least amount of votes will have a chance to be saved by audience in the 1st 4 rounds by votes (each CC can only be saved from elimination once)

In short CCs vote for CCs and viewers can save someone in 1st few rounds from being eliminated


  1. welcome back george flambass haha

  2. Gandhi's Flip-Flop

    Good luck George, welcome back old chap 🙂

  3. Jeez, flambass, you manage to sound kind of german instead of brit, which is even funnier, lolz

  4. #HansForCommander
    #flambaHansemoteforYoutube ?

  5. George and Hans are clearly related.


  7. 8:11 Don’t call me Shirley

  8. George is clearly a German spy.

  9. Lol, sounds like apoo from the simpsons!

  10. where did you get the addon that shows your target direction? and whats its name?

  11. Henriks Ļevčenkovs

    What are all these dislikes for? It was not obligatory to do a pinpoint British accent at all. If you want someone to sound like Jingles when they are Croatian, then I wonder why 20 people have made fools out of themselves. It was pretty good, to be honest, Flambass tried his finest! Cheers, lad!

    • All the dislikes are from all the brits that watched it that were butthurt by his accent

    • +Flambass Please don’t brush off constructive critique, MrErizid gave you very valuable info and clearly likes your normal content.
      He probably watched the entire video because you are a very good player and provide unicum play with humor and shenanigans in them.
      I’m in agreement with him, George doesn’t work for you, at least not at the moment.
      And I agree with him, although I did like the video.

    • after all, where and what do i need to do to make you win this ring? just a like in the video or something else? dont ask for chocoate, i eat it already. lol

    • That is not brushing off the critique
      I’m just seeing a lot of these comments and I’m not doing this because I want to, I’m doing it for you folks, so you could get Hans in game in case I win. I do know a lot of ppl would love that so someone telling me to not pretend to be Brit is kinda funny. I never did it in the 1st place until it was required of me. It is impossible to satisfy everyone. I do my best to cover most.

    • Magnus Gudmundsson

      +Flambass Thanks for responding, to me it did feel like you did…maybe that’s just a language thing.
      Anyway, love most of your stuff.

  12. First Indian Captain to sail a British DD during a fleet action, but will he be the last?

  13. Had to mute the video just to finish it. Holy hell that was ear-cancer.

  14. Holy shit… this might be the worse attempt at accents I’ve heard yet! sounds far eastern??

  15. While I do appriciate your attempt to make something new and different, I personally think you should stick to your normal type of videos, since this really isn´t working. Wont hit the dislike button, but neither the normal like. But thx for trying, hope normal Flambass is back tomorow 😉

    • Svik DK how dare you? just because your nation has a paddleboot for a navy doesn’t mean you get to look away when Hans is taking over!

    • Yeah ofc you can skip them, but there are a lot of ppl who like them and would love to see Hans in game. It is impossible to satisfy everyone after all. I do my best to cover as many

    • +Flambass Don’t listen to the armchair critics who have nothing better to do than comment on someone else’s work. I watch most of your videos. Keep up the awesome work.

    • I love it personally, really fun

    • +Paul Gardner sure, he should not listen to honest critiques of his content. Only sychophants are allowed to have an opinion and provide feedback? Yeesh.

  16. This was hilarious Flambass. You butchering the language and then the line, “We are being cockblocked by the bloody French” was epic. Hats off to you Flambass, great video!

    PS, I’m sure Hans made more than one appearance… Is he on a spying mission, stealing RN secrets for the Kriegsmarine

  17. LOL Part German, part Indian, part English and part Croatian, me thinks George has an identity crisis!

  18. Flamy PLEASE … do more George , this was excellent , fanny and fun to watch . You have very good videos and i love watching them and hope you continue put it up good videos .

  19. Maybe I’m wrong but did you not have to get 5 defend flags in a game to complete the mission? I only seen 3, worse then ICHASE and the MIGHTY JINGLES with 4 each. I tried and in my first game got 5 and I truly suck at this game, 46% W.R.  Still I found the vid to be the best one yet, buy far the longest. good on you mate.

  20. LoL nice 🙂 “I dont pay you to think George! , I pay you to sink all George” hehe.

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