World of Warships – Georgia aka Massa tier 9

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Georgia is now a good ship. To everyone who like Massa, they will like this as well. Difference is that guns are a bit more accurate and they more but you get few less of them. But what makes Georgia good and fun now is secondary build, which also means if you already have Massa and you get this, you will be able to share captains and Massa captain will no longer be a black sheep.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. awesomeness 1941

    Couldn’t sleep. Guess it time to watch another amazing Flambass video

  2. She has 457mm guns (only 6 guns total)
    11.3km secondaries (if you go full mode)
    Speed boost & plane

    A whole lotta pain 😉

    • Pen Values is stronk on this ship, 15750 each.

    • I love my JB too and my GK . . I think we’ll get on fine 🙂 go go Secondary’s ..
      whats her AA potential ??

    • That speed boost seems stupid tho. Especially on a USN BB. Is this gonna be a thing now? Speed boost on every BB? Ridiculous.

    • Frozenstein probably because it’s “premium”. But other than that, there’s no reason for a premium USN BB to have it. Georgia itself is already fast, I reckon 32-33 knots on the final stage of the “WIP”. #smh

  3. Ok, now the GA doesn’t seem so stupid of a premium.

  4. Lol anyone else notice the enemy carrier killing himself at the end?

  5. Got the Musashi and JB. Still waiting for a decent cruiser or DD for COAL but probably will end up with 3 coal BBs :))))))))))))))

    • Salem is nice

    • +Nick Covillon I have the legendary DM with the premium camo…so don’t see the point in getting it to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, i like my DM, but 2 of them is to much :)))

    • Unfortunately there’s not a single decent ship (that is not a BB) to buy other than Stalingrad. No matter if it’s coal, free xp or anything.

  6. He bombed himself at the end ahahhahaahah

  7. Does anyone notice enemy Lex just killed herself in the end ?

  8. Hmmmmm a little bit of me I think . . I have saved my coal and free XP just in case 😉 thank you Flambass . . Flambahugs


    Yes,carrier suicede in the end and yes he had a kraken but because of that -1 kills for teamkill and he got 4 kills in the end.. LEL!

  10. Well that’s not how DotA work. Maybe u are a noon DotA player I guess

  11. Someone's Youtube Username

    Imagine ships with only 1 consumable? Imagine an accidental key press with that.

  12. 19:10 Rare footage of Lexington committing Sudoku, Circa 1944 (colorized)

  13. I’m shocked, shocked I say, that your teammates didn’t give you better support…

  14. aQuestionableQuestion

    HE spamming BBs…there’s a special place in hell for them

  15. After watching this video I’m just thinking to myself…


  16. 1ctrlaltdelete1

    I have 300K Coal and don’t know what to get first. I wouldn’t be enough to get both ships (Georgia & Yoshino). :/

  17. So another Tanky brawler with big guns and good gun accuracy (like Massa), with secondaries like the Germans and with speed boost! So why has the Bisamrck still the worst Gun accuracy with the lowest gun calliber (T8/T6)??

  18. Wow, the secondaries going ham on the Yugomo.

  19. Please explain how radar works through Islands?

  20. Furious Sherman

    19:37 Oh look, the enemy CV originally played artillery in World of Tanks.

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