World of Warships: Georgia – Drive Them Away

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I push so hard that they all run. Me me me me me me me me.

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 US battleship Georgia on the map Sleeping Giants.


  1. havent finished the video and its already a great vid 🙂

  2. I just got her today for coal. She would be a blast to play… if it wasn’t for my pc battery dying last week 🙁

  3. Václav Posledník

    I love your Admiral Hipper flag. It’s probably the second most weeb thing just after the Manjuu flag 😀

  4. GG, I play cruisers so always interesting to see a proper how to for things like BB.

  5. Potato and Bacon

    I too like to dodge Amagi torps.

    Sry :p

  6. You forgot to use secondaries towards the end there lol

  7. *Destroyer player* : My speed are advantage, gonna capture and compete with DD, this should be fun
    *Georgia* : my speed go brrr

  8. Your team used you as a distraction to get behind the island lol.

  9. Is there any way to get dat hipper flag?

  10. Amagi torps dodged? Good video, thanks Aerroon.

  11. Yea….Aerroon; You did go a little hog wild there in the beginning. That speed boost gets me in a lot of trouble! 🙂 Took me a while to stay aware of how fast I was going.

  12. So that is what it’s called… I too always do this “Expertly Aimed Salvo™” 100% of the time. XD
    I am excited to finally get a Georgia, just 35k Coal left.

  13. I had a choice between the Thunderer and Georgia and I ended up going for the Georgia. I am really happy that I did that. I like the ship a lot…

  14. “We dodge the Amagi torps.” I beg your pardon? lol

  15. would be funny if you reverse ram the Thunderer 😀 You may be able to do that with speed boost

  16. awesome gameplay pure awesome!

  17. North Carolinian Mapping

    This thing can reach 40 f-ing knots

  18. Typical bunch of friendly BBs who think the idea is to avoid being shot at and certainly NEVER to go anywhere near the cap zones.
    Centrally located BBs are FAR more useful and powerful, and anyone sailing a German BB in particular around in the open at long range ought to stop playing them and switch to IJN.

  19. Well played. When you were defending the caps you forgot about your secondaries and I was yelling at the screen 🙂

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