World of Warships- Georgia First Impressions

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Hello guys, today I bring you my first impressions review of the new IX Premium American Battleship, Georgia!!

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  1. Iowa and Missouri are actually 33 knots aswell. 😛

  2. 26,000 torpedo damage reduction :O

  3. Not that well armored? Well.. DON’T GIVE BROADSIDE lol

  4. I am having alot of fun with ship . i love your videos Ky

  5. Georgia’s dispersion numbers are lower due to her 20km range. Yammy with legendary has her dispersion due to having 6.6km more range…so more distance to spread shells. Georgia is fun cuz she’s fast and nimble. I slapped the speed boost in module slot 2. Gives her over 4 minutes of speed boost. Secondaries are just like the Massa. She can get cit hard if you show enough side, but she punches hard too. Enjoy!!

  6. Good Luck out running that ship.

  7. No wonder this SOB one shotted me from across the map earlier today.

  8. Great video once again and congrats on the channel growth

  9. On your dispersion talk the number is calibrated to its max range in that case the Yamato was 6.6km further range then this ship so in reality there accuracy is is very close in fact It could go either way at the 20km range of the Georgia the Yamato would also be under 200 m at that range.

  10. Someone's Youtube Username

    I actually chose the Artillery Plotting Room that gives you more main battery range at the cost of 9.9km secondaries. Unlike Massachusetts, I think these accurate 457mm guns are worth investing into, and you can compensate for the lack of secondary range with your speed to stay in the secondary range.

  11. Uhm… No yammy still has better dispersion than the Georgia. What the dispersion number shows you is what the dispersion is at the maximum range of the ship. In yamatos case it was something around 230 at 26.6km but on the Georgia it was something around 190 at only 20km. And the yamato still has the best sigma of 2.1 so the yamato still has better dispersion.

  12. Inked With Blood

    yeah let’s just give everyone yamato guns smaller than the yamato’s guns that do more damage than the yamato even though they never existed because that’s totally reasonable

  13. I citadelled a Georgia with my Lenin, the thing is I was aiming for a Neptune that crossed behind the Georgia

  14. Can we see more gameplay on this in the future?

  15. The citadel is a problem when you’re making high speed turns, it becomes very exposed

  16. Seing this makes me wonder what the point is having a Bourgogne… The Georgia is faster, has better secondaries and bigger guns. Bourgogne has better range but horrible dispersion and that ship cost a shit tonnes of steel… Great..

  17. 30 000 steel for Bourgogne VS. 228k coal for Georgia…Feel kind of tricked to be honest

  18. Liked my first battle as well. Very comparable to the Massachusetts and loads of fun. Na is taking cc applications by the way, love your vids.

  19. with a missouri u would have earned over 1 million credits ……… If u have the missouri, theres no need for that ship, otherwise like he said must be FUN ^^

  20. Beautiful ship

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