World of Warships – Georgia on my Mind

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Imagine if the US Navy had built the Iowa-class battleships with 18 inch guns. Well actually, Jingles, you don’t have to imagine…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. YouTube says this was uploaded 7hours ago… “(X) doubt”

  2. Murderous Kitten

    And the winner of the Most “original” title for wows Georgia video is – nobody ???

  3. Yeay! Uncle Jingles must have been a little sleepy yesterday morning ^^ I had no new video to watch/listen to during breakfast before work :p

  4. Akshay Gowrishankar

    Like if you noticed that he was sailing at destroyer speeds.

    • DDs are fast, but Georgia is faster 🙂

    • Ships are counter-intuitive when it comes to their top speeds.
      In World of Warships things are balanced as “big = slow”; however, in reality this is generally not the case.
      Long story short, usually the biggest ships on the ocean are also the fastest.
      I’m rusty on the mechanics, so I wont bother explaining in detail.

      NOTE: I am talking solely about SHIPS here, and not boats. (A destroyer is a ship of course)
      PT boats and other small craft can attain higher surface speeds by planing on top of the water rather than having to move through it as a ship does.

    • Silentwolf Sherman

      With Sierra Mike, she’s good for 39.7 knots flat out under boost, and the boost can last for up to 4min 30secs.

    • @MinnesotaLotion Drag vs surface area is the ratio, I believe. Or something along those lines.

    • Commander Shepard

      Nah, I’d rather just dislike.

  5. Im sure that Großer Kürfurst doesn’t have 457mm gun, she only have 420mm gun, oh my dear Captain Jingles

  6. 7:46 “Allibami” is that the infamous Japanese version of the Alabama Jingles?

  7. Andreas Sjöberg

    “That’s a paddeling!” – Yes, they are sure paddeling now, since their ship sank!

  8. actually jingles… the great Currywurst doesnt get 457mm guns, “only” 406 or 420~

  9. Fun fact. Moving from 16″ to 18″ guns (at the time at least) wouldn’t have been as scary as 14″ vs 16″ guns. American 16″ shells were already at such high levels of range, and Penetration capabilities, the increase in she’ll size would only slightly decrease the accuracy for starring to hit the curve of an exponential curve, in the decrease of how much bigger a boom you could make.
    The Iowa’s guns are considered to be one par, if not better ran the Yamato’s. The increase in accuracy and rate of fire would have made up the difference, if not more.
    While we can’t directly compare the two guns, we can compare them with records of fireing trials, training, fire missions and even a little via mathematically. Which does mostly suggest, Iowa would do more damage.
    But the problem is, Yamato would have taken a much bigger beating…

  10. Massachusetts on steroids – that’s how I’d describe the Georgia. Throw on a speed flag, and you’re damn near hitting 40 knots. It does make one good brawler, whether that was the intention or not – with that speed, you can close the range fast enough that it doesn’t matter you only have 6 guns – plus you have the Mass secondarys and heal. And those 18 inch AP shells currently have the highest alpha in the game. First match in it, used that speed to get in a Musashi’s face, one salvo, all six shells hit, 5 of them citadels, near 80K damage, and a dead Musashi. Yes, I’d say this one is a keeper – and I didn’t have to spend a dime for it – 171K coal with the coupon.

  11. Jonathon Davonger

    In the immortal words of Captain Steven Hiller:

  12. Interesting bits, but I am waiting for some more destroyer clips, especially a certain destroyer, with strong sonar capabilities and some fluffy armor. It may or may not be named Akizuki.

  13. 12:56 “2/3s of the enemy team wiped out”. Actually Jingles 9 kills out of 12 ships is 3/4s not 2/3s. 🙂

  14. Uggg 2 hrs of sleep, mind resembling mush…oh Jingles…”grabs coffee” ☕

  15. Georgia is one of the May 1938 proposals for a fast (33kt) battleship, specifically Scheme IV but with 6 18″/47cals replacing the 9 16″/45cals of the actual proposal. No Iowa preliminary design had 18″ guns afaik.

    The US had 18″ guns since the 1920s but they remained experimental.

  16. Darcress LeQueze

    9 kills; Krakens are for underachievers!

  17. a little math here Jingles – 2/3’s would have only been 8 killed – since it was 9 that is 3/4’s

    Keep up the great work! Always love a Jingles laugh

  18. Gotta love that Jingles Math: 9/12 —> 2/3

    Actually Jingles… 9/12 —> 3/4

    Never change Jingles, never change.

  19. Best counter to a Georgia is a Sherman.

  20. Pennywise : “Hi Georgia, what a nice boat.”

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