World of Warships- Georgia, So Close

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Had a pretty fun game in the Georgia, enjoy!

Have a replay?

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  1. Hey Sealord, between Jean Bart and Georgia which is better ? In your opinion?

    • Depends on your playstyle. I prefer the georgia but tend to die pretty quick because of the current meta of being super campy. I average 105k damage per game in the georgia. The secret to getting good games in it is to division up with a cruiser with radar to help you push caps and spot DDs. Torps can be devastating to the georgia as well as any BB.

    • Also georgia demands a 19 skill captain with full secondary build to be a successful at high tier.

    • @Samuel Cerda whats ur current build? As for secondaries you use manual or not? Atm i have ifhe/bft/aft

    • Max Pfeifer yeah those are what i got

    • Get Georgia, JB is cancer

  2. KEK the chat salt

  3. What modules and Capt skills are you using? You never mention any of those stats. Just curious. It’d be nice if you did something like Flami or Notser…. cheers!

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