World of Warships – Georgia steam train

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What 1 Georgia can’t handle, 3 most definitely can. Here is a Georgia steam train. This is how this ship works best, when you can steam through the enemy.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Can’t wait to get a t3 Georgia now rofl

  2. You’ve been playing a lot of georgia lately,and I love it keep it up

    • I love it. Still figuring out how to be consistent in it, but even games I played poorly in it are still fun.

  3. Alexander Rosenbusch

    Nice video – do that again with 3 Kremlins or better 3 Slavas 🙂

  4. 4:18 Ah, the traditional citadel invocation “Oh, what is that accuracy? Come on.” BOOM!

    How often has that happened now?

  5. They needed ointment to help them sit after that xD.

  6. disgustingly satisfying like watching a hot knife cut through several sticks of butter.

  7. th3ultimatem0l3

    Stop Naval Training Center! Flambass, Mates, WG look at all the forums… #stopntc

  8. LoL @ calling your division the “Rapetrain”.

  9. Sons of Odin World of warships

    With the T2 buff of 10% accuracy it might be possible to play the Massa/Georgia without Manuel secondary’s saving you 4 talent points for elsewhere. Both ships already receive an accuracy boost to secondary’s as it is. New meta’s ahead.

  10. this what happens when you equip 457mm guns to Thomas the train…

  11. The phrase is “The horn blows… does its Captain???”

  12. Great game, still good of you to take those fellows along as part of your outreach program…. 🙂 They are getting better 🙂

  13. now i ask myself what did the other two do on A line… xD

  14. Vladimir VojtaML

    Can you run stealth/survivability build on Georgia? Is it colpetetive?

  15. Nice carry Monkey! Must be back breaking taking Flambass along for the ride 😛
    P.S. Flamass, my ex-GF is in love with your voice. So I told her you’re an over-rated player who needs to be carried by his Div mates. 😀

  16. Is georgia a KV2 of WoWs?

  17. NTC won’t affect me. I already went from getting three crates a day to most days not even getting the first one. They’re desperate. Must be getting ready to fold.

  18. “Trenlass The Cleanup Guy” 😀

  19. Tier 9 and 10 German BBs hiding in top corner. Nice to see you’re up against pro enemies, lol.

  20. Leader Desslock

    The Midnight Rapetrain from Georgia, GG

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