World of Warships – Georgia Still On My Mind

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And the prize for least imaginative video title on the subject of USS Georgia this week goes to The Mighty Jingles!

Check out White Mouses’ review of the USS Georgia at:

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  1. Dammit Jingles I was learning how to play Misty! Why you do this!?

  2. I know I live on the other side of the pond from you Jingles but damnit I just can’t go to sleep knowing a video is coming out around 3:30 in the morning my time. Much love. No homo.

  3. Don’t worry jingles most STD’s are completely curable, you aren’t the only one who has left the Netherlands with a surprise souvenir

  4. I need “That’s a paddling! heeeeeeeheeeee *jingle laugh*” in my WOWS

    • Norris' History Corner

      Any time theres a citadel hit that’s what captain jingles should say

    • I can hear this comment.

    • “That was a great battle!” ===>>> “That’s it, boys and girls!”
      “Off to a great start!” ===>>> “Aand we’re off to the races!”
      “Devastating strike” ===>>> “Oh dear oh dear oh dear”

    • Jingles mentioned in the last Mingles with Jingles that he was going to Saint Petersburg to re-record his voice lines so perhaps we might hear his signature laughter. Of course it’ll have to be after his infection clears up and hopefully soon.

  5. Video about the Georgia.. check.. last image in video.. Iowa class.. well played Admiral.

    • @Lars van warendorp No Iowa proposal had 18″ guns afaik

    • Lars van warendorp

      @Wulfe correct, because the iowa class was derived from the Georgia designs, watch jingles’ video from last week and he explains it there… The Georgia was a concept that eventually turned into the Iowa class design

    • @Lars van warendorp I don’t need to watch the prior video, since I’ve got a copy of Friedman’s book on USN battleships. “Georgia” is one of the proposals from May 1938, specifically Scheme 4.

    • Lars van warendorp

      @Wulfe a book, specially an older one could be wrong or simply not listing experimental designs, iowas where deffo not designed with 18 inchers the Georgia was a concept but the need for 18″ was ruled out so they redrafted and designed a new battleship that resulted in the iowa class


      “Georgia” is Scheme IV with the 16″/45 three gun mounts replaced with this recently found blueprint for a two gun 18″/48 turret, although the 48 cal Mark 1s are replaced with the later 47 cal Mark A.

  6. This is not a carry, it’s a player raping the enemy team by its own

    • It wasn’t a rape tho. enemy team practically pulled their pants down and bend over for him willingly.

    • I agree it wasn’t rape – nothing should be taken away from lorent7797 as he played a very good game, but the enemy players just seemed to successively turn broadside on and say, “Give me a paddling please!” So he did. Repeatedly.

    • @Geoff Cameron Indeed lorent had a great game but wwe all know it requires a certain amount of luck and competence from enemy team to acomplish.

    • @Grzegorz Szulc : In this case, it was the enemy’s incompetence that allowed him to give a good paddling.

  7. Just finished watching Mile 22 here in Alberta, Canada. It is 1:52am.

    Why not one more video before bed?

  8. I know where my voucher is going today.

  9. No he dropped the smoke screen BEFORE receiving any damage

  10. old_rust_ bucket

    A Georgia winning, among other things, a confederate award…Hmmm…the irony.

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      @thederogativeworld I’m Hungarian, if I want to be arrogant I would ask you to learn Hungarian history, but at least we in Hungary learned about many other country too. 😉

    • Magister R'yleth

      I believe you’re thinking of a funny coincidence.

    • @Charlie Lynch Confederates are those states in the USA South that wanted to keep slavery, one of the factors for the USA Civil war. Georgia is a southern state, the irony is that Massachusetts and Pensavnia are northern States.

    • Fernando Marques

      Devil went down to georgia **INTENSIFIES**

    • @David Woodencorrection: confederates *were, now adays it’s just jimbo who likes the rebel flag because murica and freedom and shit.

  11. well, THAT was one super salty red Musashi driver if i ever saw one..

  12. A citadel detonation, wow. And he was on only 1% health. 7:36

  13. Matthew Mountford

    Definitely going to use my new voucher in the armoury on this ship ?

  14. german guy in chat being mad about musashi being underpowered …

    • Magister R'yleth

      @MrRedRye Maybe. He’s still a moron, though. How’d he even get that Musashi, isn’t that thing like 750,000 free XP? Either he’s been slowly failing his way up to 3/4 of a million free experience for the last 3 years now, or Mr. Pay to Win Game spent a lot of cash on WoWs. I’m not sure which I find funnier, actually. You know, I thought about getting Musashi. And then I remembered the grind for the Yamato was shorter, so I just got that instead. Nothing says “fun ship” like a boat that’s just a worse version at tier 9 with terribad AA.

    • @Magister R’yleth my guess is on spending doubloons to convert elite XP. You’re right that the Musashi is a worse Yamato but it is hilariously powerful when it’s top tier, play it right and you crush other tier 9 BBs. Don’t forget you can get into tier 7 games with tier 10 armour haha. I got it for 176k coal over Christmas.

    • Magister R'yleth

      @MrRedRye But Yammy’s guns hit more. And that already overmatch everything, so shooting tier 7 bows is no better. I guess slapping around Colorados with 460mm guns would be entertaining though.

    • @Magister R’yleth it’s more the fact that you have twice the HP and the poor T7s can’t touch you. If it had the yamato accuracy it would be so OP it may as well be a T10 CV

    • Magister R'yleth

      @MrRedRye Yeah. I guess I just prefer my Yammy. Enemies that don’t even have to opportunity to fight back isn’t that appealing to me. I like fighting people who have a chance. And then killing them. Though Musash isn’t entirely untouchable. I’ve scored citadels on her with Nagato in a close-range duel. There’s this angle they give you that in any other battleship is good play. But in Yamato and Musashi, thanks to their forward citadel bulkhead having a forward angle, every shot with a 16″ rifle under the #2 turret hits some very delicate ammunition handling equipment. I blew poor Musashi right out of the water. She did take half my health in 2 salvos though. But she underestimated Nagato’s warrior spirit.

  15. As far as how expensive Georgia is…I had enough coal and an Armory coupon, so I picked her up for free.

    • Free is an understatement, how long did it take to gather all that coal. and did you spend for signals ,prem time etc. I put a value on my time also, is all. Although I do play to have fun. I’ll figure in cost of the internet and pc on my end. Nothings free. Some things just cost less than others to obtain.

    • @IOWADragon I don’t know how long it took me to get all that coal. But I got it from just regular playing, so if you enjoy the game I’d consider that free. And if you don’t enjoy the game you probably don’t want a premium ship for it.

    • @RedXlV Indeed

    • @IOWADragon Very free. After buying it I still have 233k coal. Gathering is meaningless. You always gather so it costs nothing. As you say, play for fun. Coal is just a free addition.

  16. My new favorite phrase “that’s not how you ibuki.”

  17. Worth £56? No. Worth grinding Coal for? Hell yes.

  18. *The enemy drops to a score of 4 at one point.*

    “Stop! Stop! They’re already dead…”

  19. Ahem… Hello sir! I don’t mean to intrude but….

    We NEED MOAR AKAZUKI update videos! How are your sweet floofers doing?

  20. Dammit at the end of the video i clicked on “Back to Port ” lol

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