World of Warships – Georgia Tier 9 Premium USN Battleship Overview

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Almost couldn’t make a longer title.


  1. and not being a douche, It’s 2:30am but i’m staying up to watch. Thanks as always for the unadulterated truth and production value!

  2. Georgia is good but not great. Worthy of your time if you enjoyed the Massachusetts and probably even if you didn’t. Susceptible to major damage from HE shells and an easy ship to cut in half (or more with AP) when broadside but positioning is always key with a ship that plays much more like a heavy cruiser than a battleship. As always, check the video description for relevant links and thanks for watching!

  3. Good run down. I’m seeing so many of these, its nice to see how someone running it feels about it. I was getting major US Massa vibes playing against it. Incredibly annoying haha.
    I was watching in full screen, heard the torpedo warnings, and immediately right clicked to check where from 3:59.

  4. Well done review, Biz.

  5. I see Georgia to take pretty massive damage, even when bow on. Is there a reason for this? It is not as tanky as TT USN BBs. Whats the best way to bounce and tank shells? PLz explain!

    • Generally shooting into the superstructure or deck for any ship has the potential to yield results. Not much you can do to stop it. Even a Kremlin can take significant damage bow forward

  6. Totally agree! What is the point of running detection reduction on a BB you’ve set up for 2ndarys?

  7. Russian Bias always protect.

    So, Georgia or Jean Bart? 😛

    • JB anyday ! That thing is just so much fun

    • @The Droid They’re quite different. Jean is meant to bow in and can be very powerful late game, but struggles vs HE spam with it’s crappy outer armour. Georgia is like a accurate Gneisenau without the torps and can flank well if you catch the enemy of gaurd, both are fun!

    • Jean first?

  8. 說話大聲一點,你害羞嗎?

  9. Totally agree with u that WG prices are over the top. I mean getting one premship @ tier 8 costs as much as whole AAA game. And those loot crates, 2 crates for 20 bucks? Well, that’s just wrong to me. Otherwise good work B6!

  10. yeeey ByZ, keep it up bro, from all world of warships content videos, you are the one that is most entertaining and creative, your videos are allways such a nice talk and I will allway looking forward to see more of them 🙂

  11. All these Wargamming class ships lol

  12. I’m still mad about my Jean Bart getting crapped on by RNG when I had ur Georgia broadside at 4km ?. Good playing against you the other day sir!

  13. (Starts saving my coal)Thanks Business?

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