World of Warships: Georgia with Strefs and Jonasnee!

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Georgia’s pretty nice with the speed for matches like this! Joining me are Strefs and Jonas.

World of Warships footage of the Us battleship Georgia.


  1. I believe Kutuzov has a 26mm now… IFHE Ostergotland new meta?

  2. Why do the citizens of Athens hate the sunrise?

  3. So IFHE is useless now? Should I replace it with another skill on my Mogami?

    • ザム not if you use (and should use in my opinion) the 155mm turret set up. That been said Mogami is I believe the only exception with IFHE on 155 to overcome the very important thresholds of 27mm and 30mm platings

  4. I’m about to get this ship, but I don’t know what capt skills and upgrades to get due to ifhe changes, modules changes, and etc.

    • Václav Posledník

      Well IFHE is pretty much useless on Georgia. I’d say you should be fine just with a normal tanky US captain. Georgia isn’t Massachusetts, she is not that secondary focused… But you can go anywhere between full tank to full meme secondary and the ship would still be fine 🙂 She is overall very strong.

  5. One ship does have 26mm plating its the Kutuzov

  6. they stealthbuffed JB Turrets HP

  7. The amount of teamplay especially between Stefs and Jonas is exceptional!

  8. when a bb is faster than a dd – that.s Georgia ! Another nice vid, thank you ! A Georgia supported by 2 dds is a dangerous lady.

  9. Think I just played a game against you on this map about an hour ago, do you play on EU?

  10. 0:47 – Oh, a no BB zone. That’s funny.

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