World of Warships- German Battleship Guide

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Hey guys! Today I bring you guys my guide to German battleships in 2020, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. ‘Hello good people of youtube’ where’s the ‘mountbatten here’? who r u and what have u done to mountbatten jk

  2. I think the preventive maintenance skill doesn’t apply to secondaries. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    • it does apply

    • @tasman_devil it doesn’t the only way to improve your secondaries and AA guns survivability is through secondary armaments mod 1, in slot 1 of mudules

    • Preventative Maintenance only affects the chance of temporary incapacitation, not the health pool of the modules. Secondaries and AA mounts don’t have a temporary incapacitation mechanic. If they’re knocked out, they’re gone for the rest of the match.

  3. Your commentary is pretty quiet, but the Intromusic ist very loud.
    Just a little critism 🙂

  4. That opening Bismarck run tells all you need to know about german BBs: you went in as intended, received 20k dmg and did a staggering 1.600 dmg in return. You had to spend a repair, turn away burning and dodge a full torpedo spread. The engagement ends with 32k health lost despite a repair, having dealt a total of 2.300 dmg in 5 hits. With those shitty guns, the retarded dispersion and endless HE spam, why would anyone bother with german BBs in the current meta?

    • The way i do it with Bismarck and FDG is that i afk or crawl in 1st gear the first minutes so everyone can get in WAY before me and then i full speed into the fray at the well damaged enemy ships from an advantageous angle if one presents itself.
      Some times it ends horribly but more often now do i manage to get closer to at least 70k dmg per game.

  5. I don’t get, why german BBs are so fucking inaccurate.
    I mean, at the battle of jutland.
    German BBs fired 3597 high caliber shells, and hit 120 (3,3%) out of them
    meanwhile English BBs fired 4598, and hit 100 out of them (2,2%)

    And still english BBs are more accurat in game ?

    The longest accurate shot at an moving enemy target is held by the German BB Scharnhorst (24,5 km).

    Fun Fact: The reason, why German BBs has twin barrel main battery is, that twin barrel are more accurate in comparison against triple or even quadruple guns.

    Triple barrel guns compensate with more shells in the air in real live.
    but in WoWs Physiks don’t matter, so all the other nations get more guns, with a better accuracy than the Germany nice.

    and the worst part of all, in my experience, is.
    If you are lucky and manage to somehow hit an enemy ship with your shitty guns.
    most of the time the shell either ricoche at the amor of the enemy ship (even at crusiers) or overpen the amor like paper.
    sometimes even in the same salvo.
    eg 8 shells fired 2 hits 1 ricoche 1 overpen.

    and this are only the problems with the guns -.-
    don’t even start the topic of the “german torch”.

    i don’t want german BBs to be Op, or german bias.
    I want them a little bit more historic accurate and… i dont know… playabil I guess.

    • Boratstromm's Mongoose


    • In WG’s mind, the Germans got into the booze before the match starts.
      Technically, Scharnhorst and Warspite share that record, but I’m not splitting hairs over it.

    • Quadruple were some of the worst irl. That’s the impression I’m under anyways. French were essentially divided in the middle. More so 2 duals sharing one turret. French supposedly still some of the worst accuracy

    • @The Pyro Jawsome
      Scharnhorst hit @24,5km
      And warspite @24.0km

    • @clmwrx Clmwrx The problem is the vibration caused by firing a large weapon.
      Barrels close to each other have this problem.
      It doesn’t matter if they are separated by a wall if they are mounted in the same tower.
      They still effect each other.
      The only advantage of mounting 2 turrets in one is, if a shell hits the turret, only one side is out of service.

  6. The (comparatively) extreme loud noises at the 1:55 mark scared me greatly.

  7. david and martine albon

    To quote Count Dooku: “I’ve been looking forward to this”
    I’ve started german BBs a couple of weeks ago so this video is right on time

    • Nur ein Kommentar

      @Anthrax I am also glad I stopped at Bismarck, but the Gneis is as fun as Bismarck, I even bought the gold camo

    • Just bear in mind they are nowhere near as nimble as Bismarck, and that GK in particular has better firing angles when angled away. There is also a certain angle where you can be citadeled through the bow at close range in german ships. The smaller guns also seem to be the weapon of choice for most people, as the bigger ones don’t cross any overmatch thresholds. The big thing GK has over Bismarck and FDG is that all of her secondaries can pen 32 mm plating.

    • @david and martine albon I think you should. The FdG grind was an absolute hell, especially the stock grind, when CVs will eat you alive. And the GK….well, the thing is so massive that you will be priority number one for HE spammers, torpedoes (and there are a lot of both), CVs and other BBs. Those great secondaries, provided you have a 19 skills captain, will be used once in a blue moon and your main guns have less range than Bismarck and also suffers from bad dispersion, way too often overpens, lowest alpha at the tier and average penetration. Bismarck, or the Tirpitz for that matter, is the best that line has to offer.
      I hated the Gneisenau because it has thr awful signature german dispersion and overpen without the secondaries to make up for it.

    • david and martine albon

      Ok, so what battleship line should i use after the germans?

    • @david and martine albon Russian game. That is the hint I can give you.
      There is not single bad ship in that line. You can easily get uptiered and still wreck everything.

  8. In the current meta of the game, one has to wonder what even is the point of playing German BBs anymore? Even if you have a team that’s willing to push with you that’s only good enough if they’re able to hit or focus on anything. Plus WG keep coming out with HE spam cruisers and the Soviet ships that can tank better than the Germans and better guns… what even is the point… I feel like the GK has been power crept or at least that’s what it feels like whenever I play the GK…

  9. HE spam is a ‘thing’ only because of the asinine spotting that is in the game. Hiding behind an island or in smoke because some other ship or plane can do the spotting allows the HE spammer to reign supreme. Ships spotted by another source should only show up on the mini map. This would cut down on the HE spam accuracy and the the complaint about spotting planes and CV’s ruining game. If an HE spammer wants the accuracy then let them show their cowardly ass.
    The spotting in this game can’t even be done with today’s technology. The WW2 Bridge crew doesn’t look out of the Bridge to see an enemy just because another friendly actually sees it. They get radio messages to plot on a chart table, not computer generated virtual reality images put on Bridge view ports to see out of the smoke or though the island as if they see target themselves. In this, the spotter gets to relay every ship, their courses, speeds, actions in real time. That’s a real busy radio operator.
    Fix the spotting and HE spamming will go down and CV”s and their planes won’t be so vilified.

  10. I know I tried IFHE when grinding the FdG and the damage output of my secondaries increased massively. In some battles I’d get like 80k-90k damage with secondaries alone. Then I spent commander XP to respec my captain and I am lucky when I achieve 20k with secondaries.

    As for not taking early shots or picking concealment….there is just one problem with that: Carriers. Not only they will spot you early in the game but will also keep you lit forever. Carriers erase any attempt of positioning and trying to be stealthy in the game. It completely dumbs down the game.

    German BB can be fun, but the trade off for your “useful” secondaries are not worth it. Having awful accuracy and too many overpens for a gimmick that requires you a 19 points captain and forget about survivability is just not worth it. German secondaries should have Manual Fire dispersion by default to make them semi viable.

    • @Big Boyon the FDG and Bismarck not all the secondary guns can pen 32 mm base because of the 105 mm guns on the Gneisenau and GK the secondaries are 128mm and can pen 32mm base so on FDG and Bismarck IFHE is a viable option to improve your secondaries especially since the smaller caliber guns fire almost twice as fast as the 150 mm guns and there are more of the smaller caliber guns increasing the potential DPM massively but obviously you lose the fire chance so one must pick fire damage with small damage amounts from the 150 mm guns or more actual damage from secondaries with less potential for fire damage.

    • @Big Boy So, I have it and it does insane amounts of damage. I take it off and plays exactly the same, only with more survivability, and my damage output is cut down to 1/4th. Seems legit

    • @Big Boy That is such bull.
      Fire chance you gain from not speccing IFHE is what you lose on shatters.
      Majority of the dpm on secondaries comes from 105mm.
      And most hightier ships you face at t9 have 27-32mm plating in most places. Especially cruisers.

  11. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Hey guys, Shotcut messed up with the intro music, it isn’t supposed to be that loud, I apologize

    Corrections: 1)105s can only pen 26mm (I still believe IFHE shouldn’t be equipped because it reduces the fire chance too much)
    2) PM doesn’t apply to secondaries, this was apparently changed a while ago but I missed the memo (I would still take it for the main battery)

  12. Hope you’re gonna apply to be a super tester now they are taking some new ones on. You put a lot into the game, buying new ships to review for us and your 1st etc immpressions series is great. It’d be nice if WG rewarded you… Imo you deserve it.

  13. After playing the entire line of german bbs I have found that go survivability as secondaries don’t do dmg and you will be so happy to hit targets with your main battery.

  14. I disagree with the IFHE, if you’re going to get the secondary reload module, all it’s going to do is reload your guns faster just to shatter. I’d rather have my shells pen then have a 2.5% more fire chance, the fire chance isn’t worth it imo. If you like brawling, you bow tank each other for a bit and if you have IFHE, it shreds their bow and that’s what i like about it.

  15. One at a time ladies

  16. I like German Battleships.
    My Build include Adrenaline Rush, BFT, AFT, Manual Secondaries and CE.
    I am hoping for more German Battleships.
    When WG split the German BB Line and release a Battlecruiser Line.
    Those Ships could also fight a British Battlecruiser Line Ingame.

  17. When you think about it, the Gneissenau is like having an 11 turret torpedo cruiser partner right next to you 24/7.
    Edit: on both sides!

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